Every Friday [If you think] series, when don't you just do it? The temperature of living has been restored, there are patterns, and five of them are recommended for download by the quality of life APP.

Give you a proposal for quality of life.

The texture is a person who doesn't need to speak without words. Before the opening, the temperament that you emit has already explained everything.

Your present temperament, the path you walk through, the books you've read, the loved one.


When was the last time you used to?Look at yourself, aren't you going to get yourself out of the way without paying attention?

If you want to get rid of the unchangeable and undesired days of life, recommend your five life apps, and restore your beauty and expectations.

Let's live together, a good day.

If You want to Account: Accounting City

As a small group of people, the first step in the freedom to own wealth is to clarify the behavior of their own consumption.Booking is the best way to understand your own consumption habits.

fourdesire is good at becoming an interesting adventurer through app-making little things that don't look good in their lives.With the app gamification, billing is no longer a trivial thing, but rather the ability to understand the meaning and pleasures of accumulation by building a city step by step.(Recommended you see: Small women's money management class: Where are your money?The bookings are not )

It's a little bit like a billboard simulation, and every consumer record turns into a building, and it helps you figure out how much it costs, and you can sneak up to see what other people's cities look like.

Do you want to know what your city looks like?Download the app and expand the fun billing journey!

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If you want to read: Women's Daily News

If you haven't downloaded it yet, don't miss out on the growth reading app tailored for you! If you haven't updated it yet, go to the new reading experience that women are designing for you.

From 'Women's' to the Women's Daily , it's a woman fan who wants to give you a better reading experience, to accompany you, and to cheer you up.

The New Woman's Daily News will recommend more than seven good articles per day, depending on your preference.More specifically, the Gold and Chart Analytics capabilities allow you to take your favorite sentences anywhere and anytime, and you can clearly know that you've spent so much time making changes to your own.

And all this change is going to be to go along with you!

If you want to record an image: VUE

The video editor is a VSCO cam that is comparable to the film app.

addition to the simple and simple interface, the reason for not being released is that from a square that matches Instagram to a motion picture of 16: 9, there is a filter that is filled with poetry and a poem that makes you finish the film and write a poem about life.

In addition to the beauty glasses, the app also has music with different truckers, and the app lets you choose.

Let's make a life history documentary that belongs to ourselves!The character of life in your life is your opponent's play, and there is no reversion to it. It is now being shown.(Recommended reading: "They take the mirror, tell their story to flip the gypsy image" )

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If you want to walk in nature: color

I occasionally want to leave the computer, walk in and feel the breeze and the grass, and recommend that you recognize the app of the plant.

Just take a picture of the plant, recognize its variety and name in almost a second, and attach poems and stories about plants, and let you know more about the plants in front of you.(Recommended you: First raise a lot of meat plants!of the Office's Therapeutic Guide )

Interestingly, in addition to making plants, you have the ability to take pictures, and it's going to tell you the most similar stories of plants and flowers based on your pictures.

Are you ready to meet your own language?

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If you want to move: Nike + Run Club

If you look at the [Miss Sport] series, you will know that women are always encouraging people to know themselves and surpass themselves in sports.

This running app can accumulate, track running miles, and share what you've done to your friends.The surprise is that you can tailor your training schedule to your goals, so that you can achieve your goals in terms of your level and pace.

In addition, you can add a movement-related mapping to the photo record, so that every day of your movement is more interesting.Let's find ourselves a better one in the movement!(Recommended reading: [Miss Sport] We're just ourselves, it's good enough )

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If you don't you just do it?

distance from the point of thumb, pull away from the details of others' lives, why not?