Face Book founder Mark Zockerberg at Harvard, facing the millennium, since we are lucky enough to let everyone have the freedom to fail.

Graduation season, after stepping out of school, where should I go? If you are confused, listen to the founder of the Face book Mark Zockerberg on May 25 at Harvard University's graduation speech.

Mark Zockerberg wearing a suit and tie, a serious face, back to school, Harvard conferred his honorary doctorate in law, he was in the face of the book issued a dynamic, "Mom, did I promise you I will return to school to get a degree?" 」

Halfway through the speech, the rain, the students wearing raincoats to play an umbrella, looking up to listen, an opening, Markzockberg not to change their nature, from their own anecdotes, he talked about his face book the most difficult period from the loss of lofty ideals.

His speech is geared towards the millennium, and the confidence and self-doubt of the millennial generation are two sides, failure is the daily, he also named, the presence of students are lucky enough to have a group of people, have failed margin, but also know: the pursuit of personal mission is not enough, we want to create, is to allow everyone to embrace the mission of the World, Is the world that allows everyone to have the freedom to fail, and this is the only way to promote social progress. (Recommended to you: What is the problem with the millennial generation?) Children like learning, but adults do not know how to teach )

I'm thankful for Harvard, where I met Priscilla.

Dear President Forster, school supervisors, teachers, alumni, friends, parents, management, and graduates of the world's greatest schools,

I am honored to be here today, and I confess that you have finished what I have never done before. If I had finished this speech today, it would have been the first time I had really done something on this campus. 2017 graduating class, congratulations.

I am honored, and because I am standing here is not unusual. Not just because I dropped out of school, but because we were basically people of the same generation. But ten years ago, I walked this alley, studied the same concept, and certainly slept in the classroom. The ways we have come here are different, and today I want to share with you the views of our generation, and of the world we are building together.

A few days ago, I thought of the many wonderful memories that had taken place here.

Do you still remember what you were doing when you received the Harvard admissions email? I remember my. I was playing computer games, and then I rushed downstairs to tell my dad, and strangely, he was going to take a look at my open mail. I swear to go to Harvard, is still my parents most proud of my moment, see my mother nodded.

Do you still remember your first class at Harvard? I went to calculator 121, I was going to be late, quickly put on the T-shirt even did not notice me inside and out. I am probably very strange, so no one to talk to me, in addition to KX Jin, and then we study together, now he is responsible for the face book a large chunk of business. To be a person or to be nice to others, right?

However, my best memory is here to meet my wife Priscilla. At that time I just online spoof website Facemash, received the management committee to indicate "to see me" notice. Everyone thought I would be driven away, my parents helped me pack my bags, my friend helped me farewell party, I met Priscilla at that party. In fact, we met in the toilet line when the atmosphere was "romantic" and I said, "I'm going to be kicked out of campus in three days, so we should start dating as soon as possible." 」

This sentence can be used by everyone.

In a word, later I did not be driven away, I was my own dropouts. Priscilla and I started dating. People have seen "social network war" that film, may feel that Facemash is a major milestone in the face book, in fact, not. But without that spoof website, I might Miss Priscilla, who is the most important person in my life. From this point of view, Facemash has its importance. (Recommended reading: domineering Please two months maternity leave!) Mark Zoberg proved himself to be a face book executive long and also a father )

I am grateful to the place where we have a lifelong friend, or a family, in Harvard. Thanks to Harvard.

The era of technology accelerating unemployment: how to make everyone have a mission?

To cut to the chase, today I want to talk about "goals". But I'm not trying to give you a standard procedure for "Finding Your destiny." Dear ones, We are the millennium, and we find that the goal is our intuitive thinking. What I want to say today is that it's not enough to find your life's mission, and the challenge for our generation is to build a world where everyone can have a mission.

I have a very fond story. When Kennedy visited the U.S. Space Center, he met a cleaning employee with a broom, and he went ahead and asked him what you were doing. The cleaning staff answered, "Report to the president, I am working together to send a man to the moon." 」

The purpose of existence is to let us know that there are certain things that are more sublime than "individuals", that we are all part of this goal, that we are needed and that we need to work for it. There is a lofty goal, so there is real happiness.

You graduated this year, more important moment. When our parents graduate, most of the goals come from work, church, community. But today, technology and the accelerated process of automation have made many tasks disappear, community members are waning, and many people feel frustrated or even out of touch and are beginning to fill the void.

I was sitting with underage kids who were in detention and drug addicts, and they told me that if they had something to do, they could have a sense of belonging after school, or take part in a school plan, their lives would be different. I also talked to factory workers who knew that they would no longer have their own jobs and tried to find something they could do. (Recommended to you: Why do you love the job or not happy?) Find the value of self-realization at work )

In order for our society to continue to progress, we are faced with generational challenges: we will not only create new jobs, we will also create new goals.

My face book in the most difficult period, the origin of Face book and life and Death

I remember the night I was creating Facebook at Kirklan House, and I told my friend KX that I was happy to be able to link the people of Harvard, and one day someone could link the whole world.

I never thought that someone could be us. We were all just college kids, and we didn't know anything about it. There are so many big technology companies that have resources, and I'm just guessing that they can do it. There was only one thought in my mind that was sure that people were eager to connect, so we worked night and night.

I know that many of you here will have similar thoughts. You think a lot of people can change the world. But they didn't, and I'm sure you would.

We have to create goals for more people just to be sure that their goals are not enough.

It's not easy, I never want to create a company, I just want to have influence and change. And when more and more people join us, I assume our concerns are in the same direction, so I never explain what I want to build.

A few years later, many big companies came to talk about acquisitions. I don't want to sell it, because I want to build a link with people. We're building a news feed, and I thought that if we did, we would change the way we learn about the world.

Other people at that time advised me to sell the company. If there is no lofty ideal, then this is probably a new creation the best ending.

When the whole company split up, and after another bitter argument, a consultant told me that if I didn't agree to sell, I would regret my decision all my life. The relationship was tense and the management was almost gone for a year.

That was the hardest time of my face book. I believe in what we are creating, but I feel lonely. And I feel more, this is my mistake, I also think, is not I wrong? I'm a 22-year-old kid who's not really familiar with how the world works.

Many years later, I understand that if there is no lofty ideal, the sale is very easy. But the pursuit of lofty goals is the driving force behind our continued progress.

I want to talk about three ways to create a world where everyone has a mission,

  • Join in a meaningful project
  • Redefine equality so that everyone has the freedom to pursue goals
  • Let the concept of community spread throughout the world

All you have to do is start: our society is not always great because we are afraid of making mistakes.

Let's talk about meaningful projects first.

Our times must face the current status of accepting tens of millions of of the work that will be replaced by machines, such as automatic driving. But at the same time, we have a lot of things to do together.

Every generation has its own work. For example, once more than 300,000 people have worked together, human beings have finally set foot on the moon, including the guard, millions of volunteers have been vaccinated for patients around the world, and millions of have contributed their strength to great projects.

The mission of doing these things is not just work, but we are proud of our country and we want to do something great together.

Now it's our turn. I know you might be thinking, "but I won't." 」

I want to tell you a secret: no one knows what to do from the beginning, no idea will mature in the beginning. When you set foot on this path, it becomes clear that all you need to do is start.

Pop culture and movies mislead us, we thought there would be a moment of epiphany, it was a dangerous lie. This makes the person who has the good idea in action.

Any idealist must first be prepared to be misunderstood; When you are ambitious, you will be called a madman, even if you prove you are right, when you handle a complex project, someone will accuse you of not being fully aware of it, even if it is impossible to know beforehand, and anyone who takes action first will be criticized too quickly. There's always someone who wants you to slow down.

Our society does not often do great things, because we are afraid of making mistakes. In fact, everything we do may be wrong in the future, but that doesn't stop us from starting.

So what are we waiting for? It is time for our generation to redefine public affairs. Like how to stop climate change from deteriorating before we completely destroy the planet? such as how to cure all existing diseases and ask volunteers to track health figures and share their genomes. Today we spend 50 times times the price of treating patients, rather than finding a way to prevent humans from getting sick, which is unreasonable. We should improve.

Like how to modernize democracy and everyone to vote online? How to design personalized learning journey, so everyone no longer miss education?

It's all within our power, and we have to make it work for everyone. Let us do great things, not only to create progress, but also to create new goals.

Let every man, rich or poor, have the freedom to fail.

Most of our parents have stable jobs in their own generation. And now, we are entrepreneurs, and our entrepreneurial culture is the reason for us to make more progress.

The flourishing of entrepreneurial culture makes it easier for us to try new ideas. Face book is not the first project I created, I also wrote games, communication systems, instructional software, music players. I am not alone, JK Rowling also, before the publication of Harry Potter, he was rejected 12 times. Or Beyonce, she made hundreds of songs until the Halo.

All great successes come from the freedom to have failure.

Mark Zuckerberg

But today, the unequal wealth makes many people unable to have freedom. Many people cannot have the freedom to convert ideas into businesses. Now our society has the habit of being alone and rewarding winners, but we have not made it easier to embark on this path and have not let more people have failed margin.

Let's just admit it. The way the society works is wrong, and when I leave Harvard and earn billions of dollars in 10 years, millions of students are unable to repay the loan, let alone start a business.

I know a lot of entrepreneurs. And I think most people give up the reason for starting a business, not because there is no money. And I do know a lot of people who can't chase their dreams because they worry that when they fail they will fall.

We all know that a good idea or hard work will not make you successful. Success also requires luck. If I had to make money to supplement my family, I might not have enough time to write a program; If I didn't know, even if Facebook didn't work out, my life would be all right, I wouldn't be standing here today. (Same field Gayon: "exclusive" Liu Anting into the full text of graduation speech: "Find a place worth working, plant your Lucky")

Let us be honest, we have more luck than others.

Every generation is expanding his definition of equality. In the previous generation, it was time for us to sign a new social contract to fight for the right to vote and civil rights.

Our society should not use economic index GDP to measure the progress of the country again, but whether the society let all people practice meaningful life goals. We should begin to discuss the concept of "universal basic income", allowing everyone to have the support of trial and error.

We will change a lot of tasks in life, so we need affordable child care and health care. We make a lot of mistakes in life, so we need a society with less stigma and fear. And when technology continues to innovate, we need a society focused on education and lifelong education.

Giving everyone the freedom to pursue their goals is not free. A fortunate man like me should pay for it, and I trust you, and so will you in the future.

That's why Priscilla and I started a plan to invest money in hopes of promoting equal opportunities. Equality is the value of this generation, "to do" is not a problem, the only question is, "when do we start." 」

Not limited to money, you can contribute your time.

Maybe you think time is very precious, I think so too. After Priscilla graduated, he went to be a teacher. She invited me to a class, and I started complaining, "You know I'm busy, I'm running a company." "But she insisted, so I went to the local student club to teach a high school course on entrepreneurship.

I talked about product development and marketing concepts, and these kids taught me the same things. I share my stories and they share with me their thirst for college. These five years, I will have dinner with them every month, next year, these children will go to college, each is, is the first of their family.

Take the time to help others and let everyone have the freedom to pursue their goals. Not only because it's the right thing to do, but also because when more people make great dreams come true, each of us gets better.

We are all citizens of the world, let life be a blessing

The goal is not only to work, we can create a community where everyone has goals. When we say "all" in this generation, we are referring to the world.

A recent survey, the millennium, was asked to choose their identity, the most popular answer is not nationality, religion or ethnicity, but "world citizens."

This is a landmark event. Each generation expands what we call "our own", and for us it covers the whole world.

From the tribe to the city to the country, the wheel of history allows people to get together and do what they can't.

All the best opportunities are global, and we can be the generation to end poverty and end disease. Our greatest challenge also requires a global response--no country can stand up to climate change or contagious disease. What progress needs is the efforts of the global community.

We also live in a time that is not stable enough. Many people are left behind in the process of globalization. If we are unable to take care of our own lives, the pressure of addiction will make it difficult for us to reach a helping hand.

This is the struggle of our time. Freedom, openness, the power of the global community, on totalitarianism, segregation policy, nationalism. Knowledge, commerce, and the movement of people, the sound of trying to make the flow slow down. This is not the state wrestling, it is the ideological struggle. Every country has its own people who support and oppose globalization.

I met Agnes Igoye, who graduated today from a conflict zone in Uganda, watching trafficking and spending her childhood, and now she is training thousands of law enforcement personnel to ensure regional security.

I met Kayla Oakley and Niha Jain, who also graduated today. Kayla and Niha started a non-profit business, linking patients in the community with those who were willing to assist.

I met David Razu Azner, who graduated from the Kennedy School of Politics today, a former Mexican city congressman who led the campaign to make Mexico City the first Latin American town to pass the Marriage affirmative Act, earlier than San Francisco.

Myself too, I used to be a student in a dormitory.

Change comes from the side, and global changes are also due to small changes--such as those of us.

2017 of graduating alumni, you graduate from a world of great need for mission, how to create, it is up to you to decide.

Before you go out of school, I want to send a prayer, whenever I meet a challenge, I will say to myself, and whenever I put my daughter into the crib, I also think of her future singing,

Hope the Lord leads us to find the courage to make our life a blessing. "May's source of strength, who blessed the ones before us, help us find the courage of" we lives a blessing. "

I wish this to all of you present. Congratulations to you, 2017 graduating students, wish you good luck.