"Relationship Diary" is the content unit after the single diary , there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. Thank you for having a Yu Chunchao in your life and waiting patiently for you to grow up.

Love has seven years of itching, the feeling has ten years of success. Love a long time people are very extravagant, like Jesse Celine love old, have a person's youth and cooked into; love long people understand forgiveness, like spring jiao Zhi Ming love through, Love was the heart to let go will also be unwilling to let go.

From her story, she met him when he was only 28, familiar with the worldly still in the heart of the innocent age. Their love is also from heaven into the people, from the restaurant to eat to roadside stalls, from the pride of grinding into concessions, see love, the appearance of pigment, occasionally annoying. There is always a good time to hate that person, ah, he 10 years as a day to get up, but also by her from the lovely pain became hateful, her lazy temperament, let him from the submission endure to helpless.

Love is like Zhi Ming, your eyes are not particularly beautiful, but the pupil has light, your body may not be proud of people, but embedded in my body radian, you do not like the sister of pity, good match my forthright.

Love is like spring jiao, you are not the best for me, but I think you smile did not stop, you childish like a child, fortunately I am tired of adults, you are not intimate, but get along with the air gratified on the line.

Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao, n 55! W, a metaphor for life cannot be concluded until it begins. Like they like to read Lin Wanyu, read in the Mist, ten years:

"Have you ever been the one I love/do you feel glorious/This is a love that will be parted anyway/You are the kind of person who should be in love with you anyway."

She said the ending is good, love is good, when you want to fit, send a poem hint on the line. They like not to speak clearly, more than I love you, they like an ambiguous love, can add color.

They have been friends, with two of people circling the loop; they go to love others, but the concentration is not as good as the last smoke of spring and Zhi Ming, they hate each other, is the love to let people hurt their ability; they try to be family, but ambiguous eyes also make love also dumb mouth. Breaking up can meet better people, but it's not easy to meet a bad man who loves him.

Maybe there is a person, born with you in love with the constitution. Yu Chunchao again chic, or to Zhang Zhiming paranoid very much, Zhang Zhiming not afraid to disappoint who, afraid to apologize for their sincerity.

Love has a landslide, no longer thrilling, forever. Seven years later, Yu Chunchao let Zhang Zhiming grow up, they continue to talk about not in a hurry of love, long, do not rush to brush their teeth, do not rush to bed, a night do not finish, there is a lifetime. The believers in the crowd, sentimental love a few, but want a most mediocre, will heartache will be jealous, back home someone waiting for the door.