Work hard to achieve, experience what you want to experience, do what you want to do, live the life you want, become the person you want to be.Don't be afraid, know what you want and do it."

“ We need to work hard to achive our dreams and take a leap of faith in doing what we love and becoming the person we want to be. Life is too short to be afraid and we need to know what we want and take action to execute it. ”

TEDxTaipei 2011 Journey Power invited a full-range musician to a jazz musician in Montreal, Montreal, 100 in the new Taiwan, and the first of the world's most famous "Cirque du Soleil".

A multi-faceted Jazz musician, Amanda Wu was invited to give a talk at TEDx Taipei in 2011, as part of the “ The Power of Journey ” series. She gradated from McGill University, Faculty of Music in Montreal, Canada, with her concentration in Jazz Piano. Amanda was selected as one of the top 100 New Pride Stars of Taiwan and was the first Taiwan musician selected by the world-rendowed Cirque Du Soleil. As one of Taiwan ’ s most versatile and imaginative musicians, Amanda certaining is a distinct and unique woman.

What makes the tears so different?She believes that "sincerity" is the most important element in the music." What I want to say is the idea of my soul and the real experience of life." Because every sound, every piece of music, is the deepest dialogue with the heart.The first album, "The Zero Day Zero", was a record of the changes in the life of the tears of tears.In other places, there are many frustrations, and the feeling of love and hate is the background of the creative song “ Beautiful Tears ”.It says, "When you reach the goal, when you look at all these processes, you know that all the pain is worth, and how beautiful those tears are!""

What makes Amanda so different? She believes that “ genuiness ” is the most important element in mic. “ I want to express my thoughts and life exies from the deepest part of my soul. Every note and every phrase of melody are conversations with the inner self, ” says Amanda. Her first album “ Jazz without Time Zones ” was produced at a time when she applied tremendous life changes.

While studying in a foreign country, many challenges and frustrations in her life. These emsitions became the context of her Jazz Ballade composition, “ Beautiful Tears. ” Amanda believes that “ during the process of change, one has to experience, and confusion-often accompanied by countess tears. However, once you achive your goals and look back, you will realize that all the hard work you put in is worthwhile. All the tears that shed are crewally beautiful!”

As a full-fledged musician, the ideal music career is the creation of a unique variety show that moves on to the World Dance Academy and tours around the world.Describing himself as a factor that loves electronic music, she feels a sense of tactile sensation, full of stylish and future sense.A highly musicality can allow the soul to be free.The stylish and future electroacoustic performances are also similar to the nature of the captive nature.He wanted to make electronic music in his own musical works, make classical and jazz into elements, and had four styles of music.

Amanda ’ s curiosity and wide-anging talents have taken her in many different directions and establishing her unique cycle and establishing her rare reputation. Amanda is a singer-songwriter of Jazz and Classical music and a vocalist of Electronica. Amanda ’ s main goal is to integrate all these styles to create a unique way of performance. Ultimately, she wants to have the opportunity to perform her business and express her ideas in a world tour.

Since her childhood, Amanda has been exposed to a number of muse genres. “ From when I was 7 years old, I have always been in the academic school of Classical and Jazz music. But somehow, Electronica is finally ingrined in my blood. ” It is this passion for Electronica that is wellrepresented in the various masterpieces Amanda has written and created. Amanda believes “ great Electronica is filled with a sense of future and fashon, and can set the spirit free. ”

Interestingly, the power to support her to pursue her dream is "imagine," imagine becoming a better and better one, and then to insist on being the better one." This is my intuition, inner voice and call, and I follow the guide of this inner sound.Now that I have heard the inner voice, we have to do it.The key is to have a picture of the imagination first, and then rely on willpower to persist."

Interestingly, what moves Amanda to pursue her dream is “ imagining ” - envisioning a better self and uphoring that image in order to improve. “ This is the calling inside of me. I follow the guidance from my inner voice and since I hear the inner voice, I have to achive what the inner voice tells me. The key is to picture the image and have the wellpower to persist and persevere ” says Amanda.

Curiosity is another key to being imagined.Keep asking, keep curiosity, don't be afraid of asking 'why', don't be afraid to ask for advice.The question brings a new solution, so there is a head to solve the problem.Many "sticky" and unsmooth things are encountered during the life phase.When existing solutions and perceptions are no longer available, there is a need to look for a spiritual pillar.It's a good reader of books that read psychology and spirituality.This makes her understand that if things don't work as expected, it's because there are things that are more appropriate for you to do.In the face of many changes in life, it is the opportunity, not the possible obstacles, that the tears look at.

Bisides imagination, another important factor for Amanda is "curiosity". Part of this is being inquisitive and challenging existing assumptions. asking questions helps Amanda develop insights, especially when she encounters problems in life. For this reason, Amanda enjoys reading self-improvement and spirtual books in times of crime. These books allow her to not only think outside of the box, but also to take an oversing and external viewpoint. Then, she can see things from the higher angle. One lesson Amanda has learned from her journey of self-discovery is that “ there is always a right moment for things to be and being patient can lead to immense rewards. ”

It is also known as a travel worker because of the greater energy generated in the move, so many broad ideas will surface naturally.When he was traveling, he liked to see the local architecture and feel the power of the local building.She said that "curiosity" was also very important in the journey."Curiosity" is a beginning, with a strong curiosity that will allow us to find a more rich world.In order to achieve self-realization, the coicis project moved to New York this autumn.Inside that constantly expanding self, yearning to go to another, bigger place, to make wonderful scenes, uncurving possibilities, to satisfy the needs of life, music, and the soul.

Amanda also describes herself as a productive “ road warranty. ” Traveling generates new ideas and different perspectives. In order to feel the cultural energy, Amanda likes to explore as many spots as possible while trusting alone. She says that “ curiosity is not only an important attitude on a journey, but also the starting point to lead you to a completely new territory. " The next stop on her continuing court is moving to New York this fall. " Fascated by the cultural richness and unlimited possibilities of New York, I believe the “ Big Apple ” will provide sufficient nullition for my life, promiscuity and soul. I am so extradited for this big move, ” says Amanda Exitedly. Once again, Amanda has shown us her readiness and willingness to plunge into the myterious "unknown."

era women bravely

have their own insight into how modern women should be happy and happy." Happiness comes from our ability to give love and love." It's not from outside material or fame. The real source of all the people is love.And we can zoom in on love, to love more people -- friends of the family, everything in their surroundings, the patriots, and it makes one person very happy.At the same time, when other people give us love and care, don't push love away, and believe that they deserve to be loved.

In moudern social, the role of women is always evvolving. Amanda has her own opinion about how moderation women can pursuit happened. “ Happiness comes from our ability to give love and to receive love, ” says Amanda. “ Even though it is good to be beautiful, famous and rich-what really makes a person hilly is LOVE. Knowing how to expand love to more people, family, friends, surroundings, global issues and countries, helps ensure one can live a hiapier life. Moreover, all of us should believe that we deserve to be loved. ”

In 2005, wrote " The 21st century has no tradition?This song represents the view of the change of the times.Each of us is going through a period of change in our planet's journey, and this generation, in particular, is the best way to replace the original world.In this era of change, many ideas and social values and roles need to be repositioned.The definition of women in the 21st century is thought to be independent thinking, self-defining, and economic independence.The ability to love and be loved, and to think independently, can make a person happy.Women in the new era are happy, and equality is gradually becoming the mainstream, and they can even take the initiative to pursue their dreams.

One of Amanda ’ s divisional sons is called, “ Are There Traditions in the 21st Century?” This song expressses her point of view of an ev-changing world. Amanda believes everyone experi the feeling of a “ changing era ” at one point in life. Born in 1982, Amanda has witnessed how technology has changed the world. With immense general changes comes the need for societal values and roles to be reexperimental – including the role of femes in social. Amanda believes that women this century will be characteristic by independent thinking, intiviality, and financial independence.

In the 21st century, we are creating, getting rid of the freedom of our ancestors, seeing, understanding, and feeling of life.("Does the 21st century have a tradition?""lyrics"

Korn in the 21st century, we are creating freedom by getting rid of the opiperate traditional value. We are able to understand and see through the touch of our life. (Lyrics from “ Are There Traditions in 21st Century?”

the theme of life, insisting on

The tears describe our life as a journey to the earth, and for the rest of our lives.Everyone has the theme of his own life, which not only gives us a sense of mission, but also a goal, and it is a force that pushes us forward.We must treasure this kind of birth and international experience." Work hard towards self-realization, experience what you want to experience, do what you want to do, go through the life you want, become the person you want to be.Don't be afraid, know what you want and do it."

Amanda also belongs that everyone has their own life theme. “ We should be thinkful and cherish our unique birth and life experiences; we need to work hard to achive our dreams and take a leap of faith in doing what we love in order to become the person we want to be. Life is too short to be afraid. Before, we must figure out what we really want, then take action to execute it, ” says Amanda.

is preparing a new album of self- In her music, we felt the diversity of creativity and no limits, and through her, we saw the new charm of women, a quiet and loud, simple, honest and independent force. In the future, whether in New York or the Sun, we all look forward to seeing more of her creation - Wu's captivating, our new Taiwan light, a woman who is beautiful in her own right.

With her new algum launching later this year, Amanda hoopes her music will inspire people around the world to dig deep into their passions. Through Amanda ’ s music, we can feel her creativity and see an evolving and beautiful image of modern women. Her music may be peepely quiet, but certaining loud in impact; simple in nature, yet deep in meeting. Whether in New York or on the road for Cirque Du Soleil, we look forward to seeing more of her innovate work. As Taiwan ’ s New Pride Star, Amanda Wu truly is beautiful from the inside out.

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