"Gold Spy II: Confidential Showdown" Review, male spy bait, small fresh meat welcome desire projection, the villain of the Golden Circle, such as wedding ring image, who can not really hold who. (Nevan)

"Gold Spy II: Secret Showdown" hot, Collinforth Resurrection, Igussi grew up, the 60 's style small with a new villain Poppy, this episode throws the key discussion question: Should drugs be legal? The gentleman suits still, the fancy martial arts is sultry, but more people begin to discuss, in the drama "refers to the cover tracker" The plot design, how should we treat?

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A week after the movie was released, many friends secretly talked to me, urging me to go to the cinema and they wanted to talk to me about that scene. I went to the cinema like a feminist, and went out of the theater, wondering why Igussi had to make that call when he was seducing. Why is the golden circle of poppies so like a wedding ring? Why is the last act of a gold spy a wedding? (Recommended reading: Why get married?) What are you married to? Jay and the "collapse generation" dilemma reflected by the marriage of Quentin

In this way, the film looks interesting.

Male Spy out task: Seduction is a kind of ability, I do not always earn

First said that scene, the new generation of technology, the United States to take out the cover, the original is the Mucosal trigger tracker, to be sent to the tracking body, how to send into the body, he exposed a touch of ambiguous smile. Male agents out of the task, the task code is a seduction, willing to take the bait.

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Igussi with small fresh meat of the youthful flesh, prove that sex-inducing no gender limit, also prove oneself than American spy still line, is, at the mean, flirting is a strategy, color seduction is a kind of ability, but also to learn. The villain's girlfriend eats the bait, the lust burns the body, the Laige West sheds, wants to peel him immediately. (same field Gayon: feminist Bad Teaching Desire: The third wave of feminist lust writing )

Desire is a common chip in spy movies, Gold spy, color lure is not Donna Patent, Nanche also line, one of the cowboy spy generous admit "color seduce is my favorite task type", another cowboy spy Chanintantu play can only for a short time to sell meat, cut the shirt out of chest muscles, welcomed the massive desire projection.

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Back to the scene, offing, Igussi own struggle, finishing a foot, he chose to go into the toilet to call his girlfriend.

Most of the time, male agents, in the sexual relationship of the "men Earn women" logic, are regarded as "steady earn not compensate" action, Igussi scared, I am afraid that is the first time we are in front of the camera, see Male spy bait, heart struggle-they are not always willing, anyone can be hard. This reversal, in fact, is very important, if people always avoid talking about women's desires, people always take the male lust as a matter of course. (Recommended reading: Yang's erotic book: Why are virgins more popular in the love market?) )

When the phone picks up, he confesses to the princess's girlfriend that she is uneasy about her mission, "You are the one I want to be together for a lifetime, so I want to do it after you agree." The woman couldn't accept it, but she responded, "If you agree to marry me, I may say yes, it feels completely different to me." "Igussi hesitated, said that they need five minutes to think, Princess angry and hung up the phone," Don't underestimate yourself, you really want to have sex absolutely more than five minutes! 」

Igussi hung up the phone, decisive set on the cover, the finger into the female body, into the tracker, task reached, and immediately left, leaving just ready to enjoy the woman, a face startled.

Director Matthew Vaughn has always had a lot of bad taste, know the inevitable controversy, in an interview, said, "As far as I am concerned, the film is always to make the audience uncomfortable, I do not want to take a piece without memory points." Actor Tyrone said that the scene made him equally uncomfortable, so he lent the fingerprint performance.

Desire is true, sex is agreeable, but whether or not I accept unconditionally any object you put in is a question mark.

Golden Circle and Wedding ring: If the prodigal son turns back, a marriage is enough.

For me, the play is more worth talking about than the phone call.

The message of the princess is very clear, from the warm call of the wedding, as long as you marry me, as long as you give me the promise of marriage, before marriage you do whatever you want, I do not mind, because in the end you are mine. This scene has a very old meaning: The prodigal son to turn back, marriage is the fastest and best way for a person to wash white. (Recommended thinking:"philosopher Sham" marriage is just a matter of interest?) )

There are many images of marriage in the gold spy. For example, clearly the whole film on the Igussi and the princess sentiment is very light, but the final scene, Igussi Ruzhui Royal giants, to the mirror tie, class flow, like to say, marriage is a gentleman finally the necessary accessories, than Oxford shoes more tidal, more status, more symbolic meaning.

Equally interesting are the signs of the poppy group, the Golden Circle. Golden Circle, than the promise of a more protected pure K gold, branded hot body, from now on you are my people, for my service, to me Han, not betray, carefully think, the golden circle like a huge wedding ring of the hold-up image?

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Villain Poppy high education, brain smart, antisocial personality, insecurity, often homesick, had to make the mountains of Cambodia in the United States 60 's small town, known as Poppy land. She naughty also arrogant, gold Spy first act, she wears housewife apron, wash hands for soup, eyes do not blink, hang a smile, the defectors made into a human burger, smiles to the accomplice said, "you eat to go." "There are many scenes, she looks like a mother, for the deployment of the most powerful mechanical arm, such as for the children to buy the latest back schoolbag, she is not happy to stay in her home built." (Recommended to you: housekeeping, false orgasm, smile service: Emotional labor is not a woman's gift )

The villain, the scene of hand washing and cooking, I think of the housewife heart whether there is an approximate madness, smile after the emotional labor no one asked her real feelings is what. Gold Circle K Gold is pure enough, but who can not really hold up who, who also did not really belong to WHO. The actual housekeeper, such as the opium poppy, has the power to kill, but sit on the ground, nowhere to go, even when the dead, did not leave this trapped her place. Housewife is at home, but often think, home is where, home is what.

The Gold Spy II: Secret Showdown "On me, many doubts, many contradictions, many links to itch, I have also seen a director deliberately cast out of the situation and problems, it is obvious that you are not comfortable, you want to think, these scenes, actually triggered us which nerve?

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As a feminist who is expected to write a few comments, I do have my answer. Small meat Station by the desire projection position, want to cover up for the episode, the female villain write their own rules of the game, grinning to do bad things, let people feel fresh. If you ask me what I really feel disgusted with, I say, not wearing a finger-pointing tracker, not Igussi reached the task after turned away, but that very warm wedding call, to a phone call began, to a wedding knot, Igussi gave promise, people sigh he has shoulders, finally after thousand Xin, become a man. (Recommended reading: 18 years after the breakup: commitment is not a marriage!) Thank you, do not marry me )

Why is the journey of growth often a watershed for marriage, a boy before marriage, a man after marriage? Why is marriage the most powerful promise a man can give his partner? Why is the hold-up our ultimate imagination of intimacy? Why do princesses feel different when they have a promise to marry? Love is far from enough, to marriage and grand wedding witness, only to be truly successful. If we look forward to getting married is the end, then the end of the day, how to live it? Is it like a poppy, a fried hamburger steak in the heart of hate?

"Gold Spy II: Secret Showdown" That scene, I have my answer, but feminism there is no standard answer.

Some people are angry that "the invasion of a condom" is like a sexual assault, lack of respect; some people think you love me, that is the excellent display of women's autonomous body rights; some people like the happy ending of the wedding, feel the commitment to have the body; some people say that not sensational, why must have a marriage, just appear to promise valuable? Our aversion to the plot or escort, happened to remind us of the relationship between the imagination and pursuit of each other. (same field Gayon:"Gold Spy: Secret Duel" annoyed who?) When a woman becomes a sexual vessel of Vengeance )

The difference is nothing, the exchange is, as Harry said to Igussi on the plane, "Do you know what happened to my mind before I died?" No picture, I have no worries, I have no emotion projection, I have just a blank. "There is no concern, so the time to die is not a pity." Harry has his living, Igussi, and you, you should also have your own.