Single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Love used to be like Blizzard, raging apart after the daily, after the snow is still standing, is the rebirth of their own, you go, I will start after the day.

After leaving him, for a long time, she could not write love again, when writing the hands trembling, like the snow beast, instinctively, avoid what will hurt her.

I used to be sure, she stared at those words, a long time, do not recognize themselves, the original once so wholeheartedly, trust a person, trust a relationship, know who is holding, so no doubt in the snow closed eyes, someone will take me home, someone will take me home.

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The memory of the body is very strong, want to forget also forget. She remembers, his hands around her, breathing shallow, dare not too hard, like she is what fragile things, he said I am here, you do not be afraid, he refers to himself, home here, laugh very silly. (Recommended reading:"Single diary" We have loved, I do not owe you, you do not owe me )

She hugged him, said I also want to be your home, hug him, she felt like home. Of course they once had a family consensus. For example, to live together, but each have a room, if the quarrel only place can sulk; For example, to have a bathtub, can not look at the sea day at least to pretend, for example, to have a large ark, put her full out and read the book, for example, to have a section not why, just in a daze, just to lie down, Just to say nothing and enjoy each other silently.

For example, even if there is nothing, but also to have each other in the inside. He had given her family a desire. It's true. Unfortunately, it was not achieved.

Then they parted, and all that was not realized was equal to none. She wants to break up is probably away from home, downright exile, she muttered, poultry to wild, there will be life-threatening, survival embarrassed. She kept self-deprecating after breaking up, she always told herself, is she also decided to go, she could not bear to see them at last hurt each other.

She wants to be a good person for their love. So where did he go? Would it be a warmer and brighter place?

Her sadness came so slow, but she was a habit of childhood, the whole classroom ran, she found herself only a person, also not urgent, slowly accept schoolbags, clean tables and chairs, check the windows, close the door and leave. After the breakup she held slowly half the character, looking at their own time axis, a lock of a lock, to the memory of time warp, rolling snow, object indicator Overweight, emotional outdated, we this concept is overdue.

She nest on the ground, curled body, quietly looking at the snow, not anxious to go, think of Kawabata wrote "Snow Country", through the long tunnel of boundaries, is the Snow country, Colt son to the island village casually said, "After you go, I will be passing through the day." 」

If can, through all love his memory, the snow, also stood, is reborn himself. She closed her eyes, and when you were gone, I was going through the day, she said to herself.

It is because the pain is too valuable, memories are too precious, so more to continue to go forward.

This time, she will take herself home.

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"I need to rest
I need a quiet hold
I need to run away
Spread your hand and let me die in your arms
Beauty will wither the Earth and bury the forest
Beauty will wither and rot my love.