Have you seen the < Harry Potter-Disappearing Secret Room >?If you are a person who will write a diary, you will definitely want to have a diary, a diary that has a soul, and a diary that can be talked to you!The magic world may be a bit distant, but now someone is designing a diary that can be talked to you. Every day, your diary will ask you a question.

Have you ever thought about how much you have changed in a year?Or how did they become today's own?Every day, this Council tells you about the diary.The diary is no longer just you muttering on your own.A daily diary entry asks you a lot of interesting questions!

"He/she" is on the page every day, asking you a small question, it can be a "full score" about the state of mind. How many points do you have now?or a millimeter head, "What do you smell now?""If you can go anywhere in the morning, where do you want to go," he said.

This is a five-year-old diary that is different from the one every day in the market. With one of these days of questions, you may find that your answer has been changing (or has been consistent with one another)!

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Remember the first notebook in your life?

The first stage of the school's work companion, even though it was a large adult, wanted to have its constant companion

diaries, helping us to leave the mundane world every day, and a platform that had a conversation with itself, and a little bit of change.

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