In the fast Information age, we prepare a full knowledge of the message for you, in the field of training, we are broad-minded, accurate reading. Did you see the BBC's red video? Let's talk about interracial marriages.

3/10 South Korean President Park by the Constitutional Court in a unanimous impeachment announced the resignation, international media scrambling to make comments and current events, Facebook changes the media community dynamics, Trump general election platform use face book for first-hand communication fulfilled the new media interactive narrative era, live, audio-visual content is ramming, the BBC As a news leader, he also invited the political faculty of Busan University, Robert Kelly, to receive an online interview.

At the beginning of the interview, Robert Kelly's comments on the Korean political situation, four-year-old daughter bounce to open the door, while the youngest son is also sliding a walker with his sister to find his father, Robert Kelly hurriedly apologized, the picture of the woman dashed hurriedly grabbed the child out, the child in the door howling Amoy cry This video is burning the world, except for the professor's wry smile and the child's lovely response to laugh, more discussion focused on: "The screen of the nanny must resign, look at her frantic look." (Recommended reading: mom is not a family nanny!) Swedish parenting: A good career in a parent job

The woman in the picture, however, is not a nanny. It was Robert Kelly's wife, Jung-a Kim, who raised a "racist debate" in the community. Today, Robert Kelly and his wife, Jung-a Kim, interviewed, laughing and saying that this lovely anecdote, the whole family has become a hot discussion of the global Internet, they feel the pressure is also positive face, the only puzzle is that the film of Asian Women, Robert Kelly's wife, Why is the public considered a nanny in the reprint?

I'm not a babysitter, I'm a child's mother.

Robert kelly:"to tell the truth, I am not comfortable to hear everyone say so. 」

Jung-a Kim: "I want you all to watch the film and relax and laugh, and don't argue about it." Because I'm not a babysitter, it's a fact, and stop arguing about it. 」

When it comes to arguing about "why people have stereotypes about Asian women", jung-a Kim says this is what a family often does, and wants people to abandon the race label to see the video. Interview at that time, Jung-a Kim is in the living room recording Mr. Live film, did not expect to see the child appeared in the picture, her brain panic, only know to take the child to leave the room quickly.

After the visit, Robert Kelly sent an apology to the BBC, the BBC asked whether the film can be put on the internet, the couple was embarrassed to refuse, they finally agreed to the reason is: "Because this is an ordinary family's daily."

Each family has its own posture, but it is not yet customary for the whites to be surrounded by Asian wives. "Asian women make the public Intuitive association nanny" behind the impression that the Asian women are deeply rooted: because of obedience and good emotional labor, so engaged in waiters, domestic work.

The 2016 New York Times published a question about "race" and "skin color" of Asian Americans, which divides Western impressions of Asian-faced women into two categories: one is the Chinese doll (China Doll), the one that is submissive, passive, without self thought, and completely pleasing to men. Doll "image, another for Ms. Lung (Dragon lady) or" Tiger "(Tiger Lady), refers to full of ambition, cunning, for the purpose of unscrupulous female image. (Extended reading: the German observation of Taiwan's wives: Racial discrimination exists because of insecurity )

Cross-race marriage: the Movement of women

Robert Kelly's wife has caused a common sense of women who have been limited by racial discrimination and female identity. In 2012, Pew study Center produced a report: 8.4% of marriages in the United States were interracial marriages, three times times higher than in 1980. Among all ethnic groups in the United States, Asians accounted for 30%, Hispanic intermarriage was 26%, and Afro was 17%.

In Western countries there are "yellow fever" that describe the meek and docile of white men favouring Asian women, which is dangerous not only to deprive Asian women of their personal qualities, but also indirectly to force them to inherit racial stereotypes. In the view of cultural standard and male standard, the "Asian women" in "The people of color" and "American men" in the "Orthodox American" are more and more present the relationship between subject and object in the mass media.

Next, we're going to discuss the status quo of interracial marriages, so why do we not have the first impression of Robert Kelly and Jung-a Kim as husband and wife?

In the United States there has been a century-long "black discrimination law", even the "anti-interracial Marriage Law" (anti-miscegenation Statutes), the United States policy was so afraid of interracial sex, marriage and racial integration. Cross-race marriages are related to the transnational movement of globalization, and after 20th century, the changes in the global economy have led to the "feminization of migration" (feminization of migration), the 2005 United Nations Statistics Global short-term migration for work or education, illegal pipeline migration and trafficking, Almost half of the refugees in asylum are women.

The dilemma of new immigrant women: the practice of the mother-job of globalization reproduction

But the case we look at Jung-a Kim is a counter example of her husband, Robert Kelly, who settled in South Korea and worked at Busan University. But when events are viewed globally, and when the field is moved from South Korea to the Internet, people still think culturally, thinking that Jung-a Kim is the nanny Robert Kelly hired.

For women who cross the marriage, the biggest worry is that "I must prove that I am the mother of a child" because it is often seen as a "babysitter". In addition to the threshold of female identity to overcome, they also face the difficulties of ethnic identity. People's first impressions of interracial women are unintentional offenses, it is easy to make cultural assumptions about history, but now we are facing the age of interracial marriage, not just the racial issues, but also women in such a cross-cultural, is not expected to have to reproduce the female position? Women's work in the practice of stereotypes in her country? (recommend you see: First Lady and unpaid wife, who will pay for my emotional labor?) )

Rethinking transnational marriages from interracial marriages, looking to the new immigrant women who live in Taiwan, their problems also need to be taken seriously, and the women who "marry into Taiwan" are also regulated by the State and the patriarchy, both of which make up for women's female jobs to assess whether new immigrant women can obtain identity cards. New immigrant women are often regarded by society as family functional orientation, they do not need to practice the ideal of life, only to do family labor obligations, the birth of the next generation.

The discussion between Robert Kelly and Jung-a Kim in the community boom is an excellent phenomenon, and people are more sensitive to unintentional discrimination, and it is worth thinking more about how we can cope with the advent of more Yuan society. Human rights are not flawless, only continuous progress.

The transnational movement of women and capitalism, racial discrimination, heterosexual hegemony criss-crossed, in the case of marriage immigrants, women far larger than men, in the past, women will move from the lower economies to the higher economic countries (such as Vietnam-Taiwan; Taiwan-the United States), but in recent years discussed further discussion: " We should not regard all these Asian women as passive victims, who are actively engaged in transnational dating and pursuit of global modernity, and through transnational marriages to escape the pressures of gender norms in their home countries or the undesirable local mating objects. "[Note 1]

The movement of women is not necessarily the system oppression, but inevitably the formation of cultural impact of pain, the marriage of women is not necessarily in line with social needs, can be active in accordance with the psychological needs. Cross-race marriage for class displacement, race and gender of the cultural intertwined, in addition to women's autonomy, but also need to cast aside the "woman" stereotypes, remove the "race" of the atrium, open the understanding of the ear, attentively to listen to a different story.