Because of feeling, so come forward to make a change. The Second Sex Hacking workshop teaches you to do field operations using Python to write line bot and change the world before making yourself a change!

To plant the seeds of sex together in our hearts.

Perhaps you think the word "gender" is far away, in fact it exists in the life of you and me. This is what women fans have been trying to promote, we expect everyone to be free to do what they like, from the online regular "Gender Watch" column to the offline #CodeforGender sex hacker pine, in order to put the seeds of gender consciousness into everyone's heart, waiting for the time to come, it will germinate and thrive.

I felt that last year, the sex hacker loose received everyone's questions:

"I would like to participate in the event but not write code how to do?" 」

"Can't write a program to participate?" Will there be no contribution? 」

So female fans decide that before everyone becomes the hacker of the world, take your sleeves up and change from the original place--yourself, so plan a series of workshops related to the program, so that you can experience the fun of learning to write programs. (First: "Live hit" "because of countless mistakes, so become a powerful engineer" Day sex hacker workshop )

Last time we took you to the Ruby language, this is Python. This is the program language developed by the engineer, so it has simple, elegant, understood features, it is very suitable for beginners to learn. Like English is the international language, Python is the same in technology, Pyhon can help you simplify trivial tasks, especially web data crawl, but also can make huge data data into simple understood data graph, this is the charm of Python.

The workshop's partner,--pyladies, is a group of volunteers who love Python, devoted to the promotion of women learning the Python language, the instructor Mars is a Python senior engineer, through two days of workshop teaching, Mars in a very simple and understandable way, To lead everyone to write their own line BOT robot, the participants were all praised the simple and easy to understand the teaching, so that they easily across Python's threshold.

Line bot is in our lives.

On the first day Mars took the novice participants from zero to a slowly building up the environment, string line service, the next day is advanced course, teach you to map positioning as an example, from the network crawl map coordinates data down, set up their own database, you do not have to hard a stroke of input. Watching everyone in front of the computer frowned on the keyboard, and sometimes raise hands to ask questions, and sometimes look at the mobile phone line BOT, feel the time suddenly slowed down, the atmosphere is very quiet, sitting in the position of everyone has to want to understand the process of determination, really lovely.

Line BOT can actually be very close to our life, like a very red before, reply to the content is very inexplicable "Camille Dog" chat robot, or have a line account of the store or the public sector, as long as the finger input keyword can be sent back to your relevant information or location, or even help you use the Call function to dial out the phone.

In addition to chatting to close the distance can also return coordinates location, real-time information (such as exchange rate), the completion of purchase services, etc., which is why #CodeforGender to hold a line BOT as the theme of the workshop, simple programming language, plus ingenuity, perhaps in life, It's not so great to have the knowledge and even the legal assistance to provide more gender issues. (same field Gayon: from AI artificial intelligence to sexual violence Referral System optimization!) Asia's first sexual violence prevention Hacker Pine )

The end is just a new beginning

Mars mentions that writing line BOT just provides tools or assistance, and really wants a chat robot to be launched from scratch for everyone to use, the following steps are required:

  • Situational observation
  • Questions to think about
  • Process Design
  • System implementation
  • Test modifications
  • Online

Just like a product, to let everyone use, need to look through, from the user point of view to find the real problem, and then solve, here today, just teach you how to build this tool, the previous process of thinking or need to rely on their own thinking carefully. (Recommend you:"designer observation notes" before criticizing Nie Yongjin's presidential commemorative stamps, have you ever heard of design thinking?) )

At the end of the Demo, you share your own line BOT works and participate in the experience. Someone has done the line PAY as the theme of the robot, because online payment binding credit card, through the reminder, you can grasp the number of discount card.

The participants came from all directions, students, working workers who wanted to switch runways, and so on, and they all had a common interest in learning to write programs, and wanted to try it out for themselves. In particular, this is also an opportunity for the male minority to participate in the Pyladies event, as usually Pyladie workshops are restricted to girls! After the end, I seize the time, interview the people in the scene, we have said that this learning to write line BOT experience more simple and understandable than the imagination! (Recommended you see:"Live direct hit" Without professional background can also write programs!) From zero to one to create their own playground )

I think it is very difficult to participate in pyladies activities, because usually only girls can participate. Although I've learned a little bit of Python before, I think it's clear to hear a Mars explanation!


I feel very clear about what the teacher said! Although I have not learned to write a program before, but after this course, have felt the edge of the feeling!

--Book Dimension

Participants Joannie that the two-time course, never to learn to write a program, through simple practice can do the finished product, bring her great confidence. Thank you very much, woman. A workshop that can be combined with gender issues.

After the event, we took a photo together, watching everyone because the whole day to study and look satisfied with a little tired face, I think this activity is worth it! I believe the end of this workshop is just the beginning, after all, learning procedures and gender awareness of this road, but also a long time, but as long as a group of people, can go far together.