Handsome lady, not for the eyes of the world to wear, years without fear, you see the black suit small kanno, live much charm.

Ono, avant-garde artists, peace advocates, poet, director, musician, she has multiple identities, even if she never met John Lennon, even if she never became his wife, even if she is not part of the Beatles four fans of the Thorn, her imagination, her willpower and her artistic presence can still make the world stunning.

1966, she and John Lennon acquaintance, at that time Lennon 24 years old, Ono already 32 years old, early in acquaintance, Ono long ago is Avantgarde "New Wave" art (Fluxus) in the existence of cannot be ignored.

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Yang was born in 1933 to a wealthy family in Tokyo, and her growing experience was unusual in Japan, where she grew up in the world, where she studied Sarah Lawrence College, a university in New York, where many radicals, hippies, and artists fell in love with them, in 1960 The young people who have left their traditional lives and clothes in the ages are also known as the "Beatnik" (the "Defeated Generation").

Soon, the Yankees in New York became a new wave of art in the movement of activists, her work has a wild conceptual and experimental, "controversy is the essence of art and creativity," she once said.

In the 1964 "shredding" Action art show, she invited the audience to cut off her clothes with scissors.

In the 1960 's, it was also the age of female body tracts in the lining.

In contrast to the fashion of the 1960 's, the "New look" fashion of the 1947 by a Parisian male designer, Dior, was born with a stylish look--a woman's slender waist body, a knee-top dress that reshaped the body's curves, and the female posture looks elegant. However, such a design is also tied to women's action.

By the 1960 of Liberation, the tide of fashion has turned to the world, sending signals from the streets of London.

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The 1960 's is the era of reflection, emancipation of the mind, body liberation, these are also reflected in clothing.

In 1964, designer Mary Quant was fed up with the heavy attire of women and the unbearable waist, and she opened a shop in Kings Road with her husband, "bazzer", and sold their design-free mini-skirts and even skirts, Do not deliberately squeeze or shape the female figure curve, put on it light and brisk.

A fan of your dress. Mary Quant doesn't think she invented the miniskirt, "I'm part of the trend, it's brewing, I'm just involved." 」

It was an era of physical emancipation and autonomy, and it was the first time that compound oral contraceptives had been approved for use.

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In the fashion of the street, Ono also walked in, she and Lennon in 1969 wedding photo, Yoko wearing a multi-level white crepe silk skirt, white stockings, white canvas shoes, save the complex and thick white yarn, playful but also free, the picture of how happy the son, her joy and her wearing white as pure.

But she still retains her primary colors, in the popular neat short hair and Boberto in the 60 years, the Yang son scattered shawl hair, with a big hat broad white dome visor, White is still black under the wild.

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Two famous action 〈bed-in〉, she and companion Lennon together in white pajamas. If White is about peace, about love, Black is power and ego.

December 8, 1980, New York's own door of a gun, will be the life of the son of a sudden, divided: Since then, there are Lennon annals, and no Lennon of the annals.

After Lennon left, the world's memories, the Yankees more often wearing a black-style suit, wearing a black English bowler hat, the petite body wrapped up in black, which makes her look full of energy and explosive.

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One of her most famous works, Painting to is stepped on (1960), was to throw a black canvas on the ground, which had been trampled on by many footprints and transformed into art. In an interview, she recalled her life from the work, "many things happen without warning, and step on my life, and there is no guidebook to teach me how to do it, but I survived and walked by one day." 」

She took her son, smiled and survived the great changes in life, perhaps few people than more than 80 years old than the Yankees more suitable for wearing a black motorcycle leather jacket, she is through the life of the storm, the lightning came to the handsome female knight.

But the Yankees still yearn to spend the 1970 years with Lennon, until today, we can still see from the dress of her nostalgia for the 1970 years.

Although the 1970 's is not as sharp as the 60 or 80, but there is still a fashion heritage belonging to the era, horn pants set (flared Pant suit/flared trouser Suit) is one of them.

Bellbottoms set is characterized by the upper body length of the hips, a little waist, the lower body for the 70 's unique "high waist bellbottoms", the pants-type horn began in the thigh, compared to the 80 's exaggerated disco style, the 70 's horn is smaller.

Present straight A-line line horn pants type, the appearance looks like the spirit is also stiff, although the woman's legs are covered, but also for the body to leave room, cloth occasionally touch the skin, but also maintain the tenderness of breathing.

Wearing the clothes of the body still have memory, Yang Zi will own body into the 1970 's time, let the skin and material for her review, in the era of love bright, warm in the body and cloth wear and faded those physical memory, Lennon always with her together.


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