"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. Will not be young when we all like Wong Kar-wai, no longer like Wong Kar Wai, not because of the past, but because of the old love, no time to waste, ambiguous, back.

"I don't like Wang Jia Wei. 」

Where on the other side of the phone to tell me. We met from Wang Jia Wei began, as if every one was 罣 by Love dolls, juvenile dream should have a Wang Jia Wei. Of course, that one is "in the Mood for Love". In the play, everyone is cheating, Hong Kong is so small, but men and women's ambition is very big, very expensive brand-name bag can buy two, very good woman can love two. Anyone like cheating, small three old five, he felt happy, single he does not want to stable relationship, he did not want to do abandoned Zhou Muiun and mistress, to do not be bundle of bailing.

I most like to listen to his boudoir, men and men's breathing sound, sweat and sweat smell moist. Wang Jia Wei Yun all the memories are damp, every facial features are also moist, see his thin and long eyes, I imagine those tall men from here into his body, he long suitable for the piano hand, play on those young skin must be very nice. Every night the Love is True love, the present is true true love. APP ID into three-dimensional person, desire each other with anonymity, do not know your body but enough to pierce your soul, the relationship is very light, kissing is still thicken.

He occasionally has a timid heartbeat, for example, someone in his ear low, holding his waist: "You want to go with me." "When he came out of the neon light, he took his hand, and the boy pecked him in the palm, which was more quivering than the climax." For a while, anyone who felt that they could not go home with anyone else, or in the top floor of a Taipei city, did it. He said he liked it, kissed his palms, and took him home, the boy he didn't do. This time, everyone said that the love is very light and light, but more than he loved before, but also to many.

Think of a mistress to Zhou Muiun with her practice, she and Mr. Confrontation, said Mistress crying good pain, in fact she is in rehearsal Zhou Muiun one day to go. Zhou Muiun said: "You don't cry, it is a play." "They are together as if to practice leaving, each time in the narrow corridor of the home is a parting of the shoulders,."

Zhou Muiun and Mistress for the first time together with the meal walk home on the road, the wall yellow mottled on their shadow, shadow close, sometimes holding hands, sometimes like hugs, reality they have been carefully weigh distance walk. Obviously did not do anything, but their heart than the physical derailment still violently shaking. It's all about Freemasonry, the other half of them, and it's a joke that they're walking together now.

Two times Chou Mu Yun holding mistress Hand, did not hold, only in the determination to leave, the hands really unwilling. Zhou Muiun took her hand with the ring and pinched it tightly into the microvascular. Why Spring? Already in the mistress of the cheongsam totem and let people daydream under the cheongsam, see Spring. Parting does not matter, Zhou Muiun in the crowd, a glance can recognize mistress, because he has seen her back for a long time. The best of times is not yet done.

"So you're just trying to tell me you met someone who looks like him?" 」

"No, just to say, it doesn't matter anymore." 』

Did not expect to chuckle about the moral decay of any, one day will lose their morals, he has been thinking about why the last two people did not go to bed, because he was afraid to do, has been guarding what, it was dirty. This relationship, it is because of the reserved, so good.

The boy returned to his country, face book girlfriend's pick up the machine according to mark him, this time he did not ask, if there is more than one ticket, would you like to go with me? After all his own oceans, to have his country, he went back to drifting, there are many with the color of the boy's eyes like, curly hair is like a person, but never met a hand, as rough and innocent as then.

Every memory of his home wallpaper color, once he pretended to drop a lighter in the boy's house, just to see his eyes. All said, we are no longer young, can not hurt heart. Not dislike Wong Kar-wai, but can not like Wang Jia Wei.

He specially called back to Taiwan to tell me this big paragraph, I feel he just farewell "The Mood for Love", and then follow Zhou Muiun together infatuation to "2016", and asked, you will wait for me in 2046?