"Relationship Diary" is the next step in the single diary , there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. Shagao Love Self is also forthright, in love the deepest moral is love when wild, do not love when walking the natural and unrestrained.

The Shagao, the gifted Maiden, the charming devil.

At the age of 19, she published the Bonjour Tristess, the first person to write, like the autobiography of a Girl, the pages of a bromoisovanillic, in the literary world fame Big Noise. The first work she said Clearly, love, I will always be a girl, profligate and capricious, there is a love, is only for their own sake.

She was addicted to reading, loved Kamui and Saudi Arabia, she wrote no why, no great attempt to write. A wealthy family, Shagao write the middle class is in place, the waves throw the daughter, carefree, since the pet drowned, but feel lonely and riddled with holes. Her writing, at first glance, was in vain, but pointed to the void behind it, the material life, and love. (Recommended reading: Love You is my own business!) From Shagao to Chanel's atypical love quotes collection )

22 years old, she began the long journey of love, she married the "Day of Melancholy" publishers, divorce in the coming year, hindsight is love jokes; four years later remarried, this time to pick a sculptor, born a child, the next year to divorce; Shagao taste love, and then, after the day, she and three lovers live together, beautiful fashion designer Peggy Roche, Playboy's editor Annick Geille, writer's boyfriend Bernard Frank, French President Mitterrand knocks on the door, they have the only thing in common-they all love Shagao.

Who Does Shagao love? The only certainty was that she loved a famous car, and she bought the Jaguar XK 140 convertible for the royalty, especially the barefoot racing car.

Perhaps in her case, love is the way forward, farewell to the landscape, to love itself metaphor lost, goodbye passing body, goodbye to the former lovers, hands steering wheel, on the road, Love again, in short you have my 22-year-old young astringent love.

Love is determined not to stop in situ, love is not tolerant tolerance, so hard to do what, love is the pursuit of happiness means. You know, there is no eternal love, only the constant love of their own, so that their happiness, is the only moral.

"Love, let a person free from loneliness, and the wise man can not live without love, is the real sorrow." Shagao with short hair, said in a smoke ring.

In the eyes of others, Shagao is too charming girl, too default mother, too arrogant lover, can Shagao life not to who account, she live self-willed, lost lattice, she only please herself happy. Life is Shagao chips, to gamble on another love, scale grip in their own hands. (Recommended reading:"relational diary" Coco Chanel and her lover: Find a man who can afford me )

Love is like a wonderful disease, it would be shameful not to suffer from this disease.

Francis Shah Gang

If love is sick, I will yibingbuqi. Shagao finally left the French grammar with good adjectives, saganesque, strange, rebellious, loving. The same is true of the Shagao-style love.