"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. Comics series, in two yuan in the first intimate relationship, boys and girls first love, in the "Doll Game" acquisition and pain soft coexistence.

Our country schoolgirl first secret love object, can never pass the mind to that person, look at him and other girls wrestle with angina pectoris. Let the girl produce throbbing moment of the national first love, Feather mountain Autumn people.

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Teenage girl's little Embarrassing Love, Zang in "Doll Game". The boy had been torn by a love letter, was said to like a long time group of people betray, in order to make an equal footing with him into the top three to take model students. Love Enlightenment, the pupil nap at risk by the chief of the discipline of registration risks, secretly open eyes, look to the left, he is also looking at me.

You were only four years old, and Tanaka, who had been in the six grade, had been secretly planning the friendship from enemies to friends. The boy's feelings are very rough, pulling shoulders, lifting skirts, pulling braids, every day to go home while thinking about how to arouse the girl's attention, you often in the Exchange diary with such boys revealed: I like the monitor, you can help me confess it.

Yes, the boys are playing the battle gyro to see the seven Dragon Bead Comics, the girl has been in the girl comics in the heart several times, thinking like, the discretion of the relationship. It takes a long time for a boy to forge himself in an individualistic sense of intimacy in his future stumbles. You look at that cold and awkward plume of autumn people's back, Feather mountain autumn is not the pursuit of the success of the child, he fights, bullying classmates, bent to punish self-righteous adults, Cang Tanaka, the world is not afraid to challenge the forces, justice is blind, let her in a moment of war, to Feather Mountain autumn people go.

In the beginning of love are fighting, intrigues, defensive defense, Division of your territory my city, before nodding, who can not violate the soft heart.

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The girl from the friendship and love of running back and forth, after: Because care about you so hurt you, because too like simply not together. We all learn to cherish before, like the same as the yarn south into other people's hug, like the autumn people who lead the hands of others, we are not to be outdone, we are lonely.

Who have been hurt by the original family, know that love can hurt you the deepest, so dare not take risks. Love is silent for a long time, after the rampage stopped to raise his head, to see the whole of your adolescent eyes.

Originally love a person, is to understand him in the second disease of the wound, he turned behind the gentle. The original was loved, is the courage to look back on his body can not bear to see the scar, in his unconditional acceptance to receive his own.

Several times you have followed the cartoon lattice Doll cry, autumn people because of injury can no longer learn empty-handed, autumn people for the first time in the yarn South Tears. In the process of all the boys injured, yarn South ignorant to love many people, she bold confession, abuse of love, the person who is crazy, would have to go through the blow, obsession without regret, will understand the girl heart is not small. We are so confused in the universe of love that we are willing to return to our B612 for sunrise and sunset. If there is not much to lose, how to know what can not be lost?

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Together the constant long advance, occasionally should stop, occasionally can turn back. Growing up on the road, autumn people and yarn South have their own way to go, parting time, larger than together. But, she is he regardless of the road far to return to take the road the person, she is he regardless of the former Lu Zanliang also is willing to stop waits for the person.

Do not smile girl from the romance and teenage comics acquired love skills, because the girl's desire is abundant, because the girl talk about love, so the ambition is high, so just be loved back to intact young boys. We pass the Love bubble in the comic book under the class table, a page to break the purity of the girl, a book through the love evil of the court.

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The ultimate of every girl's love is to forgive pain. Later, we learn from the sister love into life social group of the study sister, or crush Feather mountain autumn people so heartbreaking boy: not because you strong love you, because you are weak, we have the meaning of love. You always remember, yarn South mother said that, despite the injury, we still stubbornly hold the meaning of love, live free and easy:

"Since you can't be a normal woman, you have to be a strange woman to live." 」

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