The postpartum moms begin to secrete the breast milk, which affects daily life or the love life of a couple.Womany is here to sort out the three little vexations that are most often asked, and quickly relieve the anxiety caused by your lactation!

1. I do.How could this be?

This is a normal phenomenon.Because of the sexual behavior, the lower sight of the female brain is naturally secreted by oxytocin, which is known as the "hormone" hormone, and it also promotes papilla production.So when you and your intimate partner love it very much, the hormone secretions naturally produce milk in the nipples, but in fact this is not the case for everybody, and there's a difference in the amount of secretion.The secretions of sex usually occur in the first few weeks of breast-feeding, or when the breast is full of milk.

Therefore, if you want to avoid such a situation, it is recommended that you first eliminate the inventory of the value by feeding it to a small number of babies before the sex is available.You can also prepare a towel to be ready for use from time to time.

2. I'm feeding my breast milk, but can my breasts be a little baby?

Of course not.What if my husband and baby do love their breasts?Do you hurt the baby?Will breast-milk couples be bad for their partners?Don't worry.No!

But as mentioned above, the orgasm promotes the secretion of breast milk, so it is recommended that you feed your little baby before making love.So, if the partner loves and breast-fed when she has sex, then he can enjoy it.Don't worry about it.

3. Breast milk will make my sexual desire less?!

In fact, it is not entirely correct. Some people do not reduce the number of people, and there are people who do not increase the number of people.But there is no doubt that after delivery, because of the influence of Harmon in the body, the vagina may be less vaginal than before, even if it is very exciting.At this time, the lubricant may be your little angel.

Finally, Womany more closely suggests that it does not have to be weaning for sexual life.The second question mentions that the breast of the husband and the baby can be taken care of. If the lactating is causing a nuisance to sexual life, whether it is first or not, first breast-feed or prepare a towel, or even a third of the lubricant, you can solve the problems of your little worries.

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