Every Friday "If you Want" series, if you have desire, Why don ' t you just do it? Find a secret base in the city, recommend you five cities corner, let you off guard, face life, occasionally weak is a must.

Taipei is not Tokyo, not London, not New York, the real life is never the other side, Taipei is Taipei.

"100 Reasons to live in Taipei"

How to remember the generation that belongs to you?

You pull yourself from your growing home, throw yourself into the big city of colorful, and all dazzle and confusion, where should you go? Where do you plant yourself again?

You drag your bags and step off the train, the scene is not like home, people in the city, the pace of rush, busy days who did not leave some soft to each other; you have a hot dream, such as street glare, you excitedly to the city to show your dreams, pedestrians hurried, less people stop, listen to your desire.

1998 five young people of 20-somethings-Ma Shifang, Xu Yunbin, Yaurui, Chen Guangda, Huangwei, published a magazine for Taipei, "100 Reasons to Live in Taipei", and they have the same dream of living in the north of Taiwan, 20 years of age of confusion they have experienced (perhaps still experience) , when the city is inferior to the ideal, the life is askew, they write down 100 reasons for their survival in Taipei, remember their generation of Taipei and youth, find the city, can let them insist on survival of the corner.

If you want to find a secret base in the city, escape from the bustle and find yourself, recommend you five cities corner, go to those secret bases to remove your defenses, cry and laugh sometimes limp like mud, face life, occasionally weak is a must.

Treasures Rock, the sharp jobs coffee: pulls away from oneself, overlooks the city noisy

Located in the bustling Mansion shopping district, the treasure rock inside the sharp jobs coffee, a kind of detached from the busy quiet. In this you can climb the second floor and the floor of the tatami lets you sit or lie down and relax yourself. Looking out the window on the bridge of the bustling car, people still for the busy night of life, you here, have to listen to their own time. (Recommended reading:"If you want to" solo drinking: Enjoy the five private bars alone )

Pointed jobs coffee has been posted on the face book page of this text, dedicated to live together in life, screaming and striving upwards of you:

Mustard Ryunosuke in the short fable "Frog" described, the excessive expansion of the frog, the world is the frog, and we are just a small tadpole, in the face of pressure will still scream, although now we are insignificant, but we will be very hard to grow up.

If you want to listen to yourself, recommend you: sharp Jobs Coffee | wine | Discovery Canteen

Address | No. 57th, 230 Lane, three Tingzhou Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, China (treasure Rock art Village)
Phone number | (02) 2369 2050
Business Hours |
周一、二 sabbatical
周三、四, five: 14:00–21:00
Week Six Sunday: 11:00–21:00

Yanping Riverside Park: Slow down and embrace the different views of Taipei

Located in the Yanping Riverside Park, along the direction of the wind blowing, walking along the river bank walk, spend a day, here to see the appearance of the different Taipei, when the sun rise, you will find that the original Taipei sky is so blue and wide, when the sunset, watching the glow of the clouds reflected in the yellow magic orange color, Behind the huge Taipei words, this moment you feel huge, has been trying to go on, there will always be a day to have their own magical moment.

Feel lost and annoyed, slow down to force their own growth footsteps, go to Yanping Riverside Park and see a different Taipei, pull yourself off with a hurried city, look at the big city in a softer, slower way, it occasionally chokes you up, and more often, you struggle to grow into a better self.

If you want to catch your breath, recommend you: Yanping Riverside Park

Traffic Mode |

1. By MRT to Grand Station, to exit 2nd, transfer to Ubike, follow Google map positioning in the "Di Leisure Sports Park"
2. By MRT to the Grand bridgehead station, to exit 2nd, Ubike, followed by Google Map located in the "Yanping Riverside Park"

Have meat succulent & Gift: Create your city green, give life to the romantic meat

Close to the eastern side of Taipei, a quiet lane of the four-dimensional road, a shop full of green plants, dotted with city views. Into Have meat "meat plant stores, feel the small beauty of life, the sun shines on every unique fleshy plant, in the city, we learn to plant with the general, deep breaths of photosynthesis, escape into the town of small oasis, for their own days to leave some time, dialogue with themselves, absorb the romantic life of poetry, the line release pressure of photosynthesis 。

After work, do not skimp on a period of time to enter the plant stores, pick a lovely fleshy plant with their own, Xu himself to regain the romance of life!

If you want to regain romance, recommend you: have meat succulent & Gift

Address |
No. 76 Lane 19th, Daan District Four-dimensional road, Taipei, 1F
Telephone |
02 2701 7257
Business Hours |
Monday to Sunday 11:00-21:00

Parkup Gouting: Grow again big, still want willful keep pure

Parkup Gouting, in the lane of Heping East Road, as a result of the Parkup brand space transformation case, by Plan B group of the state-owned property department management of a 100 square meters of idle open space, will be divided into three areas of the whole, depending on the use of different can be used independently or linked to each other, playing the city's amusement base. Come to full of childlike sense of parkup Gouting, here to find you play the childlike innocence, even if the long, we still want to remain in the city willful innocence. (Recommended reading:"If you want to" Solo Travel: Three Taiwan secret territory, self-willed to leave time for themselves )

Playing in a secret base in the city, social reality cannot erase your virginity to the world.

If you want to retain virginity, recommend you: Parkup Gouting

Address |
No. 104 Lane 16th, Daan District heping East Road, Taipei
Opening Hours |
Daily 06:00-21:00

Live in the North: Life is more north, we have to joke

"Live by the North", a seaside shop on the north coast of Taiwan's Sha Zhu Bay in Jinshan, with simple light meals and hand-made pancakes, coffee and tea and beer, books and endless Hot sunshine, music and a breeze. Escape the city of all the chores, here to find your romantic imagination of life, to the blue sky, Castle Peak, the sea for the life of the substrate, live a free daily, with the sea breeze accompanied.

"Live by the North" of the powder page, to everyone who feel the reality of life, life is difficult, but we can humor to stay:

We often say to ourselves: The life isn't simple, let ' s joke about it.

In fact, I believe that no matter where, north and north of us, facing life is difficult this thing, must inevitably setbacks and often complain, but after this still don't forget in order to continue to pursue a better life and forward!

If you want to leave a worry, recommend you:q.b.days/ live in the north

Address |
New Bei Jinshan Haixing Road, No. 174th
Telephone |
(02) # 2408-2332
Business Hours |
Wednesday Public Holidays
Week One or Two four five 11:00-18:30
Week 6th 11:00-19:30

To the city of Taipei, you search for a soft secret base in the days of Taipei, I have been cruel but also because of this fascinating, we lost in the city in the future direction, but in the search for the process of discovering another face of their own, to find a further effort in the distance, life is not in his side, In every day that you try to live.

If you are looking for a secret base in the city to find the meaning of living in Taipei, five places to wait for you to explore yourself.

If you want to why don ' t you just do it?