if is more than , of slimming, it is often used as a woman's life war. Have you ever thought about who let women start “ weight ” this endless battle? Let womany look at the origin of the slimming with you, to see how the world changes women's aesthetic.

In the spring summer and autumn, the emphasis on the importance of women and the significance of women has always been the most popular key in the world. It is as if a woman has a natural instinct to search for a slim one.But when I look at history, I look at the mythology of concubines Yang Guifei and Greek mythology, which seem to have been the world of women's rich and rich.

is the end of the obese and the most beautiful times?

Twiggy, a supermodel model that swept the world in the 1960's with its thin image.

Women's world, changing from an English girl to an English girl

Twiggy (Lesley Lawson), a global supermodel model in the 1960's.The undeveloped, undeveloped, short-hair style, 43 years ago, changed the fashion circle around the world.“ Twigy (small tree) ” is not her name, but rather a nickname given to her by her boyfriend, because she is like a small-tree branch of a small tree that is generally lean and weak.

1950's, like Marilyn Monroe The most aggressive, feminine S curve is called fashion. Prior to Twiggy, the media never had this thin and flat image. Twiggy is like a fashion icon in the fashion world, making thin as one of the beauty of the beauty, or it can be said that the first condition of being a woman is to make a woman a beautiful woman.

The tablet of the Fashion circle revolution has been a problem for Twigy himself.

How do Twigy look at his body?According to the reporters interviewed at the time, like all the girls' troubles, Twiggy was actually not satisfied with his nearly undeveloped tablet, and even some of his pain in the picture.She suspects that she does not have such a description as the media, and that she is a more important and more important part of the world.

Whatever Twiggy is thinking, there is no doubt that she has changed her modern aesthetics.Because of Twigy, the world has changed the standards of the United States.Naturally, the body of nature is no longer welcome. Women's cafes make it more attractive than their slim figure. The world begins to look thinner and has a new aesthetic point for women.

made Venus thinner? Rethinking Modern

Is it a beauty in the eyes of the eyes of the overweight of Venus?

artist and model Anna Utopia Giordano, from Italy, made a series of classical paintings, Venus, after the Photoshop, without a tiny, tiny, fat body, and even some protruding ribs. The transformed Venus is a reflection of the aesthetics of "excessive modification" of the modern society.

wants to rethink the definition of the beauty of women and society. The golden age of ancient Greece, the culture of the Renaissance, the culture of weight reduction brought by the century of Twiggy, the downsizing of the Hollywood stars, the concept of beauty continued to evolve over time, and even created some twisted values.

world's definition of beauty is changing rapidly, and we don't necessarily need to follow through with the wisdom of choosing whether to follow. In these changes, womany wants to join you in defining your own beauty. There are many types of women and beautiful definitions, both of which are the most beautiful and beautiful, Venus and Twigsy.

matter how the world changes, we all believe -- bravely to be yourself is the most beautiful decision of your life.

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