Single Diary, with 500 words to write a single person with a single heart.The big Korean dramas are "the ghosts of the ghosts and ghosts of the ghosts and ghosts," and the relationship between the "uncle" and the "young girl" is between life and death.I truly loved one person. When I remembered him, I had no regrets forever.We don't necessarily end up in the end, but we always remember the path that we had.(Recommended: Single diary: You're patient with a person who is good for you )

She has always been a lone-to-peer group; he has lived too long to see the death of the loved one.The loneliest thing in the world is that there are no other people in the same group of people who walk in a haunning way.

No one understands the loneliness of that non-human being, and no one understands his hundred years of loneliness.But for what, when she and her, during the heavy rain, she looked at the open silence of the two hearts; but why, when she and she met with each other, they thought that they would shed tears for each other.

In the evening when the rain comes home, what is your umbrella? A call will respond to the voice of the same thing. At the same time, I saw the memory of the same thing. The first time I cooperated with each other's footsteps and so forth, did you think of who? Right, that is the person.

< loneliness and brilliant demons >

She was a strong and optimistic person with a disaster like a disaster. He was built in his arms, and he resent the silence of the world, and she had a hot heart in her hands.

I love you, a light, misbeloved one, but I have broken the wall of the building that he built in 939.The ability to love pain, close to a person's atrium, is also an injury to a person's power to destroy him. But he is not afraid. Life is no longer alone. It's a time of sorrow, and sometimes it's a lucky day to die.

Luckily, because you love you: "The time you spend with you is dazzle, because the weather is good because the weather is bad, because the weather is good, and every day, it's beautiful.""

Thanks to the people who have stayed and stayed in their lives, before they leave, they want to take another look at it, not life, but that smile is like a flower, a beautiful face, and a beautiful face.

Dear, we may not always be able to stand alone, but when it rains on the left shoulder, I will think of you walking past my life.

The true love is not only that I want to live for you, but I am willing to rest on you.