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London is a historic city and has long been a cornerstone of Lomography.It is home to thousands of Lomographers, whose buildings, art, fashion, and other cultures have been brought up by all Lomographers-one of the most powerful Lomiographya communities in the world.As a result, we will launch the La Sardina Guvnor camera, and throughout the summer, the whole world will join the London of Analogue's love!Many wonderful events will bring the city into focus: a vast Lomiography exhibit will be held at the London Museum-the Lomographers' photographs from around the world will come together, and the long-awaited La Sardina Guvnor Camera will also meet with everyone!

flag color and London map graffiti

London is such a vast city!If you get lost, it's not easy to solve, but don't be afraid – La Sardina Guvnor will lead you to the adventure of the analogue!"We made a cute little London map in the Guvnor airframe, and we had it in the summer, and you would never get lost again!The classic English flag coloring-blue, red, white, and Guvnor's salute to the British flag, so that you can show the old London your love for the analogue while photographing wide-angle images.

La Sardina Guvnor, with a dark blue base, with a bright red and white rice white, fully revealing the spirit of the UK and London!

The simple small map on the fuselage allows you to easily know the approximate location of a British attraction!

Is a cute little picture of a British taxi!

The company has its own little surprise in Britain!

Sardine Canned Camera

When we first launched the La Sardina camera last year, we immediately caught the stomach of Lomographers around the world!The sweet design blend is easy to operate, and whenever and wherever La Sardina is able to capture every single day with its unique wide-angle lens.The plastic wide-angle lens makes it easy for any professional, even beginners, to film beautiful images easily.Using a common 35 mm film, when the negative film is washed, it is not necessary to have a separate special format for the staff member, and everything is so simple.With Lomography The most powerful flash-Fritz the Blitz, La Sardina camera will light your life!

La Sardina Guvnor Photo Wall from United Kingdom!

Who are the Briton chasing after this?And finally, what did he pull out of the jacket … of the suit? Let's watch this little Lomiographya La Sardina Guvnor video of this tight-tension stimulus.

Meet The Guvnor from Lomography on Vimeo .

To learn more about more information, go to Lomography La Sardina's own website

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