Relationship diary to see Zhi Ming and Spring jiao, chun Jiao and Zhi Ming entwine to the trilogy, just know Love is entangled, hello important, did not love others I really do not know.

Love needs a signal, and Zhi Ming and Chun-jiao demonstrate very well.

Sometimes love is tacit understanding, N 55iw I newsletter sent, know that you know how to look backwards, understand the solid sweet I Miss you, sometimes love each Huaiguitai, after the alley encounter, point smoke bud love, fake urban jungle, how to meet you, I would rather do a prank child, take out a piece so fragile sincerity, Put your hands in your hand.

Zhi Ming kiss go up, like a person, think she is good, she is everything is good, no reason. He a face slag man, did not think oneself also soft, stroking her young short hair, softly said: "Some things do not finish overnight, we do not rush time." 」

Not in a hurry, and time to ripen love, passion will be old, infatuated with the fever, some things did not do one night, the future may not do. Spring jiao often tread on the shadow of Zhi Ming in the night, thought this will follow this man lifetime. Later, Zhi Ming far away from Beijing, pulling the suitcase, the head is not back, and associated with their future.

"I admit, I can't let you down, I often ask myself, what you have done for me, I can not think of it." Yes, I like it very much, really like you, like to myself are afraid. I really like you, but what's it going to be? --Yu Chunchao

Yu Chunchao What kind of woman, people this life out of mixed, always met a few slag, she knew. Can Zhang Zhiming such a man, like to her own good afraid, go to where all Miss Zhang Zhiming, she hated her unconditional love him, always let du himself, a message sent, "You don't have to come back, I go, we scattered." 」

Zhang Zhiming Love to the last moment to understand insolent, this city no Yu Chunchao, fear is too boring, side without Yu Chunchao, afraid too lonely. He held her, and they crashed together, again in a piece.

Why do so many people like Zhi Ming and spring jiao? Probably pure Love only in idol drama, a big Boy no regrets to love you for a long time, but the spring jiao and Zhi Ming too True, love is circling the circle, turn back to each other side.

"Yu Chunchao, you made me grow up--Zhang Zhiming

Their love is a very bad life community; they don't have too much luck in love, she has company or he has a new love; they always have to tow hands, lengthen the pace, quarrel suspicion, just let people see understand, sometimes love is really entangled, is bound to love the unfamiliar who, is bound to roll over others bed, will inevitably after the ups and downs of mutual entanglement, just know you important.

You are important, I do not know how to love others.

Yu Chunchao like the center of the Zhang Zhiming, no matter how far he was wandering, eventually returned to her side, the site rooting. Zhang Zhiming like Yu Chunchao in the hands of the smoke, the whole city under the ban, I can not stop you, smoke dense, like every pore of my body miss you.

If you want to love, I wish we love Like Zhi Ming and spring jiao like, do not have a moment to live together, but to each other to miss entanglement to old; Our love does not have to be an idol drama, I want you to be my life Zhang Zhiming, I also have the ability to do your Yu Chunchao.