Women are obsessed with the new curriculum "Sister said school", assembled in all walks of life unique lecturer, will own stunning generation experience into a first-hand exclusive, those schools did not teach, the workplace is not to say life intelligence, in a woman fan "sister said school" for the first time do not hide private narration, said to

Information explosion, fast-changing times, to live three-dimensional, not afraid of the world upside down, let self-discipline to learn, become you defying change of the emboldened, "sister said school" for you to extend the unique experience of cross-border talent, from the secular workplace pulsation to personal life Planning, volume as you build the internal driving force of the workshop, 1/27, breakthrough self , create your own times!

Women are obsessed with "sister said school" lecturer: Multinational enterprise talent training teacher Philip Chan

Lecturer Philip Chan is an experienced HR expert, leadership instructor, team coach and trainer. Excellent interpersonal skills, strategic analysis and creative thinking, as well as solid human resources expertise, focus on leadership development, change management and organizational performance promotion, has been keen for individuals, teams, organizations and enterprises to bring breakthrough results.

Currently serving the world famous Google company, is responsible for the Greater China region and Asian online strategic partners of human resources work. More than 12 in talent recruitment, leadership training, employee relations, team building, organizational design, change management, cultural transformation and so have a wealth of professional experience.

Years of multinational experience, teaching exclusive practice

Philip Chan has served as a leading foreign company in various industries, P&G, Google (Google), serving in various locations (including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai), and diversified business environments (including mature markets, manufacturing plants, Integration of mergers and acquisitions and rapid development of the sales team of human resources work, have achieved excellent results.

As a professional leadership coach, team coach and soft skills trainer, we can understand the different backgrounds and challenges faced by various coaches, and can support their career development, career planning, personal leadership and work life balance from multiple perspectives. The course aims to motivate behavior and achieve breakthrough results, with the students ' personal values and advantages to start a transformation.

His students said that the coach's style is innovative, sharp, professional, attention and support of the whole person, good at through the surface to find deep blind spots, combining rational and perceptual breakthrough potential, self-realization.

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Elder sister says school: Break oneself, regain your inner driving force

This time I invited Philip Chan to be the lecturer of the school, to "break the ego, to regain your inner driving force" as the main axis, to plan an exclusive workshop, to take a closer look at your life experience, to regain your inner driving force in the process, and to make an appointment for a new self.

In this lesson, you can learn

1. Analyzing the Inner Self

  • Advantage Analysis
  • Value approach
  • Individual professional analysis
  • Personal Vision Building

2. Creating an exclusive action plan

  • Current state analysis
  • External resource Integration
  • Operational planning that can be practiced

New exclusive courses, four highlights

  • "Intensive Time" 8 hours a day, combined with corporate education and training and the essence of executive coaching experience
  • "Small class system" within 20 people, complete practice
  • "New evolution" to reserve a new self, to activate your action, to tailor individual action plan
  • "Explore the self", develop the ability to explore, have the analytical power to face the challenge and the imagination of the future

Suitable object: Are you such a person? You will meet the opportunity to inspire the enthusiasm of life!

  • Always study hard, but find that there is no obvious effect on the market
  • In addition to having professional skills, I hope to explore personal potential developers
  • Having many ideas but not being able to practice them
  • Those who wish to have immediate action
  • Hope to explore the self, to find more potential people

2018/01/27, now for their own 2018 appointment to the future-sister said the academy
Invite each uneasy status quo, the pursuit of growth of you, fearless to become a different sister; here, we are only compared with ourselves!

"Registration Method description"

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