"A Girl" gathered Asia Girl, see their subversive crazy, read their atypical success of the road. Strange hundred strange girls in the world, out of tune, so a lattice. From the strongest female two to female one, the Lee Bible Actor's Road.

"Never mind, is the love" of the Wu Maiden is she from the model to the drama Circle of a stop, she "light-su woman" to start the title, her sweet and funny and proud of the characteristics of the people deeply rooted. Again, she was in "cheese trap" with Bai Ren's gorgeous expression of the positive and negative evaluation, that nasty look and behavior in the Lee Bible interpretation of the life of the fire, her performance kungfu is moving towards one of the "evil female play", she took the "weight-lifting goblin Kim Fu Ju" fat eight kg annotation silly girl weightlifting, Li San cast off the sharp eyes of the scheming, convergence free airing inertia acting, the accumulation of every bit of the image all overturned.

Li San himself from the goddess to live as a female man, this way, not a pity. (Extended reading: Women's friendship: we are not tired together, but everlasting )

I can always say: I'm ready.

A lot of people think she burst red inexplicable, in fact Li San 2008 as a model identity debut, the day of the model is like this, she has been photographed all day, the last magazine only on the last page of the day, Li San is a very strong intent, she encouraged her every time to participate in the film than the protagonist more active efforts, One day we will capture the main picture.

Li San unceasingly surpass oneself, debut model five years later she knew should want to cross out own comfortable right, so began to ponder the acting, halfway decent her redouble her efforts, she is not afraid of performing bad characters, and then Bai Ren a corner when more viewers because of her interpretation of her Li Nerve, Li San in Korea, "beautiful Beauty" The interview shows that your role is related to elasticity of character:

Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes weak, sometimes tough. People are like that.

Lee Bible

When asked how she viewed her actress status, she said: "I can't comment on myself." As you know, I do not have a very good acting and rich experience, but I have more than anyone is full of confidence, I think the most basic, so with the greatest sympathy and basic acting also think a lot. 」

"I intend to keep myself in a state of readiness in order to enjoy my acting as a temporary and ambitious opportunity." 」

Weightlifting players and models

In the past Li San in the play dress is Fashion Queen, her model debut identity also let many people see her as icon chasing. "The Elf Face" lets people imitate her makeup, each play uses the single product to become fashionable, but in the "weight-lifting goblin Kim Fu Ju" in her role as a large weight lifter, no fashion of the blessing, Li San all the colors of the health clothing, Cap T set in the body, for the play increased eight kg, some people said Li San loss, What kind of old-fashioned image would give her less fashion invitations? But she thought she was moving towards a professional actress.

The appearance of the Lee Bible is often picky, except for her cosmetic nonsense, people say the whole type after the Lee Bible "very failed", the eye is wider, the face is more round, is not a typical Korean beauty appearance. Li San know that they are not necessarily dowager, so do everything to do their best. Perhaps it is because she did not oval A4 waist, so it became a grid of free and easy and desperately to let her in each play all shine.

The role of a weight lifter is like standing at the other end of a model career, Li San says he gets a lot of healing in his work: "I gave up the piano when I was seven years old in my third year of high school and joined the supermodel selection conference without fear." But the model work is irregular, in the busy schedule often hear people around to say "Bible ah, what to do, you fat". "The fearless Kim Fu Ju cured the Li San, who was very early in the modelling market, and she was forgiven for not being perfect." (recommend you see: prop up clothes is not stature, but aesthetic attitude!) Taichung Opera Uniform designer Huangwui )

And ask her, "Is it a shame to give up appearances for the character?" Li San smiled and said: "I will still be very cute to see everyone." 」

In the beauty of the contemporary South Korea, Kim Gorn, Kong, Li San Such atypical beauty is using the power to turn the Times: "If I do not fit, I will be a lattice," they are using acting to write a more realistic narrative of life.

"Girlfriend Quotes"

"An actor is the hardest thing to be accused of being a lack of acting. But at the same time, I felt the sense of responsibility and self-confidence in the role I played. 」

I want to be a man who proves himself and is a real person with the action of life.

Lee Bible