The package is an essential element of every girl's life, and it is a good helper that can bring your life to life, and it is also the most direct personal style.In the spring and summer season, the fashionable and lighted colors of bags and stamps are popular, followed by a printing rush. Next, you can demonstrate the style of the five spring and summer stamps and the garden of Alys Glam to make a small trip to the romantic part of the life!

Sister tips for the summer and younger sisters

wear a lively green dress with a lively green dress, a short version of the white blouse, and put on the most popular weal sandals in spring and summer.

Featured: Alys Glam UK Tabbed / 612m white snowspin

Casual weekend, enjoy a person's life

Cotton skirts, casual top, comfortable flat-bottomed shoes, camera, notebook, and cashier-card are packed into the compartment of the bag and take the summer garden to go out.Today, I only want to be myself; today, I have a day to go out with myself.

Featured: Alys Glam Summer Garden Classic Bag / Blossom Petals T-shirt

Fashion Party, 60 ’ s Classic Recurrence Recovery

High-waist fashion reproduces the fashion trend, and the printed silk top is matched with a saturated skirt with a high waist, and the foot is tied with thick bottom heels, and if it can be tied with a wide hair band, it will make the old 60's form a more complete form!Finally, don't forget to bring a bag that echoes styling and color-adjusted. This is the focus of today's party!

Featured: Alys Glam Summer Garden style tote bag / "

7crash, elegant week day

you want to ask what color works best for a woman who is mysterious and enchanted, it's a non-purple.Apart from the mystery of mystery, purple also gives people a sense of maturity. When they go to work, they want to be more mature and stable, and they don't want people to feel too serious, and a purple dress would be a very good choice!

Alys Glam English Field Wind Turnwork MMM brewning with a lightweight cotton sundress a comfortable light-coloured cotton sundress, a relaxed, comfortable, low-heel jacket, and a relaxed little sandal with an English Garden breath, and a little green, fresh, gentle breeze.

Alys Glam English Garden Style Close Package / Dream Culture white

Every day life is full of fresh, romantic and possible, exploring the romantic travel of everyday life!

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