Grow up to understand the small meatball life philosophy! If life is sinister, remember to stick to your heart, chasing the ideal road, fall does not matter, as long as you remember why you run.

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Ears sounded familiar melody, mouth not consciously rose, feet beat the beat, shoulder jitter, childhood memories emerge, you look like a heartfelt happy child, you in that nerve big article too Lotte figure, see oneself, sometimes have too naïve expectation, occasionally own foot to stumble oneself, fell a big falls, But you have a similar insistence: wrestling does not matter, as long as you remember all the way, for what to run.

Liu Qi sister head, the face hangs two circles round blush, occasionally there are two lines of tears hanging on the tip of the tongue, "Cherry ball" animation with us through childhood, the creation of the cherry by the Japanese comic works, in 1986 series, January 7, 1990 premiere of the first set of TV animation. Take you together to recall the silly and energy of small meatballs, stay meng and goodwill. (Recommended reading: Compromise yourself!) Snoopy's philosophy of life: I'm not afraid to look stupid, as long as I'm happy.

Grow up to understand the small meatballs quotations! Life is beyond the things, but please believe that a good life, some day there will be good things happen.

Life is a chain of uncontrollable factors.

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Small meatballs reckless and Lotte, encountered cannot turn the matter again why waste mind? The upcoming games, desperately practice, broken down a lot of knees, if you do your best, then let us ordinary heart waiting for things to happen! (Recommended reading: focus is the dream of the realization of power!) Now let the whole universe unite to help you.

Life is a collection of chaos, don't worry about the uncontrollable factors, some things you care about can not turn the situation, but to do everything when you try to be worthy of the heart.

In addition to hard work, life is not a success

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Whether it's an exam or an early riser, for small meatballs seems to have some difficulty, but she does not frustrate, perhaps often forget east, but a little progress every day, enough to cheer for themselves, the road of success is long, not fast, as long as we embark on the right direction.

What is the accomplishment of desire in your heart? Fame, reputation is high, perhaps your definition of success only want to create their own value in a certain field, but you always know that there is nothing in life can not work hard, chasing the ideal of the road to remind yourself: not a few success.

To be healthy is the happiest thing in life.

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A serious face, said the importance of health! For small meatballs, live happier than chasing achievements more important, the so-called life, we have to remember in the pursuit of material before, take care of themselves, in order to white money, lost the health of such things, small meatballs but never do!

Work day and night upside down, you camp in every night burning their lives, then understand that health is the basis of all happiness, although money is important, but health is money can not buy.

With the heart of Lotte, the future has a look

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Life of the bird is always unexpected, like a sudden bird excrement drops in the forehead, startled and helpless, but small meatballs can always be in Kuzhongzuoyue, still will complain or will be angry in the ground roll, but always believe that the good of their own, one day will encounter good things happen!

Future confused, you like in the fog lost deer, unknown danger lurking around, but you are willing to continue to move forward, as long as the hope to live, one day can wait until the fog dissipated, spring day.

Your strength comes from the gentle companionship you meet in your life.

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Small meatballs and small jade, all hope that life has such a friendship, often because of different opinions and bickering, but always in the need of each other when they appear, to a helpless friend a distressed hug. (Recommended reading: One day, we are not to get the dream, but to become our own dream )

Once you thought you could live like an island, life details of their own settled, go out to eat also need not who accompanied, until one day you suddenly understand, their seemingly strong, because someone in life has been treated with tenderness, you grow self-confidence, in every lonely moment know, someone put you in the bottom of my heart, never leave.

Live yourself, don't let the gender frame you

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is never a model of Winliang, small meatballs of the rude and naughty, with a childish anti-bone, the church to see the small ball growing girl, you can freely live as you want to live.

Growth process you will gradually understand that there are many many accumulated social framework, but remember that your life is to live for themselves, you have to live boldly wild, live a gentle and insipid, the right to choose has been in your hands, do not in the growth process to hand it over.

Your uniqueness comes from the innate innocence and sadness

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Cherry balls and grandfather friends hid, the age difference huge two, but often because the same thing moved, have a similar naughty temper, lively and warm interaction always remind us, age is the growth of physiology, but do not hinder you always keep childish heart.

You still in order to the same small matter moved, still can think of sad things when crying, these are no relationship, do not let mature and sophisticated imprisoned your feelings, you are unique, because you hold the pure eyes, to perceive life, one-woman to live their own.

Life is sinister, but you can stick to your heart.

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Regardless of life experience a few pits, growth road stumble, but small meatball forever exist, she never let herself down too long, if life constantly give test hit you, or to remember like small meatballs, remember what is their own beginner's mind.

Although the adult process, the more vicious life, but you have been unwilling to give up the stubborn, in the growth of the road, do not give up to train themselves to maintain a pure heart, to the beautiful things to pursue!

Recalling the life quotations in the animation of "cherry balls", vaguely remember the young himself, with the mother cooked food incense, a sitting in front of the table, and small meatballs laugh together, small meatballs never just flat animation, she took a family together with a vivid memory, also in our exploration of their own way of life, Gives a lot of life philosophy worth thinking about.

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