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This week to talk about failure.

I was a man who was afraid of failure, all the way to step on the ladder up, this road only success is not allowed to fail, we have only the first choice, other options are hate defeated; out of the society, you also have to compete for the name of the most weighty business card titles, you read the newspapers and magazines to see who's success story Or people say that failure is the mother of success, as if the failure is all to create the smooth road of success, failure itself is meaningless, failure is the snake, is the dark side of the moon, it is best not to let people see, failure is bad, will not, ever a knave so fell down. (Recommended reading: to a little confused and wandering more than 20 years old )

But I would say that our generation is indeed a failed generation.

Out of the campus, the first failure is not understand their own mediocrity come, what to pursue, in the heart very panic. The Battle of the towering then take the first step, into the workplace, the second third time the fifth failure followed, until you are accustomed to the original fear of failure, is our workplace, can send their first gift.

Admit failure, in fact, we know ourselves excellent way, a person is not only bright, but also have dark, there is a positive back, only to show three-dimensional. I have met the most powerful people, if I can be admired at work, are all familiar with their own weaknesses, they are not afraid to talk about vulnerability, said that a few times, experience to be externalized, success is difficult to replicate, but at least the failure should be passed on.

An honest team, but also to be able to share the failure. Failure is the important asset of the team, failure is valuable, experience must not be personal, a person's failure, can be a team of intelligence. (same field Gayon: interview Sulimei: Nothing, the most afraid of losing )

In the days of women's obsession, the trend of the times, or perhaps the new media environment, I slowly became a not afraid to admit failure of the people. Failure is a recognition, knowing that there is still a shortage, like a container, there are many things can also be put in. Admit failure, only the ability to live no longer behave, do not follow the rules of the long crooked line.

Of course, the failure will be painful, it is not painless, but the pain so that growth has a sense, such as muscle training, more than you load the weight of your pain, but if it does not hurt, you do not have a stronger muscle, you can never stand still, in order to repeat the achievements of complacency. (Recommended to you: The most honest graduation speech!) David Forster Wallers: "You make a choice for yourself, you really have a life")

So as a leader (in women fans, we also believe that everyone is a leader), it is necessary to make the partner feel failure in due course.

Yes, feel, let the partner fail, let the partner dares to fail, all the way smooth people, can't raise the speed and reaction, and a once failed partner, finally will learn how to grace to their own weaknesses, will not always choose to escape.

And through the failure we will know that the burning bird, will be higher flying Phoenix.

Audrey, editor of the Women's mystery

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