See Xiao Hong and xiao June, how Love will sprout in the predicament, put out in peace.

Xiao Hong and Xiao June, a pair of doomed to entwine the name, like the lovebirds of the wings, you are not, how can I fly.

Xiao Hong is a Gemini, born with no intention of being quiet. 20 years old, she from Hulan to Peiping, launched the runaway Long March, the door kicked her out. She with a few people, pregnant child, pocket No silver, that year Harbin floods diffuse over, sit sleepy intends Ah, as life, as the broken window. So she jumped from the hotel, full of dynamic body, crashed into Xiao June bosom.

Xiao June hugged her, Hu slag pierced her giggle, face red hot and dry, away from home so far, she is the first time so want to love a person. Xiao June is a natural and unrestrained personality, there is love can be home, we are afraid of what.

The days are poor, they eat a piece of bread together, sprinkle some salt, but the heart is sweet Squeak; Xiao Hong's shoelaces fell, Xiao June to light up a piece of broken glass, cut off half of their own, tied to the side of Xiaohong's shoes. That year, people shout they two Shaw, you have me, I have you, what is in tune, is Xiao Hong and xiao June hand through half a lifetime, two people, did not think of other possible.

"The money was in my pocket, and in that way, two of people walked confidently down the street, through the electric driveway, through the street that had been shouting." --Xiao Hong

1935 is very key, Xiao Hong's "life and Death field" turned out, Xiao June published "The Village of August", they finally did the four years of hunger and cold, contributors to, the life of the Midsummer, Love Is frozen bad.

Xiao June heart wandering, nostalgia for the young lips, Xiao Hong days pale, for love gaunt, read Xiao Hong's words, feel the body chills, life, why so desolate. If love stops in the most beautiful moment is good, but we how does not know, has given your life bright lover, most has the ability heavy hand to injure you.

"I am not a maiden, I have no red lips." I'm wearing oily clothes in the kitchen. --Xiao Hong

Xiao Hong's heart is broken, the most difficult days are together, endure gilded, survived the war, the most static good years are separate. She looked at Xiao June away from her and said to guerrilla. Leave her, is the significance of his travels, she knew from the beginning, is that I love you, let you have the ability to hurt me, if not love, is not hurt. (Recommended to you:"not a film critic" Forever Lost "Golden age", soft and sonorous Xiao Hong )

"Freedom and comfort, peace and leisure, the economy is not oppressed at all, it is a golden age, is in the cage"-Xiao Hong

Xiao Hong with Xiao June children, married in Wuhan Duanmu. Duanmu character cowardly, reluctantly take up her sadness, she picked a xiao June with a variety of not similar to men, like to deviate from his once convinced of all the fate. Since then, Xiao Hong Xiao June and Duanmu has become the history of the eternal Gossip, Xiao Hong has not seen Xiao June, really this is not over.

I can't decide how to live and how to die. But I can decide how to love, how to live.


Ten years Dianpei, Xiao Hong in sickness Geoff Hoon because of lack of medical closed eyes, she is only 31 years old, love and not love men are not around, her life is unwilling to be lonely, when the death of their own accompany.

This is not over, we love the memory, with me, never old.