From rock band Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington's death, see society is hidden sexually abused children figure, childhood sexual invasion embedded in their growth vein, reflect on how the community face the issue of sexual assault on children.

Rock band Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington died in his home in Southern California this morning, and the Los Angeles County coroner said the case would now be handled with suicide.

In a previous interview, Bennington admitted that he had a problem with drugs and alcohol addiction, he was 11 years old, he used cocaine from marijuana to amphetamines, and he wanted to paralyze his senses. There is an important reason he openly mentioned that he had been sexually abused for six years, "that happened when I was seven years old, he was my trusted elders, remembering that time, I still tremble. (Recommended reading: 20 common myths about male sexual assault victims: "You have a reaction that you want")

Delicate boy, hidden pain grew up, grow into a must alcoholism to be able to forget the adults, there are more shadows behind the pain. Chester Bennington's best friend, Chris Cornell, hanged himself this May, Chester Bennington chose his best friend's birthday July 20 to walk the same road and say good-bye to this miserable world. (Recommended reading: to accompany the suicide of you: "He wants to end not life, but pain")

He stepped past, 〈in the last sentence in the flesh, the end〉,

I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn ' t even matter.

The boy who can't make a sound: "I was afraid no one would believe me."

Chester Bennington The cause of suicide is complicated, sexually abused childhood experience is his heart winding demon, in 2014, he received a team of Rock interview revealed that

"I was about seven years old when I was eight and I was sexually abused, he was a friend who was a little older than me, he tempted me, he touched me, he violated my physical will, I did everything." He would hit me and force me to do the things I didn't want to do. It tore me up, I was afraid to say it, I was afraid people would think I was gay, or I was lying. 」

"To be honest, I can't remember how it started, but until now, whenever I thought I was so small, sexually abused, I was afraid to make a sound, I still tremble and fear." 」

Linkin Park Many of the songs touched on loss, fear, paranoia and madness, and someone once asked him how to figure these emotions, he shrugged, "try to figure out?" This is a part of me, this is me. "Sexually abused the boy's soul, he then sang Love and hate into music, 24 years old when he stood on stage, people said he was a rock star, there is a penetrating heart hoarse voice, he felt that most of the time but he tried to save his life."

He kept on writing and singing, but the injury did not spare him, in 2016, in an interview, he referred to his high medication, alcoholism aggravated, "I seem to have to choose to drink, or choose to die." 」

When the boy was young, not familiar with the language, still do not know how to resist, ability and experience are aphasia, a little older, he was more worried about the world more malicious after the noise-mother will not love me? Will dad not believe me? What would people think of me? Would people think I was dirty? Will people say it's my fault?

The brutal status of child sexual assault: a 1/5 chance

Bennington is not the only child who has grown up like this. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Welfare reports,

  • Each of the 5 girls had a child sexual assault victim, and every 20 boys had one child sexual assault victim.
  • Each year, 16% of adolescents (ages 14 to 17) have been subjected to sexual violence.
  • The age of 7 to 13 is the most vulnerable to sexual violence.

The Megan Act of the United States, "Sarah Act", "Jessica Bill" are in response to child sexual assault or even killings of the laws enacted, the state must establish sex offenders and harassment of child offenders files, notice the community, notify the family of underage children, to achieve the first level of prevention. (Recommended reading:"gender observation" Why our society is rich in "acquaintances sexually abused"? )

Child sexual assault, more for the family, familiar, household Neighbors, Finkelhor&lewis (1998) of the national male census showed that 4-17% respondents admitted having sexually harassed children. Briere&runtz (1989) Research on university students shows that 21% of the students surveyed will be sexually attracted to the children, and 7% said that if there is no legal sanction and public opinion, they will have sex with their children, the first level of prevention, it is difficult to enemy sexual aggressor deliberately designed.

According to the American Child Protection Association, most sexually abused children are unable to say what happened, for the following reasons,

  • Afraid of parents angry
  • Afraid no one believes in themselves
  • Fear of family breakdown
  • Fear of losing the victims to their own love and care, but also fear that the perpetrators will be punished or imprisoned
  • Fear of the threat of the attackers come true, such as will kill the family, or the photo exposure
  • The child is too young to discern Qian's behavior, without proper language description,
  • The child is ashamed, unable to speak out or guilty and feels that he or she is responsible for the involvement in the infringement process.
  • Child victims are often told not to talk about sexual matters.

In Taiwan, the 2016 data from the Ministry of Health and Blessings in Taiwan showed that the number of sexually abused persons was 8141, of whom 64% were under 18, and that the proportion of sexually abused was 74.6%, mostly within closed families. (Recommended reading: face sexual assault, must first see these 30 hidden truths )

Where can these children go to talk? In what language? Who's going to believe him?

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They spend a lifetime, deal with a time difficult, can not solve, had to solve their own

Many people feel that sexual assault is over, but it is not known that sexual assault victims often spend a lifetime dealing with a difficult time.

The experience of sexual aggression has a great influence on the cognition of physiology, mind, emotion and behavior, he is more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), and many people finally choose suicide because they cannot solve their problems and have to solve themselves.

"Don't think sex education is too early, because sexual assault is never too small for children." 」

We are bound to re-examine the existing educational situation, to promote better and more sound sex education, to allow children to acquire enough language to identify injuries, to know their own physical autonomy early, and to allow him to tell the truth at ease. With the pointers to sex education, children have the ability to identify the proper closeness of behavior, have the courage to refuse and resist, can tell themselves, it is not my fault. (Recommended reading: LadyGaga talks about post-traumatic trauma syndrome: Every day, I fight against myself )

We should of course not give the child the full responsibility-questioning the child's failure to protect himself, repeatedly accusing the child of "not being able to say it"; How does our society "develop" a sexual offender? How can a culture of rape be condoned or even encouraged? In fact, many sexual offenders are victims when they are young, and coercion is the only way he knows how to express intimacy, he replicates his own injury to another child, and we ask, how can we stop this vicious cycle?

In the face of structural problems, we also want to see the people inside the suffering, recovery is a long way to accompany them, catch them, do not let them fall into the black hole alone, Chester Bennington Sung 〈robot boy〉, now sounds like Elegy, And as his last blessing to the world, the weight of the earth will give you strength to move on.

And you ' re sure your ' ve hurt in a way
That no one would ever know
But someday the weight of the world
'll give you strength to go.