The story of the Ruby of Key Digital Marketing Co., Ltd., which motives you to create a different attitude toward life!

In the office of Key Digital Marketing Co., Ltd., it feels like a very meticulous, still-dead atmosphere, with a clear color, an irregular arrangement and a casual break with all the rules (unfixed positions), as well as a dynamic, diligous employee.

After you know the founder Ruby, it's not hard to understand how this work atmosphere comes.Ruby, a year of intriguing, has a younger heart than young people.The motto is "Light-emitting fever" - she has a passion for work, life, and life.(Recommended reading: [Emotionally Trafficking]) Are you passionate about your life and your life?)

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Accept all heavens

" I accept all my arrangements, and I think it's a good arrangement.Ruby has been facing every aspect of life with an optimistic positive attitude, and her experience is very different from that of ordinary people!After graduating from high school, she came out to work because of the economic pressure of the family, and was the one she liked when she was a child.

In a few years' work, he was quickly appointed by the supervisor, Ruby, to work on management." There is a sense of accomplishment in managing this role, but there are also many setbacks.I remember that once I went to an overseas exhibition, I was crying in the subway, because there were setbacks, and I felt that I had not been resolved.However, this is a necessary process.Ruby didn't get depressed, but instead, she learned more seriously about the role of the manager.

" I read an article about management every day, and I practiced every day, and I practiced my practice every day." Because of this ongoing effort, we have seen today's Ruby and today's key digital marketing.

After working 10 years, Ruby went to college in order to improve his ability, "the public good is the dream, the desire to repay society", and the choice of social work.Sociology, psychology, and case management in the social work system, Ruby uses its experience in advertising marketing to make it more efficient and more professional.She doesn't have a hard time at work during the day and at night, and she believes that "it's very helpful to associate it with the work, the work experience and the theory that the university has learned is mutually reinforcing and harvested more.""

The voice in the heart says " Ready!"

At the end of 2008, at the time of the financial tsunami, the company's family collapsed, while Ruby chose to create "Key Digital Marketing" at this time.(Extended reading: [Gender)] Everything is the fault of the testosterone?From the financial tsunami to the Google Engineer's gender declaration )

" I have a very certain voice in my heart, I know that I'm ready!Therefore, I have the courage to do it. The courage also represents wisdom, and represents the decisions you dare not make in the past, and now you have the ability to do it." Ruby is full of confidence.

The most important asset in the network world is the Man.The Internet is a tool for people to do things, so companies must have the right people to set up a company.When Ruby was looking for her team, the most important thing was to have a passion, and to be a professional." The Internet world is changing too fast. It's the passion that can adapt to, break through, and learn more."

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In the company, Ruby is also a psychological counselor that motivers everyone."There must be a sense of accomplishment," he said. " Even a small achievement will make everyone feel the same.In addition, there will definitely be setbacks. To help them stand up.After a few times, the partners knew that they had the ability to bounce back when they encountered setbacks and dropped the rock bottom.

The atmosphere of the company is also very important. When you are frustrated or under pressure, your colleagues can make a shot at one another and give them the cheapshot and support.Under Ruby, creating an active and lively atmosphere for the digital marketing campaign.

Success is everything you do every day, and it's closer to your own direction

When you have a happy life, you will have a low time. What is important is to confront it with what kind of mindset." A low tide?The low tide certainly has, but it doesn't matter to me, it is important to get up quickly."When we asked Ruby how she was in her low mood, she replied," I'm very interested in a lot of things, and these things are the power points that I climbed up.""

"Success is everything you do every day, and it's getting closer to your own direction."The success of small success is a great success, so every success should be very happy. Every day, every week, every success every month is worth celebrating." For a successful definition, it's very simple and very simple, and we have seen Ruby every day seriously.And the goal of Ruby and key digital marketing is to compete for the country.At present, they are moving in this direction. Last year, after being a Taobao network partner in Taiwan, they succeeded in laying a reputation and reputation overseas.

One can't make bigger things

For the future, everyone has their own picture.Ruby's admirable example is that she has not only had her own pictures, but also her team.In the past two years, team members helped her achieve the key digital marketing that she now has, and she wants to help them fulfill their dreams.

" I have a plan. "There is no way for a person to make a bigger story, so I plan to help people inside the company to realize their entrepreneurial dreams within the next one to two years."Because of her belief, one can make a greater dream.(Sibling: dreaming of practice, not talking about dreams!)Lin Hong-quan's flyingV crowd-fundraising )

In the end, Ruby shared a saying: " Work hard and play hard; think big, do it thin; master key, win key."

From Ruby, we see the continuing unboundeable passion, whether it is to work to colleagues or to life.The spirit of gratitude, optimism, and positive acceptance of each one of life's arrangements, each challenge.

"What can I do, I'll do it right away."" As of today, every day is serious!