Work is love made visible. Women's fans have always believed that work is a manifestation of love. Let's look at our work scene. This week it is edited by editor.

Most recently Hao Ming-yi's is a favorite.When the book was first published in 1999, it was a book that was published in 1999. It was naturally contaminated with dust and pages, but it felt that it was a preluding to the truth.

is humbly saying that he hopes to write down a career planning book for everyone, because what we think about life and how to make good use of our work is how to make good use of life.

Optimistic and diligent, the birds' genes; professional and stable; the genes of the camels; the belief and the immortality, which are the genes of whales.

When you get out of school, you get a little bit of time, you know you have to slow down, you learn to slow down, you know how to slow down, move fast, you want to go fast, you want to go fast, and you want to get out of your way, and you have the experience and your ability to take responsibility for the times.

So there is no loneliness or envy for each time of life.When you do a bird, you have to fly in the sky of your own time. When you have a camel, you have a mountain climbing in the current period; you become a whale, and you have a large ocean swimming in the middle of the ocean.At different times, we have our own destiny and we cannot hide. We have become our experience and our ability to bury our lives in our lives, and we will be flashing light in the night, and you can tell you understand that this is not futile.

The challenge is always, and I like him especially when he mentions the character and spirit of the worker.The workplace is not only the place where you work, but also your temperament. He wrote down the motto, "Big, big, brave, thought-provod!", I think it's a big place, and I repeat it in the mouth.

With regard to the motto, Hao has his own interpretation, and I have been completely presumptuous to add my own interpretation. In the new year, I hope to give it to every worker who still doesn't give up.

large amount of energy is not afraid of opening up the working capacity, and is not afraid to open up the eyes of the world. It is a matter of time and effort. It is natural that people have the strength to be able to maintain the momentum.

The courage is to live up to the value of the faith chosen by oneself, and the pressure is strong, and there is room for courage, success, failure, courage, bravery, not fear, but determined to move forward, to make itself a more pragmatic person.

think carefully, consider whether the skills are comprehensive, reflect on the short-term effects and long-term effects, think carefully, and have the courage and the plan. There is a strategy in which there is a way to move, leave room to question itself, and make itself a person who evolves.

No party, it is not to be a party with one's own selfish interests, but not to be excluded from the party's private interests.No party is open with open hands, hugging dissimilar, not adhering to it, not being selfish, and not giving up on the possibility of independent thinking, and making itself an unbeable person.

For every effort you have made this year, you, you, gently put down your tight shoulders, a new year, maybe it's time to practice together and be a character worker.