This month, the womany wanted to take a big tour, and we believe that life is a journey, and that everyone, each small store, has its own unique story and scenery.A coffee shop in Taipei City is the starting point of a dream.

September caf é, a style cafe built by three girls, is located in an alleyway in the Benevola Circle.There is no need for fancy decorations, because these are simple and finely carved and exquisite.September has not even been on the front line, but has been closely watched because of their unique and unique reputation.Only this family makes dessert. The choice of each food material is all the same. It is to use the best way to get the taste buds closest, so that everyone can feel their hearts and their insistence.They said, " This is just the beginning!" Three girls returning from Europe and America believe that they can find a balance between the East and the West, and go beyond the current food culture and make their own brands.

from where we came

The Skinin of industrial design, Emily in architecture and interior design, and Melody of the public relations, are both beautiful and common, as if there were no other common denominants.The women who were not from the catering industry were trying to build September through a different mindset than a regular coffee shop.We saw in the interview every corner of the carefully crafted store that was carefully crafted to buy high-end equipment, and in many small places, it was only because of the best belief that even though it might be just the beginning.From their bodies, they saw the design and desserts, which originally seemed to have nothing to do with the two. After the collision, they actually produced so many unexpected sparks.

September's previous life: Meet

The beautiful dessert of the September come from the beautiful Chef Emily's hand (such as dessert).She was a chef in her home, and her mother and grandmother were both picky and tasty. When she was studying in Italy, she didn't want to come up with a door, and she had two people in the house, and she was a cook, a banquet, and a banquet.After returning to Taiwan, there was a chance to open up a store, hoping that shops would become the space for the designers to display their work, and that the September might be a day of the day, and the September cafe was born.When talking about the opening of the store, Melody said, " Because it's the closest to people, it's the easiest to receive, feel, so we decided to use what we had to eat and bring our insistence to others.However, when asked what the September was called September, the artist Emily simply said: "Why must there be a reason?"It's just in the head!"It makes people fully aware of their romantic and stubborn special."

with different September

would not be like us, how curious this group of artists ” created dessert ”Inspirances can be found everywhere, from conversations in life, eyes, landscapes.They use flavor and flavor to mix with flavor and mouth feel.When developing new products, the girls crazier at home and frantically try to eat and enjoy it with ease.When discussing the taste of products and the optional timing of food and food, it becomes serious and cautious. This is the only time that they may have a dispute!Also consider the taste of people who eat, and make the main consideration (for example: If you want to do it for children, you may have to be sweet!)Melody immediately demonstrated and explained to the scene, and their coffee, the reason why they had to adjust the pain, was to match the sweet, crisp, crisp, crisp, and forget the name of the biscuit.), the taste will be good!

-to-eat dessert: Fast food!

These are carefully crafted confections, aren't they afraid of being taken away by others?Emily jokes: "Everyone can learn cookery, learn design, and what's important is how to put together a taste, and how to combine concepts."The intuition of these experiences is that others don't go and don't steal. They have the power to do it all the same!"If you insist on quality and use the best ingredients, fresh production doesn't add up. Dessert is like a flash in the pan. When you just do a good job, you have to eat quickly, or she will gradually die."

the Glaucoma: frustration

The choice that is often made is not a way to earn a lot of money.After all, this is not the most important goal, because they want to "start here, make your own brand."While it would be less likely than expected, it would be frustrating.They say that three people have a silent cycle, and they are in a low ebc in turn.At this time, the partners support each other, and when one of them is not in good condition, the other two will encourage them to support each other.There is no fixed working time, but there is always a tacit agreement to arrive at eleven o'clock.And the management of employees is the biggest problem they are currently experiencing.It would be a challenge to let the other party know why they chose to do so without a common vision.

of surprise

Mitch is not fake.womany and three independent brilliant girls play a little game."Please write about the strengths and weaknesses of the other two on paper, and the three people who don't expect this kind of activity to be shocked and happy," and "What's amazing to us is that, despite the different statements, the answers are almost identical."Melody likes to quickly solve the current problem, and Hincin is a hardworking and diligent person who urges the other two to "form the table", while Emily requests details, but hesitarily hesitally hesiturally to be a partner.They are proud to say, " Because you see each other, you have no good, and I have the confidence and courage to go on." We are all very good people who can share the public and private sectors, and we often go out and go shopping together, like nothing.

Finally, three girls say a word to us about themselves.Emily calmly said, "I hope I can always keep positive energy.""Melody then says," I want to do what I want to do, not to be confined."Hinkin hopes to "stick to his own beliefs, not greedy, not forgetting his mind.""It may be a tough road to start a business, but they say they're lucky, they have such a good partner, and they often get help."" This is just the beginning!Perhaps the reality is that they want to stick to their own ideals and build a good harvest in September.

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