During the summer vacation, the classroom was quiet and empty, and there was a neat and neat run on the playground in the distance.It's time for the women of the United States to draw the river, "We, oh, and so on."In July, when the fine afternoon, the bright and brightly lit slogans, we began to imagine what kind of combination of young and junior high school students from the tug-of-war and high school students in the tug-of-war.

Corrections to the mind is more important than what is more important

Sister!Why do you want to interview us, sister?

A young girl in the face of youth, who is young and young, is showing her eyes and eyes, but she is a strong liar who does not lose sight of any person's strength.

There is no need to remind us that the team members of the Diantur team have already prepared two plastic chairs for the drinks, and we are flattered by the first time we have come to the first.The girls have become the target of major media events since 2010 when the Divers team won the Italian World tug-of-war championship.However, in front of our eyes, the United States team does not have the pride of world champions. Some are polite and curious about womany.

This group of girls is like a big family, and the students are known as "the nickname" of the elder sister. The joke is that it is a matter of fun and joy in many groups' lives.The Mucha Zoo, which was sure to go to the new era, had recently been caught by everyone, like a female high school student. The members of the King Mei tug-of-war team were lively and open. The topic was turned to the tug-of-war team, and immediately revealed the prodiocity of taking pride in the Jinmei team.

When asked how they cultivated tacit understanding, the members answered unanimously "because we live together."" The members of the tug-of-war team will spend the summer and summer holidays together in the dormitory of the girls' dormitory.The teams that are directly affiliated to the team are also able to familiarize themselves with the contents of the training at the first time.When she was a homesick, she wept with her, and she was encouraged by the frustrations of her sisters.It is this close relationship, so that the members of the Kuphin team know that they have experienced the same happiness and pain, and that they can safely trust each other when they compete, so that their forces can merge into one.

Coaches are backed up by their love to chase their dreams.

" Hello Guo!"

It was called by the team members Guo Lian, who was known as Guo, who first taught the tug-of-war in the middle of the next door.He has always had a dream of — a tug-of-war national hand and going abroad to compete.It was only after nine years that there was a shortage of professional teachers in the beauty of the beauty of the world. Only then could the coach of the women's team in the United States be given the chance to takeAt the time, international standards had to be 18 years old before they could represent the country in international competition, until the age of 16 at the age of 16. Only then could the coach finish the dream of cultivating a national team in the scene of the women of the United States and the United States.

When I started to describe my relationship with the team, the coach only said, "It's a motorcycle dad."

The coach and his family spent less time together, but the team had less time to go home.Most of the members come from the remote counties and cities to live in dormitory. As a result, Kuo often needs to replace his father's role, from urging students to disapprove of their boyfriends, and sometimes classmates complain, " Daddy doesn't care, the coach is doing so much!"The coach once again smiled and said he wanted them to stay in high school for a simple life and learned to do their best for the most important things."

When asked about the relationship between the players and the coaches, both the coach and the tug-of-war team members have a happy smile on their face.

and coaching companions like father and daughter, and companions have the same emotional and trusting connection, that is, the closeness of these emotions and trust, and the company of the United States and the United States moving from Taiwan to the world.

Thank you very much for your team's serious

The Jingmei tug-of-war team encountered a lot of people helping each other all the way. The biggest behind the scenes was Lin Lihua School.The team members also laughed and said that if the coach was like a father, then the headmaster would be like a mother's warmth to the King Mei plucking team.The president has not resigned from his hard work to raise funds and improve the training facilities so as to allow the world to see the King Mei and the US team.

principal of each child was seen by the principal, and the principal found a polite and conscientious child who stood aside because he was a member of the team. "This child is usually very serious and has money to take her out of the country."The President's delicate concern illuminates the frustration of many tug-of-war players.

The coach is very grateful to many of the people who helped us all the way, but it's all because of the team's seriousness, " he said.A positive energy was distributed to members of the team who dreamed of hard work, and attracted many people's attention and began to believe that there was a simple and passionate beauty in the world.

Superman practice requires steel-like will

The outside world seems to be more than normal exercise practice, which is actually built on a lot of fractional time.At the regular school day, the team members need to move two nights a week to receive special after-school tutoring to make up for the backward progress. Because of the entrance guard rule for the girls, the coach needs to leave the school at night, and the practice is forced to terminate.In the time of being cut off, the Jingmei tug-of-war team faces a more incomplete training than physical education, but it needs to have the strength of not losing to the special sports class.In this way, the coach can only make use of the full time of the winter and summer vacation to train in order to match the players' collective sleeping training, so that they can play the most basic training requirements in the coach's heart.

The school team, which takes up too much time for information, will always face opposition from parents.Many members of the team began to contact the river at the beginning of the school. When they joined the scene, their families felt honored. When they joined the scene, their parents saw fewer and fewer injuries on their children's hands, and they had some disagreed voices.In the end, they often become members of the team to comfort their parents and persuade them to let themselves practice the tug-of-war.

There were also plans to escape because of the unhurt training, and to leave a "thank you" note in the tug-of-war room and sneak back home.When everyone was in a hurry to find out, even if the coach was afraid to inform him, the escaped member returned.We wonder what she's doing home.And what prompted her to go back to the tug-of-war again?She smiled and said:

" My mother told me: First bitterness.She said that all of them have survived until now, and have to find out what they are most like, and don't give up on half of the way.So I came back."

Due to tough training, the number of players often decreases over time.The team members said that each member of the team was absolutely respected, and if they felt that they would be better off when they left the tug-of-war team, the coach would be willing to let go.As long as it is good, the coach encourages the team to think and pursue.

What's more difficult to overcome than external pressure is the inner differences

In the course of practice, the pressure of the game is most easily overcome; however, it is often the most difficult to cross the barriers of communication due to differences in gender, age and so on.Sometimes, the coach still has to worry about her inability to understand the mind of the high school students. When she says that she doesn't make it, she often needs a female teacher and the principal to act as a member of the team.However, as long as the internal integration is good, the outside can be smoothly carried out.

I hope that the players will develop good personality traits, " he said." People are like people."It's a good job,"I hope the outside world will see that this group of children will not only pull out the river, but also be very considerate." I used to take students abroad and often had to take care of the trivial matters; they went abroad with the children of the tug-of-war team, but I was taken care of by them." The great beauty of the Rinmei team, the president of Lin, saw it, and the world also saw it.

Hopper that they can change their own lives by themselves

A number of children in single-parent, alternate-generation and tug-of-war teams are naturally more vulnerable. The participation of the team is not only a glory for the country and the beauty of the United States, but also to find a long-term path for oneself, and finally break through the adversity of life.As a result of the accumulated experience of the competition, the university, the coach, and even the team members can have the second skill outside of sports, so as to build on the foundation of the team's foundation and open up more elements of their own.

The environment in Taiwan is actually a care for athletes. It's just that there is no way to help the athletes to plan a long-term course of life, " he said.After the race is over, athletes often lose their way in the loss of their place; and the children of the King Mei-tuo team, with the encouragement of the coach, are already prepared to hold the tug-of-war rope and change their own lives with their own hands.

You can change the world by one second

From different counties and different growth environments, the only reason for this group of girls is a single — looking for a better one."We will use the same courage and determination to create more beautiful and beautiful women in the future," she said.The glory of the United States team is not just a legend, but it will become a kind of attitude that is actively facing life, and accompany these strong and strong girls, change their own, and change the world.This year, Director Zhang Baie also has a story about the story of the scene of King Mei's tug-of-war, and plans to bring their stories up to the big screen, so that more people can see their bravery and strength.

The smile on the face of the women's tug-of-war team in the United States is even more glamour.And womany also believes in the will and the spirit of this group of young girls, and perhaps we can only change the world by just one second.