"Relationship Diary", there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. "Boys turn to adults" to talk about the life of naïve boys, but also talk about women's perseverance, read Huaihui and Changhui relationship, love a let you feel home people.

You carry a baggage, go for love, leave the original family. Always hope to find a person like home, to avoid the occasional life of wind and rain. They say you are silly, to live like Duckweed, others like the other half of the success of the other, you prefer nothing to him. Lu Snake Waste curtilage, the society on your body stickers, you deviant, love without 罣.

Nothing, he has only one to defend your heart, but his love is not publicized, like the sail, to undertake the alarming wind, stable support you to the sea.

To love, to hate, is the most powerful weapon of flower-Hui, the best friend to resist, to find life. She loved a person who was similar to her on the life lines, and they had tattoos that were also close to the left atrium, and she understood that there was a wound under his healing wounds, so a big man, shedding tears in front of her, let her detect his most vulnerable parts. He and she filmed a scene of the wedding, in front of the fairy tale, love their daily necessities.

Young love, madly willing to stray for you, come again, because of love, you know how to go home, like Changhui to leave the roots of the Huaihui sent home, with her repair long illness of the family wounds, love is indomitable, is also frequently looking back, but also can cherish the fundamental.

Changhui If really sick, serious is not cancer, but I was too sick to put you down. Huaihui Changhui from the boy love to the man, he likes her, like to think than she turned first. The person who turns first is always more painful. Shaved his head off, cut cancer dog gnawing type of Chito, while crying and shaving, like a monk, like a freshman, like the contract before reincarnation, like: "I am ready to send away you, you a net white, well-deserved, carefree to leave, the road in front, you do not be afraid."

Their lowly love, very humble, only a piece of paper ring, not fetters lifelong, is to Flower hui remember: you like my hand-painted paper ring, unique. Love is still a very stingy thing, why? Why win all the blessings? Even if the whole world does not agree, they still want to be together, love does not need applause, just need your eyes.

Love is, will hurt, will be old, will die, but Changhui will remember Huaihui for his stubborn tears to hold together the facial features, Flower Hui will remember Changhui before leaving exhausted strength to laugh out the difficulty.

There is a parting, divided is the heaven and the man forever, but you do not regret, because love to the end. When you think of him, you suddenly feel that you have met, as if only for a long life, you can think of him, feel loved by the world.

"I am waiting for you on our planet." 」

He is gone, to a place where there is no need to suffer pain, you smile out from the bottom of your heart, at that moment, you have a very subtle trembling, throbbing, gentle, with him.

The next lifetime, the tattoo must have disappeared, but you will not from the corner of the eye smile, know each other's body code. Again through his back bone, through his sadness, arrived in his heart.