Relationship diary, writing Ghost months of the ghost of the road. The person who you love to be a ghost, the person who breaks your heart, do not blame, you are each other's catastrophe, a good love, love a person, is like possessed. The ghost Door opened, beware of ghosts.

It is said that there are several signs of human encounter with ghosts. For example, the control of their own thoughts, obviously not sick body but feel pain, like the dark fear of the sun.

You don't feel in love, you're like a ghost.

Wake up in the middle of the night feeling a heavy pressure on their own body, whispered murmur in the ear, someone is calling your name. Ah, it turns out to be memories.

Inexplicable palpitations, want to cry, mental disorder, there are more powerful than their own strength into the body inside. Oh, it's his sneaky shadow.

From ancient times to the human ghost love very sheng, liao Zhai Zhi Yi, qian female ghosts, six feelings of life and death love, such as a person coffee, to the lonely and brilliant ghosts, or rouge buckle ghost most affectionate.

You are crazy son infatuated, originally is not secular, a brothel in the Dust Woman Ruhuasiyu, a rich Childe 12 less amorous like the sea, should be casual, accidentally put deep feeling. Originally you are the most cannot love the person, because the destiny is full of tragedy, the status disparity, again likes only the heaven and the nature to be separated forever, two tragic feelings overlap together, the sky also tears.

If flowers and 12 less man love not, agreed March 8 7:7, netherworld see. Just 12 less has not come, such as flowers know, in fact, 12 less effort, but there is a kind of love can only be unfortunate in the world, there is a love ghost also no regrets.

Because a rouge box, such as flowers in the ground under the cold wind biting for 50 years. Looking at 12 less to live, and their love life is not like a lifetime, she may be distressed, but can do only have to return the token, each take the road. She saw a pair of human deviousness plainly and Yong ' An, love did not boom, no romance: plainly asked Yongan "Would you like to commit suicide for me?" 」

"No, what about you?" 」
Not 」

The lover of the world, no love, or cherish, they do not like to be a ghost, love to the end, need not insist, there are more to let themselves. Ghost Month vigilance, sometimes be a coward, than do a scapegoat happy more. In fact, the person who makes you uneasy at first will make you sad after all, the one who has made you afraid will make you out of your wits.

Sometimes watching friends love possessed, I want to kiss the question: "You so spoony, someone know?" "You have loved people who are not ghosts, I hope you flashy love such as 12 less, do not share a lifetime, I wish to sing overnight; I hope you fool like flowers, who want to hide themselves in the heart of the flower care, like, will be spent in vain, waste, will know how to save heartache, turn distressed himself.

This is love: about 10 million people have a pair of Liang Zhu, can be the butterfly. Others are only moths, cockroaches, gnats, flies and beetles. is not a butterfly, and no imagined beauty.

Rouge Buckle

He thought he was cynical, but left a cinnabar mole in heart day and night sentimental; she thought love was like a prostitute until someone made her feel noble and chaste. Love Like a ghost, seduce your heart tremor, and then pass you away. We do not have to cycle, look at you again, I will go.

"Qian Female Ghosts" left a sentence: "Actually untimely, than ghost still difficult." 」

To Love is also to love a person, to do the various possibilities of being possessed, do not superstitious.