Women's fans [ gender perspective ] notebooks that inspire themselves and influence the environment will be shared by a short piece of current affairs observations that are based on gender.On January 12, 2017, a taxi driver in Taiwan was suspected of sexually assaulading South Korean female tourists and shaking up the two countries simultaneously.This is a major backlash, when women still need to be boldhearted at night when women end up as president.How much progress has been made in the family-friendly environment in Taiwan?In a society where harassment is prevalent, we are, however, wanting a safe way home.(Extended Read: Not a Woman's Public Space: Sexual Harassment ubiquitous )

On January 12, 2017, three Korean tourists were seated in a taxi, the second day of their journey to Taiwan.Prior to arrival in Taiwan, they were sent to Jerry's tour's taxi through the tourism website, and Jerry-Taxi tour recommended the driver to serve them.

driver treated one of them as a bottle of yoghurt milk before leaving and going to Shihlin night market. One of them had a sip of wine, and felt that some bitterness had not been drunk. The driver said that the bitter taste was natural, and the other two had all of the milk and milk of the yoghurt.The two passengers who drank the yoghurt were asleep when they arrived at night market. The driver asked the woman to get out of the car, but the other two passengers were taken to the remote location by the driver.

At the time, the two unconscious passengers, in retrospect, felt that the man was in a very uncomfortable position at the time of the incident.One of them remembered that his friends were forced to take off his pants and stockings in a taxi, and tried to resist.After returning to the hotel, the three went to sleep. The next day they realized that they were in a different shape, and they were cold treated to the Korean office in Taipei. They had to use Naver and Facebook to write their articles on the Internet before they met the legal personnel who helped them.On January 15, the driver was convicted of drugged sexual assault and sentenced him to custody.The incident was reported by three South Korean TV stations: SBS, KBS, MBC, and 24-hour news desk YTN.

The Bay of Taiwan, which is known for its good order of law and order, has always been one of the most popular destinations for foreign women to travel alone.At the end of last year, the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications had even invited the actress Chang Yami to make a speech, inviting Japanese women to come to Taiwan to make a small trip.As the law and order of Taiwan is reassuring, the incident seems to have been an old fist heading straight to the deep inside of a woman who has been scared to hit —, taxi drivers — private cars, and not to the past.

Last year, Taiwan's first driver sexually assaulted a female passenger incident.In 2011, there was also a case in which Japanese women were sexually assaulted by taxi drivers in Taiwan.

How much progress has been made in the personal safety of Taiwan women since Peng Wanju's murder?

In recent years, news of drivers' sexual abuse of female passengers has been repeated. This reminds me of Peng Wanjiu of the Taiwan society in the 1990s:

November 30, 1996, Peng Wan-ru, Director of the DPP Women's Department, joined the Provisional General Assembly within the party, and rushed to the party to vote for a "Four-Quarter Safeguards Clause" of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which will vote in the party.After the meeting, she recruited a taxi by the roadside and disappeared from this road.On December 3, police found that Peng declined to be found naked in the garden of his body and his body was covered with knife wounds.

Peng declined to cast a shock at the time of the incident.On December 21 of the same year, women's groups launched the "Women's Women's Night Work Day" slogan, shouting "Women want the right to the night," and under the pressure of a huge society, the Legislative Yuan quickly passed the Law on Prevention of Sexual Offences in a month.Within three months, the Ministry of Education established the Gender Equality Board, which is today's Gender Equality Education Commission, which requires schools to retain the number of hours of education on gender equality, the history and the source of the Gender Equality Education Act.

But after twenty years after the implementation of the Law on Sexual Offences and Gender Equality, how much progress has been made in the personal security and the environment of women in Taiwan?Two decades later, South Korean women are sitting on a taxi, and are they feeling the oppression and terror of Peng Wanshen in the car?

Tilt gender and power relationships in closed carriages

sex-friendly environment in the carriages has not been able to be established so far and there have been endless incidents of sexual harassment.Every girl may have been in a taxi driver's mind at a time of brazen, such as chatting with the driver, sexually harassing your body, or taking a taxi with your hand, and finding that the driver is playing the A-card.At that moment, you are sitting in a difficult situation, hoping to be more and more wrong. When you acknowledge that this is sexual harassment, you want to stop it, and you are afraid of angering the driver and causing the other party to do harm to it.(Sibling: Gender: Night, Taxi drivers watching A film )

enclosed compact car, the freedom of the passengers is severely restricted. Why are people still willing to sit on strange cars and give the restricted mobility authority to the other person who has never been so familiar with the situation?Most of the unimpeded taxi drivers in the society are based on mutual trust and goodwill between passengers and drivers.However, when the journey lacks a priori/ex post evaluation system, or a simple positioning and monitoring system, the safety of passengers can only rely on non-binding trusting relationships.

The trust relationship can be established, it must be a field of power vacuum.However, as Professor Ki Ki-da has revealed in the book, "All spaces are not just the background of people's activities, but also the existence of value neutrality."

But the space in taxis is a field of power slanting.

The driver who controls the steering wheel and the door lock has the right to control the passengers, and the lags of the two powers are created, and the freedom of the passengers is limited by a great extent.Extreme conditions, for example, were drugged by drugs, and the freedom of the passengers to act as the subject was eliminated, and even the power relationship could not be formed, and the situation worsened to the state of Fu Ke's claim.In a dominant state, the dominant person could even impose a limit on violence against the dominant.This is also why our criminal law has sexually assaulted taxi drivers for taxi drivers, and also found the reason for "increasing the number of mandatory sexual offences".

Penal Code found that "taxi drivers' sexual assault passengers" is a intercourse, is, if the taxi space is controlled by the driver's control, similar to the secret room, the passengers will be in a state of helplessness and difficulty in escaping for help.

If we are lucky enough, we may not be in the wrong hands of a taxi driver who is in the wrong hands.However, sexual harassment, co-located with patriarchal society, is omnipresent.

Sexual harassment is easy to take place in a field where power relations are well defined, while taxi drivers are not in a position to be equal to passengers, making sexual harassment easy to occur.Passengers who are relatively disadvantaged are entering a confined space that is dominated by male supremacy. Double-tilted positions of power make it more difficult for victims of sexual harassment to get away from the situation and to fight against them.What is more, it is a foreign tourist who is not familiar with Taiwan's life in the car.

Why don't you burn the car?Why do you drink a stranger to a drink?

In the case of taxi drivers who are suspected of sexually assaultusing Korean women, the ptt netizens have a constant argument that "they give you a drink, you drink it, don't take medicine," and "If you find out why don't get off the car right away."This kind of speech ignores the double-tilting power structure in taxi cabs, and the victims are hard to escape even if they are aware of the dangers.(Laughter) () Take a shot at the shooting of LGG: "Social use to stop the victims of sexual assault" )

"blaming the victims" is also the most frequent argument in the commentary on sexual violence.In the case of a backtracking crime, people have to look at the issue from the structure of the structure, and the psychological change of self-defense is more likely to be attributed to the behavior of the two sides: the perpetrator must be evil, and the victim must be careless.Because it is only unfortunate that the tragedy is attributed to the victims, it is possible to save people from fear of "I may be experiencing the same incident."However, the "blame victims" has also helped to form part of the "sexual exploitation culture".And one of the reasons why sexual assault cases are not reported is that the victims are worried about being blamed by society for "love playing", "behavior discourse", "loitering", "not knowing how to protect themselves".The blame for the victims is not only a second injury to the victims, but also of no help to solve any problems, but also to turn a blind eye to the social fabric of the society.

What else can we do?

a taxi driver suspected of sexually assauling the Han Chinese news, the Taipei Municipal Government and the police have launched an investigation into the illegal taxi project. It plans to mobilize police force to conduct strict checks on the registration certificate and whether there are any irregularities during the Spring Festival and the holidays.It will also cooperate with the competent authorities to conduct joint investigations, such as the car-car travel and white-brand cars of the driver.

In addition to censor and qualification, it is perhaps through education to urge drivers and drivers to be more creative and creative in protecting passengers, protecting themselves, setting up a gender-friendly evaluation system, and setting up a gender friendly evaluation system. As for foreign visitors, we can further refine existing reporting mechanisms to make the notification process more concise, reduce cultural barriers and prevent similar incidents.

On this point, I sincerely hope that this is the last time, and we need to write about a gender perspective on taxi sexual assault.