Is Britain going to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's Queen Elizabeth II?In addition to Britain's four consecutive days of celebration, plus Britain's three-day holiday, let alone a series of peripheral products, we can see how noble the Queen of England is in Britain!

The world's color indicators PANTONE, together with Leo Burnet London, jointly unveiled the PANTONE card with the Queen Elizabeth II as a template.The color of the color, the color of the color, can be traced back to the queen's coronation by the Queen's 60-year-years of styling and color, and the form of the ticket is presented in the Queen's form.

PANTONE13-0755's amber is the color worn by Queen Elizabeth II at the wedding of Prince William in 2011, while the crystal blue of PANTONE13-4411 is PANTONE "Blue is the main food of the Queen's wardrobe," he said. "The traditional blue has a tranquil attribute. It represents tenterity and symbolize the queen who will be dedicated to the British ..."

There was also a statistical survey that showed that the colors of the Queen's favorite color are blue, and in many colors it is as high as 29 % in blue dress!The survey also produced a poster for the survey results.

If you are interested in a local celebration in the United Kingdom, you can on this website find relevant information, and you can leave a message on this website that you feel about the 60th anniversary of the Queen's throne!

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