Single diary special article, for you serialized a A-Z Urban Woman's love Story, with a song, or a movie, they pain, you may be experiencing, those who loved once, have accumulated into our dreams of the story.

A just ended a long time in love. Seven-year span, traversing the essence of her life One-fourth, from the beginning of the feelings of the students are very patient, after all, their starting point is nothing, sitting in the back of his bicycle, riding on the campus cool, she felt as rich as the world.

So rich, so called Love. There have been separate places, she did not know where the confidence, is not afraid, their love gives her a lot of courage, to achieve their own, his trust to make her grow independent core.

Friends asked him, a relationship has been through a long distance, why did not survive a stable secular?

She also did not know, perhaps the most sad thing is that they have already tried their best to understand the present. She could not help thinking, is not the years negative them, steal their love time, otherwise, why not go back? She was unusually clear, and saw herself standing at the intersection of the crossroads, to choose a road that would have been harder. (Recommended reading:"single Diary" I hope you will not regret, we have been so loved )

Such a cold day, who do not want someone to love, nest in whose embrace it?

On the first day of breaking up, she listened to her predecessor's favorite band song, Bored All night, her room had a window, moonlight spilled, she fell asleep in her tears. The next day to work, eyes swollen like a squirrel, she looked at the mirror to ridicule her good embarrassed yo, live to this age, but also crying like a child, turned around, and then to the meeting.

Her age, friends relay to get married, she often in the wedding ceremony to be speechless, in the mind, is not nearly we?

Simply have a job, simply have friends, simply have family, no love she does not feel nothing. Sadness is also there, she does not deceive, but she is also convinced that their decision. People can not force themselves, in fact, talk about feelings, this is not what is the best choice, you want most, is the best. People say seven years of itching, perhaps seven years the most terrible is not itching, but perfunctory. Her heart a ruthless, with only the remaining love of the Fool, said good-bye. (Recommended reading: love a blind date!) Interview Sylvia: Love is Fearless, the more love is not afraid to give )

A when you're in a relationship with the old school, she remembers Sylvia at a concert saying,

"A man cannot love only one person in his life, nor can he only have a feeling in life." But when you love, you must wholeheartedly, treat her/him as your favorite. 」


A wrote a letter to his predecessor, and there was a phrase like, "You know what?" When we were in love, I loved you with all my heart. Thank you for being us, thank you for being you. "It's good to love, it's good to love," she thought, "this letter probably doesn't have to be mailed."

"At last the beginning of the end
Finally wrote the period finally we say good-bye
Finally, we're back to the original point.
Dry the tears day and night
The future we may be able to say for a long time.