"Relationship Diary" is the next step in the single diary , there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. John Lennon and Ono, your uninhibited with my madness, meet each other's life is complete.

Naked John Lennon such as newborn baby, surrounded by distributed small kanno, kissing her side face, once, this is my mind the closest love appearance-I want to give you all my.

Rolling Stone magazine's chief photographer photographed the classic photo, when Lennon and Yang said that our relationship was like this photograph, "she is my teacher, I am his student." Lennon added, the words are so sweet.

Ono, the most famous and unknown artist in the world, knows her name, calls her Lennon widow, but few people recognize her works. Well, let's start with her work.

The 60 's, Ono has been avantgarde, Oriental Female artist's identity and face in the West art is very bright eye. The action art of "shredding" in 1964, she was wearing a Japanese kimono, kneeling on the stage, beside a pair of scissors, inviting the audience to cut off any part of her dress at will. I am me, fragments of me, can be reorganized to transform me. (Recommended reading: from Petti Smith to Ono, rock and roll Soul Lovers )

John Lennon and Ono meet in London, she looked at the printing gallery Lennon, think this kid's not tame with my madness just, the body has tentacles, know how to smell the same kind. They began to communicate, at first mindless, chatting about art and self construction, once in the middle of the night, Lennon about her to the recording room, they record their own songs, named Two Virgins as if we, two virgins, met each other, just feel that life is about to begin.

Record good days just bright, they according to the skylight sex, through each other, see bright future, originally you are my body has been missing that piece, you complete me.

1969, they married, he crowned her surname, renamed John · Xiao Ye · Lennon Lennon wrote songs for Ono, repeatedly said she is muse, she is heaven, let him charmed, they in the war that year, launched a bed of peace movement, bed peace, sex do not fight; Lennon says Ono is his cocktail, makes him drunk, he doesn't want to wake up, he is a drunken man. (Recommended reading:"read a poem for you" I love you again for you)

Hobbies like John Lennon and Ono, they are each other's children, each other coddled, worship each other, they are very wild, grow up, to remember to protest this too boring world.

In 1975, John Lennon in the doorway of his own gun, blood dyed his logo glasses, is the same day, he and Ono just took the classic photos, as if the last love as a souvenir. The other day, Ono said, "John will not have a funeral." John had loved mankind and prayed for mankind. Please do the same for him. Love you, Yang Zi and Sean, she has decided, since Lennon to go hurriedly, she spent a lifetime mourning him. (Recommended reading: eternal love and peace!) The colorful Woodstock Music festival )

He died, she wanted to live for him, the ideals he had embraced, she wanted to believe in love and peace for him to go down. She Imagine Peace Tower for Lennon in Iceland, and every year Lennon birthday, she went to Iceland to miss her lover. The Tower of Peace, in Lennon's birthday to the death, there will be blue flashes, like Lennon sang, you may say, I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one.

Lennon after 37 years, love the change of the son did not leave and Lennon in Manhattan room, never changed home furnishings, never removed closet Lilennon clothes, he can go home at any time. "John Lennon, it belongs to me alone." He is brilliant, he is happy, he is angry, he is sad, and I love him deeply, have lived together with him the memory, let me incomparable happiness. 」

Ono let me know, can love is really good, loved your memory, has been enough for my life. My life is still very long, take to slowly love you just.

(Cold knowledge, Ono and Lennon also group, Plastic Ono Band plastic Small Wild Orchestra, launched in 2013 bad Danser. )