517 International no longer fear the same day, lead you back to the long road of gay equality and fear of the incident, inviting you to take away the fear, oppression of the eyes, and face up to gay issues.

The nature of love is just love, without distinction of sex

What matters is not who you love, where you are, what you do, when, or how you love, the only thing that matters is that you give love. It matters not the WHO and love, where and how to love, why and you, and when and how to love, the IT matters only.

John Lennon

May 17 is the international no longer fear the same day (International Day Against Homophobia, transphobia, and Biphobia), the origin is the 1990 who will homosexuality from the International Classification of Diseases and related health statistics to remove, It is also the anniversary of the gay human rights celebrated by most countries in the international community.

Up to the 2017, there was still a whiff of violence arising from homophobia or gay issues, look forward to gender equality of this long walk, perhaps bumpy road, but the pace can not stop, because the nature of love, is love, they do not divide the sex, saw each other's soul, so.

The famous feminist movement of December 21, 1996: The Parade of the feminist fire-Shine Night Road, resulting from the Wanju incident and advocating social attention to gender, space security, while some of the demonstrators also shouted: "Women to Night right, The slogan of the comrades ' right to take the day. Armed with the same gender identity and the security of space insecurity, the gay community uttered their pent-up anxiety, when women to the community to give women the security of the night, comrades also look forward to exercising the right of daily, in every ordinary daily, Enron to become himself. (extended reading: You should retake the "Gender equality education": don't have the next Wanju and Ye Yongji )

The events described in the preceding paragraph are far away, and in the 10 years ' time, the topic of homosexuality has gradually attracted the attention of the world, besides the deletion of homosexuals from the category of diseases, society has begun to talk about more gender imagination, the gender spectrum is no longer the opposite ends, it is the flow of life

Although society began to have such a concept, when we talk about the right to marriage, there are still people who have pointed to the family value of the comrades, and when people see their comrades on the road, they still can't help whispering, and when it comes to sex education, it is still possible to hear this kind of education confuse gender cognition.

International no longer fear the same day, we look forward to the world to give the gay community more goodwill vision, in the face of the gay community in the life of discrimination and difficulties, but also looking forward to marriage equality so that the multi-ethnic ethnic groups to achieve the ideal of family, before the law to be equal rights and social security. (Recommended reading: comrades make me a better person: I am straight comrade, I am them )

Look forward to, comrades do not have to go around the long distance love, bathing in the days of sunshine, can have a warm palm paste, together to feel the joy of life to bring a warm, the face of the occasional sadness in life.

Take away the opposition and the fear, and hold the warmth of human nature with love

gay lovers, Sevratan, and the other. (from Jasper Vernes-sewratan face book)

you know what? In fact, close to our lives around, far from the other side of the world, the same events are still happening everywhere.

on the morning of April 2, 2017, a violent incident occurred in Arnhem, a town in eastern Holland. (extended reading:"We are holding hands against terrorism!") "Dutch man online, holding hands very gay"

31-Year-old Ronnie Sewratan-vernes and her boyfriend Jasper Vernes-sewratan walk on the way home, by holding hands and a group of young people around. All two of them were injured, one of whom was cut with four teeth and cracked lips. Ronnie told Dutch news Reporter: "In order not to provoke others, we usually do not hold hands in public places." But on that day we thought there were only two of us on the street, but suddenly there were six or eight young Moroccan people, and when I realized what was happening, I was knocked down by three of them. "

After the event, the world set off a wave of #allmaninhand, through the community upload male hand in solidarity with this pair of gay couples, statement for the fear of the same emotions, we should love to tender tolerance, so that people can love the righteous hand.

Holding hands this simple warm action, for some people, is a kind of unreachable desire.

The Australian Bank of Australia February 2017 launched an ad for the March gay carnival in Sydney, Australia: #holdtight. ads to find a variety of partners, men, women, men and women, and the interpretation of their smallest beautiful day-to-day action-hand. and advertising, some hand tightly holding, some, but in the outside eyes and pressure, disappointed to loosen. (extended reading: Australia observation: "Dear, let us justly hold hands" the tears of the "Hold tight" ad )

The ad copy is written: "even in 2017, the simple act of holding hands are still difficult for some people. Even in the 2017, the simple act of holding hands is still difficult for some people. 」

The road of affirmative action is long, we still have to go on stubbornly, until those souls can fall in love, freely, become themselves.

International no longer fear the same day, face the gay situation

The same situation persists, comrade's rights and interests remain silent, so this year, Taiwan's partner league election in Taipei from May 11 to May 18, "see through: Face the--2017 international no longer fear the same day", special invitation to Tsai President, Churtai minister, the public, Including those who still oppose the equality of marriage, confront the history of the sexual minorities who have been persecuted for a long time and strive for equality. (Recommended reading: The marriage equality forgotten by Cai English?) Gay rights are not only "marriage" one way of solving the problem.

This is a preliminary attempt, Xu Xiuwen, director of the Alliance, said that the special exhibition was limited by manpower, material resources and time, so it is difficult to fully present the history, issues and views of Taiwan's comrades, but I hope that through this strategy, we can invite all sectors of society to promote more exploration, thinking and dialogue so that Taiwan can one day No longer afraid of the same ".

I also hope that through the idea and value of this exhibition, we will appeal to the public to pay attention to the outcome of the May 24 Chi Jiawei, a gay marriage lawyer, acting as the second year of marriage equality in Taiwan. free in the self-identity and social value of the gay group, can find a place to settle down, live to become their own?

let us hold hands, believe that the essence of love, can lead us to the Rainbow side, 2017 international no longer fear the same day, face up to gay issues, like this special exhibition by well-known designer Nie Yongjin fencing design of the main vision: Left Lens because of fear (fear) and rupture, right lens is peace (peace) symbol, Pairs of lenses echo special exhibition theme see through (see Through/face), in the face of fear, we hope that the community to take away the fear, oppression of the eye, usher in a peaceful and warm generation. (Recommended reading: marriage Equality Small bee practice: Dear passers-by, talk about marriage, companion law, gay couples Law bar )

"Look through: face-2017 international no longer fear the same day" exhibition area introduction

Stone wall area of Taiwan

In order to show the history of the oppression of Taiwan comrades, the special exhibition specially designed "Taiwan stone wall Area" collected nearly 70 years of newspaper news, and then selected 30 major cases into the area.

The history of the persecution of comrades can be said to be thrilling, in order to allow the people of the exhibition to experience the feelings of comrades for a long time. The area will be a dark, narrow aisle in chronological order to arrange news briefings, and then use the way of wall hole, so that the viewer can look out from the dark, experience in the dark closet of loneliness and panic.

Celebrity Creation Solidarity Zone

Special invitation to Jolin Tsai, Chijiari, Nie Yongjin "no longer afraid of the same" as the theme of creation, I believe that as long as people are willing to open their hearts, know the real life of comrades, face their own fear, the world will be less prejudice, more warmth! (Recommended reading:Mary Lambert in the name of love hum gay angle of view: love, for all to exist )

Rainbow Hand Zone

work title: Love Hand artist: Rai Yunong/design team: Hong Jiafu, Yang Shengwen/Interactive design: Lin Lixiang

Interactive mode: Two or more people station positioning, facing the mirror wall, the most right and the left hand hands the sensor, everyone slowly holding hands together, let the tiny current quietly through, when the current through each hand, string the heart of everyone, the final start interactive device, the heart of the rainbow projected out, Look at the rainbow that belongs to you.

Gay Equality Road area

"Affirmative action" refers to the equal enjoyment of basic human rights.

in Taiwan in the 2017, the comrades are striving for equal rights to marriage, but the connotation of equality is never limited to marriage, the budding of gay culture in the end of 20th century, and the beginning of the gay movement in the early 21st century, have laid the foundation for Taiwanese society to no longer fear the rejection of comrades. with the exhibition of 30 years of cultural relics, the through the viewer to look at the history of Taiwan's gay equality.

Mr. Chi Jiawei also provided his personal data on the equality of marriage since 1986, including the first case of plead in Taiwan history, which was not entertained by the Chancellor of Justice (2000), his handwritten pleadings, and in the era of martial law, He was the first person in Taiwan to be a cabinet comrade, with his real name, interview with the lens of the magazine reports and other historical materials. (extended reading:"same-sex marriage interpretation of the Constitution case" to the judge: the same marriage can not wait, we have no next 10 years )