Father's Day, there is a kind of father is always frustrated, they have money to have a house, but not be loved feeling. Sugar Daddy Trading intimate relationships from young girls, old men also have a lonely heart. Take a look at the new mode of engagement--the hottest industry for college students in America and Canada--to be an old man's date.

Have you ever heard of Sugar Daddy? Male and female relations, say not father and daughter is lover? The United States of America, the Rise of Sugar heart daddy and Sugar Heart baby, high age men pay, care and love young girls.

"VICE" through the dating site seeking arrangement reported a lot of sugar heart father and daughter story, the film Brandon said: "I want to help Jenna pay her tuition, I get the return is a beautiful girl a lot of time, a wonderful girlfriend." 」

The girl Jenna provides Brandon the following services: "I help him choose clothes, dress up, we go shopping together." Reporter asked, "Sex" is also one of the services? The girl replied: "Of course, if you want a typical imagination, it's like a relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend." 」

The site now has more than 4 million users, who show their seniority, possessions and social status to attract girls.

What's wrong with Sugar Daddy? Girl Please Love Me

A lot of people wonder why these sugar-heart dads are looking for "such a young girl"? Brandon replied: "My personality is very shy, do not have a girlfriend, as a child my mother always told me:" You just focus on the study is enough, do not worry about the girl, as long as you succeed, girls at their fingertips. " "brandon thinks many young girls want to live a life like Kim Kardashian:" The best way is to find a man who has the money to succeed. " "brandon in Jenna practice love steps: Accompany the girlfriend on the salon, pick tie, dining etiquette .... (Recommended reading:"love big things" reflect "pursuit of culture", rejected why see serious )

The film Sugar Baby Lina has five Suger Daddy, she talked about the favorite daddy: "I like this daddy, because he is very handsome, worth more than 1 million." "This relationship is more honest than love, and I don't care what Lian do when I'm not around, because I don't care," he said, Suger Daddy Chris and Lina have a "contractual relationship." "Their relationship is very special, this pair of sugar heart father and daughter do not go to bed do not have sex." "Once almost happened, but I restrained myself because I knew this emotional emotion would not be what I wanted." What does "chris want? He would rent an apartment, share a holiday afternoon with Lina, Lina would massage Chris, relax and drink red wine with them.

Some daddy wants is to be adored by the feeling of being depended on, like Brandon don't know how to associate only knows to make money. He practiced "How to be a gentleman" and "How to impress girls" on young girls, and those moms said they didn't have to learn to be intimate, and Sugar Baby was one by one to teach him like a simulation girlfriend. Brandon is clearly not ready for an intimate relationship with a condition that is manly, caring for the woman, and based on money.

There is also a kind of intimate relationship between dad and Chris, what else can a married man have to do with a woman besides going to bed? They buy women's caring, feminine temperament, and feelings of being cared for. New York has developed textbooks for this new form of relationship, discovering that the most important elements of sugar-heart relationships are: Understanding, generosity, attractiveness, reciprocity, sex. Simulation Love is the most important thing is "to seek consensus, to enter into a contract," is both camouflage and honesty.

Why middle-aged men and dads especially need the care of young women This is very interesting, "sugar Heart Dad" is a sense of honor and chivalry performance, or man Second Life practice. Many men in the middle age of family life can not find the sense of existence and dignity, young women awaken his desire and "manly". In addition, there are men to make up for "emotional defects", they do not necessarily need love, but need to care and the same, need someone will not violate their own field of spending an afternoon, with money to set the boundaries of the feelings for the rich man, seems more reliable than love. This purposeful intimacy breaks the triple element of romantic love: passion, intimacy, commitment. Relationship becomes a kind of resource exchange, there is no "myth of Love". (same field Gayon:"manly" and "the length of the wind" has nothing to do!) A gender discussion invitation to men

Sugar Baby What's wrong? Is it okay to be in love?

Of course, and not only the father and daughter, a lot of mummy and son, father and son relationship is also in the development, no matter who, they do not say that package, for the Sugar Heart Group, the most important thing is to establish a "dating" process.

"sugar babies is not all about sex, although ultimately it is in this direction, but you do not need to do things you do not like. 」

Sugar Baby is the origin of Canadian and American college students in response to the high tuition of cultural products, ethnic groups played a major female students, their relationship is very much like business partners, Dad to give money, female students to provide companionship. They may go on vacation, have dinner and watch the national team. Sugar Baby certainly bear a lot of infamy: materialization of women, selling the body, is a call girl, good foot not to work. These words for the "sex industry" rough women divided into good women, bad women: sex as a means of women are very dirty. Or another view, is that for women in the "power" because of money to the "man", the stereotype between the baby and the father of the oppression of the lower "no right to choose the bottom women."

It is also interesting to discuss that these sugar-heart babes may be feminists (WHY SUGAR babies ARE feminists). The reason is that they actively choose their own way of life, and dynamic through education to promote women's knowledge, in addition, they "price" their own emotional labor, the considerate, gentle, intimate all cash.

Sugar Baby Jeanemarie Almulla once said: "I was dumped by my husband and became Sugar Baby, and hundreds of people in Miami found me attractive, took me out to dinner and wanted to help my life." I'm not working hard, I'm a smart worker. 」

The question mark left by feminism for daddy and Girl

Is the use of sex trade empowering yourself to be a feminist? Or a copy of the class?

In the constant metamorphosis of intimacy, the boys in the family and on the campus who are not in love with each other are wondering if sugar-heart relationships could become an important practice tool for men in later dating times. Girls think, negative temperament can become a service? Can emotional labor be the value of redemption?

Girls in the process of continuous duplication of emotional labor, whether indirect deepening of women is to be loved by men, loved, protected, by a good car transfer of the stereotype value? (Extended reading: housekeeping, false orgasm, smile service: Emotional labor is not a woman's gift )

Whether the girl betrayed the body or the high education betrayed the girl. Feminism has long argued that women should be free economic subjects to choose for themselves and engage in sex work with women because there is no room for choice. With the rise of a new intimate industry like cloud lovers, rent lovers, Sugar Baby, is there really a freedom of choice behind the banner of "Free choice"? What kind of cultural background does a man grow up to not be true in love and must get a sense of intimacy from technology? In what social class is the woman willing to use "emotion" as the bargaining chip and relative power to exchange resources?

Who is entitled to assert that Sugar Baby is a good girl or a bad girl?

There may be more than one solution to the question of feminism, and we must have the ability to accept more choices, to question choices, to respect choices, not to hurt others, not to abandon ourselves.

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Sugar Baby has skipped the sex discussion of "who pays for dinner" and said, "What do you think?" That is, a lot of resources, the old man pay "is also bold." I leave a lot of questions to myself, is it possible that more meta intimacy may break the conditions of "complete love and romantic love", allowing women to choose to be a woman to trade playing with love? Do we have a chance to talk about an intimate relationship between "anti-love, commitment-free"?

No matter what the answer is, from the interaction between Daddy and girl, at least we understand that in the popular imagination of heterosexual relationships, there is a loss of gender: The dads who look forward to being tenderly embraced, and the girls who crave emotional labor in relationships.