Vision resent, 1000 words with you sharing a pound of world, and in the rapidly changing information age, we prepare you for a very short message of knowledge, and in the field of vision, we have broad-minded and precise reading.First, read Trump's ban on the global abortion ban.(Sibling: gender: women who have abortions in Taiwan (people) )

the US presidential election in 2016, Trump publicly condemned abortion women, saying he was guilty of abortion, and that today, Trump has made the crime really true.

the first day of Trump's inauguration, the government ordered a ban on US government-sponsored international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), violators and abortions, which would result in a freeze on the safe abortion environment, even for women who are sexually abused, and who are unable to seek normal abortion.

Any organization accepting US government aid must provide documentation that they do not have access to an abortion organization and provide no access to abortion, resources and counselling.The government's massive monopoly on vulnerable resources sparked outrage among women, who opposed the government's efforts to cut funding to vulnerable countries and to protect women's most basic rights to life, which was not guaranteed under the law.

Agencies that provide abortion and contraception services are closed due to lack of funding, and it is more difficult for people in poor countries to make contraception and thus lead to unwanted pregnancies and the spread of AIDS.

House spokesman Sean Spicer said: "The president's position is not secret, he just wants to stand up for all Americans, and of course, those who don't."The reinstatement of this prohibition policy not only reflects the value of our American people, but also respects taxpayers' money."

The Republican Party has directed the abortion issue to the fetus's right to life, a group of angry women who are angry at the US government's disregard for women 'sIs it the right to defend the right to life?How do we see the needs of the times?Let's take a look at the following:

More than 20 million women underwent unsafe abortion

The International Planned Parenthood Federation declared its position: "The International Planned Parenthood Federation will never sign a global ban on abortion."Everyone should have the right to choose their own health."

World Health Organization (WHO) said: "Women in the world should enjoy safe and legal abortion and unsafe abortion is still occurring around the world. More than 20 million women die of unsafe abortion every year. About 50,000 women die from unsafe abortion.""

This policy will cause the world's poorest women to suffer disproportionately from their many years of efforts to improve women's health, which will result in the closure of global clinics, more unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions, and hidden corners of health, " the American Family Planning Association (AAP) said."

The most significant harm to this policy will be women in developing countries. In the past, the number of maternal deaths in developing countries was 13 % of the world's. In the future, this figure is likely to be a significant increase in political and economic strategies.

Reproductive Rights and Life: Fate should not be at the mercy of the womb

In the quest for freedom and equality of power, we should not place the right to life and fertility on the same balance.Even if the world's contraceptives are lost, women who can survive in the sex industry are still at the bottom; if all hospitals are banned from performing miscarriages, where will the unwanted pregnancies and sexual abuse victims go?

At present, when women are sexually assaulted in many war-torn countries, we should discuss "options", and we cannot decide who is hurt, but we have the option of making the fetus birth in a healthy and friendly society, and we have the ability to assess whether or not our own lives can load another new baby.

If a woman gives birth to a new life she doesn't welcome, it is also a great disrespect for life.

The fate of a woman should not be dominated by the uterus.

Trump took office, nearly two million people in the United States were on the streets, trying to give the Republican conservatives a little bit of color, and Trump's aversion to America's aversion and anti-liberal policies will bring unprecedented changes in the world, and will this reform be initiated by the government or by the people uprisings?

[Renews Time] Brain core movement: How do you see the right to abortion?

After watching a multipoint view, please talk to us about abortion and contraception.Trump thinks both are stifling the foetus, and the World Health Organization believes that this policy will bring even more poverty to the developing world. One group of feminists recognize that society should give birth to women. How do you look?

You are welcome to leave a message under your post to discuss with us, your view of the global ban on abortion, if you look forward to seeing more people through the femto platform, welcome to women watchers .