recent years, the design and creativity of Taiwan has emerged in the world, and the design and creative energy of Taiwan's design industry has been exposed. In 2009, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has commissioned the Ministry of Economic Affairs to handle clothing and accessories. In addition, Taiwan's new designers have been actively developing brands.

The Marquis and the Glamorous Glamour Show

The Textile Association, 11 Taiwan apparel and accessories brand designers, held the Contact True Designer Brand Joint Exhibition ( Online View ) at the 's online view on July 6-8, during the event, and a and continuous presence.A new generation of creative stars, Yen Chia-kan , and pop star Tseng Ki-shen on July 7 (June 7), have been the latest designer of the new design brand.

baron clothpoint gallery

Marquis in PUREDESIGN gallery

The 11 designers and brands involved are: Chen Yu-chee/Serena Chen, Chen Yitting/ALIKO CHEN JEWELRY, Li Yefen/Yefen, Nwan/Estele Jewelry, Huang Kunghui/Hsun JWELRY, Kang Jiahua /pitotapak, BONJUBI, Xu Jiuyuan, and Xu!, Zengendi, Huang Weinjing, Tsai Yun-tse/Ishua, Chen Min-ching, and clothpoint, together to meet these 11 high-quality Taiwanese designers!

Yellow fumigation/HSUN JEWELLLERY

graduated from the Institute of Industrial Design at Nan Cheng University, Florence Art Studio, Italy, and the School of Design and Design of Fuji.For many years, he worked as a personal studio "Hsun Jewelry HSUN JEWELRY", and served as a number of jewellery companies in Sicily.The Taiwan Textile Association (CTI) has been placed in the Designer Center for the Rapid Design and Design Center for North Dresses-Accessories-Center.The works are of a natural style and are exquisitely crazable and subject to changing themes, creating aesthetic beauty in the creative process of creative art. ( online view


For the CTI, the designer, designer, and Colorful Mind, ” Colorful Jewelry, Colorful Mind!"” It is a brand intellectual principle that combines metal and enamel, and is fashionable and ”, " said the article. ( online view )

Li Yefen/Yefen

designer of Li Yyi, who is a designer, designer of jewelry and accessories, has been a designer, designer, designer, web design, and multimedia design. Because of the diversity in the design, the design and life philosophy are the focus of her creative, design and life. ( online

curle/Estele Jewelry

London Colage of art costume design.An ornament designer of Lining Fashion Co., Ltd.Estele Jewelry, a personal accessory brand, was created.The Taiwan Textile Association (CTI) has been placed in the Designer Center for the Rapid Design and Design Center for North Dresses-Accessories-Center.The sculptures use solid paper carving concepts to present the three-dimensional sense of the work, and combine the fabric to make the metal have the colors of the fabric and the warmth of the warmth.Through the inspiration and design derived from the background of the story, the vivid stories and souls behind each piece of the work can be conveyed to the vivid and vivid images of the paintings. ( online view

Chen Jie/Serena

Serena Chen is a brand of the same name created by the jewelry designer, Serena.She had put down the design of the women's shoes to study in the metal handicraft jewelry design at Konstfack University of Sweden.After returning to Taiwan, the company began to work in the jewelry industry, and finally decided to create a personal studio to defend its own design by creating a brand name.Serena Chen's inspiration comes from the feeling of everyday life.Every piece of work has been deliberately preserved, apart from a large number of manufactured goods, and it is hoped that every wearer will be able to get a share of the product from his friends. ( Watch Online )

Chen Min-ching/clothpoint

CLOTHPOINT-The clothing point, set up in 2011, is the ” origin ” of the ” coats ”, which is expected to convey the idea of Taiwan's design and refinement to each individual.The idea is not to spend blindly because of the expensive nature of the money, nor to give in to cheap and inferior quality, but to bring to consumers the unique fashion ideas of quality and design.( Watch Online )

Dong Yard/pure

Bring what I want to add!I want to be an accessory designer!After graduating from university, she was recommended by the 7-Eleven Good Neighborhood Foundation. She was awarded the first International Scholarship of Japan's Takajima in Japan for four years, and her dream plan was launched!The "PUREDESIGN" brand was created in December 2009, and is subject to the rigor of Japanese culture, which seeks to demonstrate the depth of culture and creativity.( Watch Online )

Kang Jiwei/pitotpak

Camera, a designer of the fashion design competition and the Asian Fashion Design Competition, has won international acclaim and has been invited to participate in many international exhibitions.The personal brand pitotpak was created in 2001, "Pitot" represents a lovely feeling, "Paak" is his French name, and the brand style contains multiple elements such as casual, comfortable, happy, neutral, collage, reorganization, and so on, showing a diversity of loving feelings.


I'm using my clothes to interpret the language that I'm trying to express. To me, it's the cloth that I'm expressing, and it's like an abstract language.In fact, I have a deep, deep, inner manifestation.Many people have convinced them that they are superficial, but for me, my clothes are more than the inside and outside the inside.It's fiber, and it's a kind of a language for the soul.


Chu! Meaning in French means sweetness kissing and love, extending this meaning to the brand, regardless of whether any woman needs to be loved and nursed, with a simple cut line designed to emphasize simple and simple lines, and the color block is spliced.It shows the sexy lines and unique personality of the female body. It is a combination of sex and a highly sensitive and highly sensitive metropolitan woman, with a unique style of self-expression.

Tri-end, Yellow, Yellow, Zaiwan, YZYD3

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