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Saint-Ferming, they bathe in the naked body of red powder: "The struggle will continue, not to let them die in silence." 」

According to the Noticiasdenavarra , animanaturalis and PETA, a member of the Animal protection organization, took to the streets in black shorts on July 5, the first two days before the Spanish tradition of the festival of Saint-Ferming. No men and women naked, in front of the chest and belly in various languages written: "stop Bull fights" (translation: Stop bullfighting) words. The protest, the participants wearing false horn, high hands, in the air of red powder, scattered powder will dye the whole square, as if full of blood.

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Every year before the San Ferming festival, there will always be a group of activists taking to the streets, protests in the activities of cattle and bullfighting, until today's protest activities, are to arouse public concern about the rights of animals, arouse the community to give basic respect for life. AnimaNaturalis in charge of the ancient tradition of bullfighting Aida Gascon issued a statement: "This city, starting tomorrow, will have more than 50 bulls died of torture." They will be persecuted and led by the crowd to the ring-the square full of shame, and the last few minutes of life will be filled with pain and torment. 」

"We know we will not be able to stop them from dying, but the struggle will continue and we will not let them die in silence," he said. 」

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Silvia Rubio , an animal conservation organization AnimaNaturalis , also wrote a protest on the Web site, saying that many people still question their protest, saying they do not respect history and don't value tradition, But she still believed that she was doing the right thing, to liberate the animals in the future, let the world see the animal's dignity and the value of life, the struggle will continue, the article finally, she lightly said: After seven hours of rushing back home has been exhausted, but believe that the process of abolishing bullfighting, today than yesterday a little closer.

The Saint-Ferming Festival (San Fermín), which originated in 12th century and held every July 7, is a traditional celebration of the city of Pamplona, Spain,
The famous novelist Hemingway's book, "The Sun rises as usual". Festive celebrations include running cows, bullfighting, dance shows and concerts,
So far, a lot of people have died because of the accident.


Choose the goodwill of your faith! A street experiment that allows you to see the exploited figure in fast fashion

In the 2016, a non-profit organization "Fashion revolution" launched a shocking social experiment, challenged people to rethink the day-to-day shopping behavior, let society see the rapid fashion behind the exploitation of the figure.

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The social experiment also won the Red Dot Award in 2016 for the "Red Dots" design award, they set up vending machines on the streets of Berlin, selling only 2 euros (about 2.19 dollars) of T-shirts, and when consumers put in a coin, a video, only a 20-second clip, shows a real record of the labor force exploited behind the fashion industry. , they work around the clock, most of them poor women or child labourers, working at least 16 hours a day, but with very low wages.

After the film is finished, the screen will jump out a choice question: Will you buy a T-shirt, or choose to donate 2 euros just dropped?

The results of the experiment, more than 90% people will choose to donate. When the public understand the moral issues behind the rapid industry, see the social gap in the figure, most willing to press the donation button, to change the status of society to make some changes.

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This video was released on April 24, 2016, the Fashion Revolution Day. The day commemorates the collapse of the country's Rana Plaza in 2013, creating a historic event that killed more than 1000 workers in unsafe conditions for American-branded clothing. Until 2017, the non-profit organization "Fashion Revolution" (fashionrevolution) still focused on the problem of labor exploitation behind the rapid fashion, expecting the public to further understand the industrial structure and join the ranks of the fashion revolution.

Rejoicing for the affirmative! Comrade London Parade, Taiwan Study Group: "Taiwan, the first through the marriage of Asian countries"

According to the "Taipeitimes ", July 8, British London held a grand gay parade (Pride in London), the Taiwanese Community London tour student Community "London platform", this year organized 100 people to participate in the march, and hold Aloft "first COUNTRY in asia"slogans, declaring that Taiwan is about to become Asia's first country to achieve marriage parity.

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One of the members of the club said, because of the lack of significant progress in marriage equality during the march last year, the group took to the streets to appeal to the Government to enact legislation to make marriage affirmative, but this year it took a big leap forward, and this time they took to the streets, mainly celebrating the great achievements of Taiwan in the same marriage movement, Also produced a video that supports marital equality. A British man named Kay and his Taiwanese partner Ahan said they would return to Taiwan to register their marriage after the law came into effect.

The London gay Parade, which originated in 1972 and attracts more than hundreds of thousands of people each year, is London's biggest one-day parade, along the route of London's busiest Soho (Soho), Trafalgar Square and so on. More than 26,000 people attended this year, onlookers more, the whole of London for the affirmative movement contracted a hot atmosphere, along the way the store and many government agencies are hanging rainbow flag, even Google Maps parade path to mark the rainbow color.

The parade also attracted a wide range of British groups, companies and organizations, including Facebook, Walt Disney, the British Parliament, the London Police Service, the Muslim LGBT community, and the Post Office and Fire Department.

Girl, you can live yourself! Saudi Arabia opens women's physical education to empower women to exercise autonomy

According to the Arabnews , the Saudi Ministry of Education (MoE) has approved the women's School's physical education programme from the coming year.

Minister of Education Ahmed · Issa (emmed Al-issa) issued a decree of July 12, which will begin the gradual implementation of the course in the 2017 school year to the 2018 school year. The policy, a 2030 Vision reform program, launched in 2016 to improve the status of at least one per week for a population of only 13%, aims to raise it to 40%, increasing life expectancy from 74 to 80 and improving the National Health index.

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"I am very pleased with this decree, which is a historic day for all the girls in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," said Lina Almaeena, a member of the Shoura Council. "In the past, Saudi women had to cover their hair and body in public and not be exposed to public nudity because of the social and Islamic teachings of Saudi Arabia," he said.

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These restrictions have also led some conservatives to object to women's sport, thinking that sport violates the "nature" of women, and that engaging in sports makes girls develop muscles that look like men. Hatoon Al-fassi, a Saudi Arabian scholar who studies women's history, said: "These traditional ideas and patriarchal limitations come from the idea of protecting women's femininity." "She and other women's rights activists also praised this policy, new possibilities for girls in Saudi Arabia, Ms. Fassi said:" This decision is particularly important for public schools, giving girls the opportunity to build up their physical autonomy, to regain their own body, to learn to live healthily and to engage in the sport they love. " 」

The introduction of a physical education course at a women's school in Saudi Arabia also empowers girls to have more opportunities to explore their bodies, take back their physical autonomy and develop the imagination of girls to engage in sports.