A good sex relationship allows for a better relationship between partners.Try the three big bed of passion and give each other a better experience of sex.

Does a woman want a woman to be a good lover?Frankly, for many men, there is definitely one of the options.womany knew that it might have been a different approach, but perhaps it would have been a question, deep inside, "Did I use each other?"But behind this, the real question should be: Is the method by the means that the man in the system wants?

Whether or not the other half of the world is a new role, a pastime of life, or a partner for life, the sex skills of the world should start with the foundation.If we want to enhance the sex skills of the world, then we should spend some time talking with partners in the world about his preferences (ideally lazy lie on the sofa for coffee or red wine, rather than at bedside).

International experts and consultants, Tracy Cox, have pointed out that the more you know about your partner, the more you can be more capable of making you a better lover.Do we not know where to start?womany, in particular, has colluated with the three passionate tips recommended by Cui Six, and carefully look at the following introduction, and then, when he is even more "further" with the world, he will use the field.

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1. Salish words

A lot of men say they like their partner to learn the words that are humid (nughty).It may be a little strange to say that these indecency words that are embarrassing in front of the public, but the vulgar terms of sex will be a key to the full activation of his body as the next wilderness.(Extended reading: [a one-person party] is not to please others, but to seduce yourself )

Tips on tips
find time to sneak up on what he likes when he likes to pick up the sex.Some people like to give a different name to close moments, and you can suggest to each other on public occasions that some men like to be straight and want to hear some of the size, humidity, and I want this very explicit language, but there are some men who like to compare emtractive and roundabout statements.

2. Manual Experience

How do you touch men and women's most intimate parts, which may be something that the school health education never taught (but perhaps the most important?)). We may have learned shapes, names, internal structures, and so on, but we'll bet that we haven't learned how to please a man by touching his private place.

This may be a skill that may be the best friend in the bed, especially if it is tired or not in the mood to have sex.This close time is another good alternative to intense sex, especially when it is a beginners of sex, a new partner, or a relationship that is uncertain about how close it is to make a relationship.Even for a married long-term partner, a simple finger touch can bring pleasure in the smallest effort.


A lot of men enjoy physically touching their penis and scrotum (that is, the bag in which the testicles are loaded).But the place where men want to be stimulated is not just a penis.Yes, men often enjoy being taped, rubbed, or caressed, or light or heavy, or high or low, on the body of the penis, at the top of the penis (tortoise), the wrinkle of the penis's lower edge, or the flat area between the scrotum and the anus.Some men also want to be touched by their anus, even by their fingers to massage the prostate.

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After each "actual operation", ask what kind of way a man likes it.If they were embarrassed to ask, then pay attention to observing his body reaction.Men usually like to be touched by hand touching their penis, touching their hands with little touch, and even scratching their scrotum lightly.At the same time, with the constant stimulation of his hands, he finds that all the signs of excitement-the penis will become harder, longer, and the scrotum will be lifted up.This is to say that the intimate massages that are being done are in his stomach.

If we want to understand more carefully the response to his efforts in the hands of the world, change the various touch modes: heavy, soft, light, circumcircle, upper and lower, touch with little fingernails, silk scarves, dried silk, or anything that can be thought of by a point lubricating fluid — —It doesn't have to be the goal, with a focus on sensory pleasures.Ask him if he wants to take him directly to Heaven, release the climax, or just tease him, and add a new spice to the next program.


The stimulation of the mouth is that a lot of men want their women to do what we commonly call the oral sex, which is what we call the oral sex. This is the act of serving his private service, and it sends men to paradise.Perhaps this behavior is not accepted by all, and it is not just a superficial behavior, but also the implications of some of the power structures behind it. But don't forget that only men love to be taken orally, and women want that kind of tenderness that is licked by little.(Sibling: Tips for Told to Make Men happy )


Like the kungfu effort, the mouth of the body can awaken many of his sexual apace.Try to use the head of the system at different positions, or to use the same tongue at different angles.Some men like to lick gently, or use their tongue to play with his sexuality belt, such as the top of the turtle's head.

Some prefer to be sucked into the penis, and then back and forth with the upper hand.Even naughty bites, penis, and scrotum, all of a man can bring joy to a man of this kind.Transform the positions, actions, and techniques of the system, and give him different enjoyment.If an action seems to make him particularly excited, then add more ink to that part of the oral action.

Remember to ask if the man who wants to know is whether he wants to let his penis go when he reaches the climax.And it has absolute power to decide whether or not it can accept the semen of his.Most women are angry that they don't want to end up in this way, but some people think it's the most intimate moment in their sexual relationship.There is no right or wrong, and there is no such thing as it is, and it must be clear what it is and what it needs.

But remember, if the other half of the population is at the end of the century, and that he is inseminorative at the mouth, there is a higher risk of infection by sexually transmitted diseases.Do not forget that some reports indicate that venereal diseases, including fatal AIDS, are transmitted through oral sex.The condom used in oral sex is usually a lick-like creative product, such as peppermint or other flavors, and may be used with edible lubricant if it does not like the latex taste of the condom.It is the most sexy to let each other get pleasure in safety.Even when it is seemingly innocuous, it is a smart thing to do to protect it.(Recommended reading: Same-sex marriages pass through, the number of AIDS victims exploits?The five common AIDS rumours are broken )