After some time with him, didn't you see some problems with you?Or did he start to hate some of the small actions of this kind?

Overcoming these questions need to get started with the other side!womany helps to understand the love and hate of men, to be able to stabilize the relationship with him, to make sure that men and you are happy together, let him not leave, and love you more and more.

01. Believe

Don't always ask a series of questions, ask him where he is, who he is with, or who has been watching his cell phone messages, and men hate the girlfriends full of suspicion, and these pressures will only make him feel more tired.

But if they find that they have been cheated repeatedly, they have no way of believing in him, so stay away from him!It is absolutely not the kind of Mr. Martin who cannot be honest with us. Right.

Try to trust him!Long mistrust will only bring about a crisis of love.

02. Humor

The writer Zhang Xiaozang once said, "The sense of humor is a male hormone, so a woman with a sense of humor is particularly hard to find."" Because it's hard to find a man, a man especially loves a cute woman with a sense of humor. The sense of humor brings a different kind of interest to your life.

Of course this may require some skill, even a little exercise, but as long as you try not to be too serious, try to make some stupid jokes about him. He can definitely feel the charming humor of the target.

Why so serious? Humor can make your emotions warm and make it more attractive!


If he asks, what's the matter, tell him honestly, let him know what it is, what it needs, rather than hanging him aside, and always guessing the answer to that question.

The honesty of each other will affect one another. If he has always had reservations about him, he will gradually lose confidence in it.

Be honest enough to create a love that has no time to love, just say it up!

04. to communicate, reduce

Don't always use your mother's tone, say where he is not, to find him in trouble, and nagging will only make your relationship worse.The most important thing is that he will never accept it, but this is only a waste of time and breath.

Perhaps you can change the tone, the words, to let him know what it is like, and find out how to communicate with each other.

05. n't lose yourself in

Men don't want a partner that has no time to breathe, and the space that you can't breathe can only push him farther and farther away.

Isn't it also that you have your own life without him?You still have the same old sisters, family, and career, and believe that he will not be the only center of gravity.

Happiness is the zero-distance of two hearts, but it cleverly has room for each other.Trying to find his own life, he would like to have a colorful and colorful lifestyle. This can also make him feel new and fresh in the world!

bored to unbreather is not a good thing, trying to get back some of the original life!

06. Try to accept your

Try to remember that when we were willing to be with him, wasn't he in love with him at the time?But why is it so hard to change it now?If a man of this kind likes himself, he will be able to like the time he is now.

Moreover, don't expect a radical change in one person. It is definitely easier to change yourself than to change others!At least, it won't take a lot of time to convince him.

Changing the angle of things, maybe things are not going to be so bad!

In fact, it's not difficult to learn to learn a little bit, and it's just a few exercises that need to learn to understand. And it will be easier for them to accept everything. And he will feel all the things you've done, or even be surprised, because this is turning into a perfect lover who dreams of all men!

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Text: womany editorial/Aubrey Yen