For love, in the fast-food culture of the blinking-blinking flash-away, learning is a highly immoral science.

How does love maintain the original temperamour passion?It is the question of the lovers of the romance, the love of the love affair.In the beginning of love, there was only one other, no matter how many trees there were in the forest, the foot would be stationed in a plant that was not starving to others for a reason.The whole world is about each other, everything is related to each other.

At that time, the heat of romance lost, and it was so frustrating!The following is the insight that mugthing maintains 105 ° C for a long time:

always surprises a love

Every morning is a new day, and I am happy to feel new and fresh for each other!

Keep the proper sense of God

The magic of God always brings a kind of magic, which makes the other person's chagrin not to be guessed, the more it raises the other side's concerns.

Don't say a word

Don't look at the power of a light language, and it often brings a horrible lethal force, and at any time keeps the wind and doesn't make a bad speech.

Respecting moderation

Women need love, men need to respect.Whether you agree or not, you express your support.


Isn't that what you want?It is the prime element that can maintain the temperature.

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