The cover of the Time Magazine last week has sparked a worldwide debate, and the photographer Martin Schoeller, a photographer, has sparked a society's discussion of how to "nurture breast-feeding".

The concept of feeding breast milk is developed from the psychological "attachment theory", which was raised by the couple Yukon Wisiers in the "The Baby Book".The attachment theory emphasizes that intimate contact, acute and immediate response to the child's needs can lead to the creation of an invisible emotional connection between the mother and the child, making it possible for children to develop healthy human interpersonal skills and social emotional adjustment.So the Intimacy is a way to emphasize how motherhood is suckling through breastfeeding, sleeping together, or even at anytime, anywhere, children.

“ I don't feel that breast feeding is immoral, I'm not shy ” --- Jamie

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“ Interestingly, the women who asked for breastfeeding were not writing to ask the clothing factory to withdraw their advertisements.” --- Dionna

“ I never thought about when to stop breastfeeding.For us, this is a philosophy of life.” --- Jessica

But breast-feeding is still controversial and unyielding in the space design of the present city.This series of photographs is precisely the one that hopes to arouse the public's attention to the challenges and rights that feed them. Every woman has a way to educate and take care of their children, and feeding them is a very difficult and courageous thing to do.

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