"A Girl" gathered Asia Girl, from a girl, understand a new era. Look at the way they turn crazy and read their atypical successes. South Korean artist IU can sing, the 25-year-old is a minority of this age in the international shine of Korean artists, many people think she is easy to succeed, in fact, she has been in the performing arts career walk for 10 years.

14 years old, she became a signing trainees.

15 years old, her first album was born.

17 years old, her album and South Korea's most fire "Jiangnan style" together to stay in the Championship for a week.

The American Billboard magazine says she is the Hallyu music leader, and she ranks third in South Korea's influential figure.

How can a girl, aged 25, be so capable? When it comes to Korean ballads, the leading solo female singer, you only think of her:

IU Lee know well, named the very intention of the heart, I and you, music is between me and you create a dense cohesion. IU went abroad because of the drama, but her musical strength has been brewing for a long while. Many people think her success is a matter of course, in fact, IU on the way to pick up music, she first learned what to give up.

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I don't want to waste my time doing things I don't like.

IU is a high school degree, in order to follow her own singing dream, given up on further studies, this kind of abandonment of the South Korean students chasing the halo is not easy, but IU said: "I do not like to go to school, then determined to graduate from high school, I will have a break with the school, and Jinchang after the teacher said to enter Seoul University is not difficult , but with my grades at that time, there should be no school to read. (Recommended reading: results determine a lifetime of happiness and dignity?) The five big costs behind Korea's prosperity

There is no full grasp of the future, in anything to see the education of Korea, it is difficult to be so free and easy.

IU to go to the road will be resolute, she is only one way of children, but also because the growth of the home environment to make her understand that there is still a way to go, we must do their best.

She talked about her age, because poverty had to be separated from my parents: "I stayed with my brother and grandma for a year, and then stayed in the studio for six months." The room we stayed in was always cold and the food was always not enough. We rely on grandma to sell her jewelry, just can live, I rarely meet with my parents, talk, I feel lonely will comfort myself-I also have a grandmother. 」

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Later, IU spent more time in the studio than when she went home. IU just debut when very active in the variety show, did a lot of funny but real performance, is to let everyone know themselves, she wears a rabbit pretend to stay Meng days have passed, but now she still retains that beginner's mind.

IU cherished the days when she worked hard for herself, and she was in the "Good Days" album Interview Aftertaste: "Now in retrospect, failure is a good thing." Although a little sad, but if the new debut on the success, I will not understand how precious gas, and behind the staff hard. 」

IU thinks that being a singer is already very happy in this whole industry, a group of staff manufacturing environment: "Staff for me to make songs, dress up makeup, but under the spotlight lamp, I alone." She said sensibly: "If I succeed at the age of 15, I certainly will not cherish these things." 」

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I'm a little weird, but I like myself.

IU has been modest, so even above the height, she is still in the eyes of everyone want to spoil the little girl. After her popularity, she told the fans honestly: "There are so many people love me, a little strange." Fans in the mind of me, always more than the actual I have to stick. I was going crazy at that time every day, feeling that I was cheating everyone, then I thought, since you all think so good, I will become that IU! "So she determined:" Every day I have to the fans of the ideal IU study. 」

Many people say that IU is a soft sister, the next door like everyone wants to hurt her, the national sister deserved. Some people laugh IU, Ituge efforts, obviously can rely on the face to eat why rely on strength? She is a very Hard girl who struggles to move forward in her musical and performing achievements, in a manner that transcends her past.

In the update of each album, more and more since the creation of songs, from the fresh sweet music to the healing of lazy, sexy, psychedelic, this two-year album more than IU sometimes clever and sometimes mischief character. To move towards the age of 25 years, she in the "Palette" challenges and different musicians to challenge the music variety, the main song MV is also dedicated to the way to stumble on their own, she has worked very hard to play the ideal IU, now she can justly "play their own",mv with the screen said, IU Be more sure of who you want to be and what you like.

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IU thinks she is more like a doll with a smile on the right than the standard beauty, compared to the pink doll on the left. She felt better suited to deep purple, a little elusive, and a yuppie than a pink-and-blue makeup. She is not everyone in the eyes of the good brand national sister, there are more than 20-year-old girls will be rebellious, contradictory, different from ordinary people's paranoia.

"I prefer dark purple to pink, and what's in it, with the buttoned pajamas, lipstick, some naughty jokes." Compared to long hair, prefer to cut neat short hair, can say that I sing "Good days" when, is really beautiful. --"Palette"

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Hate me is your freedom, to be myself is my right

In addition to the breakthrough in music, IU also into the drama circle, so far has accumulated eight TV series two films, in fact, there is still some evaluation of IU's acting too bad, but she scolded the higher the play, the ratings are relatively bullish. IU has always been a very awkward girl, and she believes that acting allows her to express her repressed emotions. IU can sing, can play, can preside, although the circle powder countless, but also for several years in the network survey was named South Korea's most unpopular actress, the criticism of others, IU said: "Because I think that their freedom is very important people, if you want to hold this, but also to protect the freedom of interpretation of others is not it." "(Recommended reading: Learn Tibetan life: If the heart is free, where the people are, are free )

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The more comfortable the mood of IU was, the longer it had been to camp hard, she opened the identity, so that more audiences know the true IU, this year, IU the full art participation in "filial piety Li Jiamin", do the days of the staff, she learned life, IU told Lee Hyo Ri, oneself really a bit stupid, in addition to make money nothing. Sometimes oversleep, often in a daze, doing housework very warm swallow, afternoon dozing off, IU in Jeju to find the age of the pace of life and experience.

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After a few days, IU's "Flower Bookmark 2" album is about to launch, in addition to a lot of retro nostalgic lyric song, there are "last Night Story" charm new image.

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She brings stunning works to everyone, and the year that she graduated from high school, Li Chin gave up the university examination, decided to go to IU's road, since then, her life after every choice is the exam, are in the decision of a can not go back to the road, IU at that time to parents said: "When others learn, I will never play, I will also learn about music and composition, than the people who study in the university to study harder, must become a successful person. 」

She was lucky because she didn't stop ploughing.

"A GIRL" IU Lee know well

Good definition is too ambiguous, anyway it is impossible to meet everyone, find their own characteristics, as long as you meet the people who appreciate you on the line.

IU Lee know well

Want to be everybody even if do not remember my face, also know my voice, that existence.

IU Lee know well