The dream, if not to do it, will always be a seven-year girl from a non-scientific background who, in the sense of faith, is the designer of a self-start-brand brand by moving toward the dream.Every day, every year, every single life is a journey. Whether the scenery is bright, the sun is shining, and it's all on its own, and we see a light in this girl's body that we can't afford to ignore, and hope that your journey will shine bright.

Shen Enchi , who was induced into the Taiwan Fashion Circle, became a new designer of the Taiwan Fashion Show in 2011 and was induced into the Taiwan Fashion Show.Before she met her studio, it was hard to imagine that the new dress, the model, the image, the design and the design of the dress were all done by herself in this small studio, and we felt the passion, potential and light that her dream had been emanating from her.

Enrich design ideas are complete on this small workbench

Each step is cumulative

In the course of the university, the Internet auction house, which had been used to run clothing with friends, was picked up from time to time and was used to pick up the goods, take pictures of themselves, and then to self-learn to design software. All the big things that were needed by the business network were all done by them!This process has taught Enchi the ability to make a lot of work beyond the school curriculum, and to develop a deeper understanding of the choice of clothing and the combination of clothing.But at the same time, it was discovered that only by doing their own brand, the goods would have their own ideas and souls. After graduating from college, Nki and his friends reached an agreement to end the online auction site, and each headed toward a new life and a road.

graduating from university, Nki still dreamed of having his own brand and design, but didn't find a career in fashion modeling and design. She then entered domestic and famous model brokers and played a role as a model agent.

This job appears to have nothing to do with fashion design, but during the period of the agency's work, Enchi began to learn more about the style of fashion, costume design, graphic design, and text editing.

Be creative, stick to

During the interview, we discovered that the school period was neither designed nor related to clothing, but was not related to the work of the relevant industry. But it was very enthusiastic about the design and design of the clothing. What kind of factors did she take to implement such interests and preferences on the road of life?And she said, " My love for fashion is natural!"

The most often scoldling by her mother when she was a child was that she cut his mother's clothes with her clothes and reorganized it.When I was little, unlike most girls, I used to bring my mother's clothes to wear, and Nki would simply restructure the clothes and accessories, so that the oversized clothes could be worn on their own.When young girls grow up to be big girls, they start shopping as they go out, and they will just cut their clothes and stitch them up, so that they can have their own ideas and souls in their clothes.

Another idea that makes us special is that the form is used with accessories.Enchi believed that the main point of creating the whole bright spot was "trinket."In her design, she can see the concept of decoration elements on clothes. The bright colors of "bright spots" are also one of the most frequently occurring elements in the design. The best integration of the most fearsome of the colors and clothes of the general public is the focus of the new changes that she hopes to bring about fashion.

The two children are inspired, imaginative, and idealistic. They always do things that are creative, creative, and creative. They also like to find the most desirable style of their own, adding that they have always been proactive in absorbing new knowledge and enabling them to grow up and expose their own.

Enrich Workbench, Realization of Dreams

Fashionable Impact of Fashion 7crash

The design of the 7crash is a bold, colourful and colourful color scheme, as well as a variety of high-color stamps, with simple and neatness and sharp cuts, allowing the fabric's nature to speak to the totem itself.They combine the old, old, and original to make the most popular style of modern styles. They hope that the wearer can forget the basic norms of clothing and dress, and not be bound by the times, not to blindly follow the fashion, but to create the most valuable cultural trend of their own by using creative ideas and styles.

When asked about the origin of the "7crash" name, Enchi put forward two concepts:

  • crash on you love you

  • crash reborn before rebirth

word "crash" has an impact, a spark, and a fascination, and this is exactly the image that 7crash wants to bring to everyone.By creating a new style of fashion with the creativity of the designer and the customer, the new style of the 7crash has an impact on the existing model, which in turn makes more of the people who want to find their own style become obsessed with and obsessed with them.

Crash Life from your Creation " is an even more important thought for everyone. She emphasizes that the combination of the form should be more of its own creativity. Therefore, she does not follow the path of closing the design, but welcomes all the people who like her with the design and discusses her own style with her!

on the show-show show on the charm-fashion show

Thank you for every opportunity

In the process of preparing the "Taipei Charisma Fasher Show", Enchi said that it was an important milestone for her to "advance".

designed to make decorations for the first time, the fashion shows that every brand needs to provide ten complete sets of styles. "Although the rules are ten suits, I designed almost 40 clothes, and I designed nearly 40 costumes to complete the same month," he said." I was very happy to say that.

Of course, the last time NKi was able to find a cooperative approach and complete all styling needed for an entire fashion show, more because it was chosen as the "New Designer of the Year of the Year", which was not only an important watershed in the fashion field, but also realized how to "manage work" and "manage talent" when it began to need to be a single one.

From the beginning to the idea of a brand name, a fashion show, and a fashion show that now has a series of listed clothing items, it's hard to imagine how a seventh graders spend all this time alone in less than a year.But she said she was grateful for the support of her family and the help of her friends, and thanked them for the opportunities that followed, because of the opportunities that enabled her to quickly accumulate the strength needed to dream up to her dreams, even if it was hard work.

Finally, we asked Enchi to share with us the definition of a modern woman:

Modern times women are loyal to themselves, release yourself,
need not be a supermodel, but they can be "superwomen".

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Do you like the design of Enki?Do you also admire Enchi's courage to pursue his dreams?

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