The most distant distance in the world is not life and death, but I am standing in front of you, but you don't know I love you."

-Single Bed in Small

In 1998, Tsai Chih-heng, a graduate student at National Cheng Kung University, published his novel, "The First Intimate Contact", which became a Chinese Internet novel.No matter where you were, what you were doing, flying, flying, and gangster Tsai might accompany you through a certain stage of your life-perhaps the muddled and ignorant middle school, the high school's green, or the love of the university.It reminds us that there was a period of love that was hard to forget.

At the time of the summer's arrival, [Taiwan Drama Theatre Company] will bring one of our online novels back to us once again.The troupe's "forgotten feelings in life" were created for the past 12 years, and the Theatre has been working hard to rework the true story of life with exquisite emotions.Lee Tsung-hee, who wrote his grandmother's love and spirit, was born in the theater, creating a time machine at the theater stage. He was the only one who met his father again. After his journey through Tibet, his ancestors came back to find the source of the mysterious origins of the people.Lee Tsung-hee, in this way, is using his life to paint a theatrical text, and insists on constantly creating a magic channel on the real world and the theater dance platform.This time, the "Taiwanese Drama Theatre Company" adapted its first "Intimate Contact" for the classic online literature to become a stage play, so that we can get back to the forgotten emotions of the real world.

When BBS and email are just beginning to enter our lives, the first close touch > begins to circulate on the network.The story begins with an encounter on the Internet, "because the romance is usually untrue, and the network isn't real." So in this view, an encounter on the Internet is a condition of romance." The son of a son of a bitch is writing this.So, we wrote a letter to BBS to read a pure love story.

ruffian Tsai , boys' eyes, mansion in the eyes of a girl:

If the water in the entire Pacific is poured out.It doesn't put out the fire of love.

water all over the Pacific inverted?I can't.So I don't love this.

dance , Glindup, Special Girl:

I dance gently, in a crowd of people.

are projecting a different look.

'm surprised and appreciating.

not disrupt my dance step.

I'm flying, it's not your gaze.

my young heart.

The story starts from the everyday campus life, and the characters' emotions are exquisite and true, and have resonated with us.More or less, we've all read novels that touch the mind, and they have left traces in their hearts.Well, maybe, when spraying perfume, it starts to fly like a light dance, and it's rain, or it's a glass of wine and two fries on a McDonald's.We know that there are emotions that are already deeply embedded in their hearts and become a part of their own.Looking back at the youth of the past, we can smile.

Ten years after the story, where are we now?Is it that they have gone far away?Are there any efforts to move towards the original dream and commitment?The film "Titan", which was the first time he had seen his first date, was also returned to the cinema.Many of the memories of those years, and the novels and movies have returned to our hearts.Thank you for the story. It was a part of our growth that was left unabradable. It was so beautiful.

[Taiwanese Drama Theatre Company] with a deeply moving script architecture that wants to evoke the vivid memory of the audience and the thrill of life. Li Zongxi, head of the troupe, believes that there will be more hope in the future. This is his passion for life and his insistence on life."If you encounter a good show, it's very moving and very direct, and it's very powerful," he says.It's moving from outside to inside, like a force hitting your heart.And the moving of the theater to people is done by the inside and outside, and you will have the illusion that the heart is being pulled out."

encounter with a network of love relationships where the original fate is always tied together.“ I will never let go, Jact ... " I ’ ll never let go .. ”At the end of the film, the young man asked a question: "After all, the film will be scattered, but life will continue, right?"It is difficult to cover her sad heart in the question.The beauty of love has been accompanied by the fall of one side, and the light dance during the time of the dawn of love has fallen ill.But she has already entered the life of the son of a son, Tsai, and he will continue to walk away from the memory of the light dancing.

Entering the theater, the story is like being enchanted.The character on the text becomes a living person.The glamour of the dance drama is the vitality of the music, and we can see that the movements and emotions of the human body, even the ups and downs of breathing, are all that clear. Actors' conversations led to a crowd of emotions, evoking our young hearts, and getting back to the age of the student in the sixth year of the year. On the platform and under the platform, a mysterious link is created that is a tie that is unique to the performer and audience.Because the desire for "company" is a strong human desire, through the tension of the performance, that desire is realized.Because I, sitting in the audience, watching you stand on the dance bench.It was like the fox of the little prince, and we were touched, and this story left traces of our lives.It allows us to remember the initial thrill of love, the pure time." We were gently in love, and after the first close contact, there was a weight.The main characters in the story are different from each other because they have met each other.Perhaps, after seeing a beautiful story, one of the gears in my heart will start to rotate, so there is a slight change in life, and the initial changes are always subtle.Remember?The formation of a storm may have been caused by the shock of the distant butterfly's wings.

" I dance gently in the quiet paradise.

The angels have been shot in a different way,

I'm surprised and appreciating, too,

I don't mess with my dance steps.

My Frog Princes, because of the

not the angels of the angels.

is my frog's prince."

" If the water is poured out of the entire bathtub, it doesn't put out the flame of my love."

Is the water of the entire bathtub inverted?Yes.

So, yes.I love you.

The first close touch > will be staged at the Kaohsiung Spring Festival and will also be staged in the cities of Taiwan, Taipei, and Taipei.Let us recall all the stories that have been left behind in my heart, and that is a splendid youth.


Director: Li Zongxi

cast: regular, house, Yang Qi, Li Peixu

Performance time: 4/20-7/10

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[Kaohsiung Spring Festival] : 4/20-22

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writer: womany editorial/Bluetooth QiaoWen

Picture Source: Taiwan Drama Theatre