Hi, honey!Is it because the work has been so hard to breathe, and doesn't it have time to do so?Are they not satisfied with the numbers on their own weight, or are they unable to implement their own ideal sports plan?

Don't worry, Womany has prepared three little tricks to let the clock stop chasing the clock and embrace the good habit of moving!


In fact, the movement does not have the time when it is expected, and the most important thing is that it has a good habit of developing regular daily movements.It's a good way to take advantage of work to do some exercise.As for the MRT to go to work, you might want to use the stairs. (Tinker: You must remember to go upstairs, get your stairs smoothly, don't go too fast.) You can drive to work. You try to stop the car from a little distance to the company.
Or do some simple yoga before going to bed. Not only will you be able to ease your work fatigue, you can still help you sleep well for one night.

One side moves while enjoying the small happiness of walking with oneself.

Walking in the morning, enjoying the beauty of the sunshine > > On the morning of the

2. Smuggling of Work Smuggling

You often stay in the office and feel pain, waist, back pain?

Shh!Let's teach you a little secret to work.Prepare two bottles of 600c.c mineral water, take advantage of the time of work, to try and sit on the simple bottle movement that can be done.

(1) Each hand holds a treasure bottle, and takes the palm of hand and takes the form of a dumbbell to lift the bottles into their chest and then slowly.This is a cycle of 10 cycles, as appropriate.

(2) Each hand holds a treasure bottle, and takes the palm of his hand to the thighs, lifting both hands to the ground, and then slowly putting down.This is a cycle of 10 cycles, as appropriate.

(3) Hands each with a treasure bottle, lift the arm up, and then bend the upper limb to a cycle of 10 times, as the situation increases.

The above three steps are a cycle and can be increased or decreased by personal circumstances.Starting with a cycle, follow the personal physical condition and continue to increase the frequency of the company's employer's attendance.

In fact, many well-known American companies in the United States are now promoting the good habit of sports.The U.S.-backed brand, Osprey, is promoting staff riding bicycles to work and increase the amount of daily exercise.In the United States, Facebook is experimentation with the possibility of a treadmill workbench that allows employees to walk or run while pounding the keyboard processing business.

Let's take a look at the small steps that are being smuggled into the workplace!

> > [Amputation of the upper limbs of the shoulder-neck fatigue removal]

> >

> > Don't have time to move because of too busy?

3. Convention on the campaign

and self-law chapters, each fixed day of worship is the day of the campaign.

The sports day, as the name implies, is a time period that is completely reserved for movement.On the day of the campaign, it is necessary to rule out all the difficulties and leave other things to the sport.It may be difficult to implement the campaign day, and we can find a good team of sisters to apply for yoga classes, urge each other, or simply spend pens to find a coach to practice the sport.After the money was paid, it could not be moved if it was not for the purpose of paying off for no reason at all!Once the good habits of the campaign day are cultivated, it may be felt that it will not be enough for one week to move.

Through sports to make both physical and mental happiness

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