"Relationship Diary" is the next step in the single diary , there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. The Sex Pistol bass player Sid and his lover Nancy, they love the violent gentle, the alcohol is hard to understand the hot. Love in the young, love in Britain during the Great Depression of the 70, there was an affair that would rather crash than mediocrity.

"We have the deed of death, I have to keep my promise, please bury me beside the people I love, along with my leather jacket, jeans and motorcycle boots." Good bye! 」

He got up, the lover had a knife in his belly, the hotel was no other, he had just recovered from the effect, the universe changed, from her beloved lover became the suspect. No girl's days after three months, he from prison, into life, this is hell. He let an overdose of heroin lead him to find her.

This is the story of Sid and Nancy.

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You all like this story, persistent lover's decadent and splendid. You like his finger. The smell of British tobacco, the Taiwan wet sticky rainy season of love into the British lazy, he favored you edgy hair, very not tame the meaning of the sophisticated. Your young love is like Sex pistols roaring "No Future,no Future", 〈god Save the queen〉 the same name a hymn of the British Queen, the punk band translated into Rotten fascism. Break the order, destroy the ebb and fall, you believe this moment than the future, young love is dangerous, and only you can be my danger my overthrow my failure.

You said, he turned you into such a person: "But I am just me, no longer us." "He seems to want you to become a person of flesh and blood, you have been very curious, why a person can change the shape of your body, and left as if not through the general." You feel that your uterus is no longer a womb, but a place to receive the joy and tear of Pandora, you feel edgy hair more limp, no strength to resist the violent love.

You hate his addiction to alcohol, but like him after a spoiled brat, you hate him in a group of girls confident smile, but that is your first obsession with his appearance. You think you are the salvation of the South West, like Sid's nanny, make up for an injured boy's childhood regret.

You feel like you're being killed by Sid, or by the sprites of love. People go far, there are seven soul six souls scattered on the way you walk, he is your SID, childish like to occupy a complete castle girls, crazy sick of the obsession of the smell of every detail of your body odor.

But you are not his South West.

If you can, you'd rather be in the present to be the South West under the knife. Whether it's being killed or blocked. At least this person is all love you. Sid gave Nancy a poem:

Were my little baby girl
And I knew all your fears
Such joy to hold your in my arms
And kiss Away Your Tears
But Now ' re gone
There ' s only pain and no I can do
and I don ' t want to live this life
If I can ' t live for you

You are looking forward to such a relationship, not SID kidnapped you, is your fearless and fear of the narrow hold him. Love does not have flowers chocolate, you use pain to verify love, no one else, do not have to arrive in the future, because you are young, also because you are only young. You are each other's purgatory, demon, Curse, graveyard. There is pain in his joy, and there is sorrows in your sigh.

Sid hung a lock necklace on the South West Neck. Nancy asked, "Where's the key?" 」

Sid's evil laugh, like a wolf and a moon: No key at all.